Does Jamaica need international bodies to validate our athletics prowess ?

We don’t need any international organizations to tell us we are the best in the world in sprints, do we ?

Of course we don’t because our performance on the field speaks for itself, we have the medals to show for it too.

Jamaicans know that they are the boss of the sprints and can proudly say so.

On the economic front however, we seem to be relying on the international bodies to validate our economic prowess.
People are suffering immensely, but all the international lenders who are all being paid have given our economic program a thumbs up.

Jamaicans at home are far from happy, but many would like for us to believe that from the perspective of the eyes of a lender, we are doing very.

Perspective is a helluva thing, simply because we are looking at the same picture and seeing things very differently. The issue is not that what we are seeing is wrong, instead its our focus that determines good or bad.

So the next time Peter Phillips tell us the international creditors are happy with Jamaica, ask him from what perspective are the looking.

So in athletics we know we are doing well as that is a nation wide consensus, but on the economic front, our reliance is what lenders say, how ironic.


PNP has turned Jamaicans into a pack of dogs, alI I keep hearing is “Roff, Roff”

The PNP has done what no other party anywhere else in the world has done to its people having ruled for 22 out of the last 25 years and that is have the people acting like dogs.

Just about anyone you meet today and ask ” Yow mi bredda long time mi nuh see how, how are tings.

The response is almost always ” Roff, Roff”.

Q2. ” How is things with the family”

Response ” Roff Roff”.

Question ” How are you to managing otherwise

Response ” Roff, Roff”.

Question ” How the drought affecting you

Response ” Roff Roff”

This is what the PNP has bought jamaicans too, on its knees and say ” Roff, Roff”.


“Rusty” Bolt “Screws” up Gatlin and USA bid for sprint dominance

Usain came in to world championship as an under dog, having been injured and race rusty. Gatlin on the other hand was oozing with confidence have been unbeaten in two years in both the 100m and 200m and was widely considered the man to beat.

Commentators like Oto Bolden where suggesting that Gatlin would give Bolt a lesson and take him to the clinic and criticizing others who said they felt Bolt still had it in him to win.

For every race that Gatlin ran against Bolt it got progressively worse for him and his ego.

In the 100m Bolt won by a very narrow margin of just 0.01 sec. Gatlin said he made a mistake and that cost him the victory, but he would bring something very special to the 200m.

In the 200m Bolt destroyed Gatlin with 100m still left to run and had time to slow down and job across the line, while winning by a clear 4m or more.

It was down now to the 4 x100m and this is were it got worse, as Rodgers was so desperate to get ahead on Bolt that he ran away without even collecting the baton, before stopping to do so. This time Bolt winning margin was by at least 10m or more, totally decimating the USA Team.

The USA team came second by was later disqualified leaving them with nothing, to further rub salt in Gatlins. now severely bruised ego, which was now an oipen wound.

Gatlin said ” the noise was so loud in the Americans lane, that Rodgers could not Gay and hence the reason for the poor exchange”.

So a rusty Bolt should by in China and screwed Gatlin and the USA sprint team.

Even at his very best and Bolt at 75% no one was able to beat him.

JLP running for an electoral loss, faster than Usain Bolt

The JLP continues to show itself as a party that knows how to lose an election starting from a winning position.( Like the West Indies)

The people of Jamaica does not have a love affair with the JLP and so this party has to do twice as much work as the PNP to win any sort of elections. The PNP has the unions, the media, public commentators and public sector on its side and are more likely to get their support than the JLP can.

Challenges in the PNP are seen as a good demonstration of the democratic process within the PNP, but challenges in the JLP are seen as infighting and divisive  .

The election is less than 2 months away and the JLP cannot seem to put together a proper team to face a now stronger PNP buoyed by 9 straight IMF passes and the recent world championship results .

Tufton is considered to be one of the brightest and most popular member of the JLP, but the mishandling of his bid to represent Dr Ken Baugh former constituency, clearly shows the JLP is gunning for a electoral  loss vs a victory.

What the JLP needs to understand, is it need to put forward people who can actually win/succeed in very specific areas, even if the party is not too comfortable with that person, because at the end of the day its about wining.

The PNP is like Usain Bolt, they show up when it matters most and ensure their presence is felt, by coming out winner in most head to head contest.

Since 1980 the PNP has lost to the JLP only once and that was in 2007 and that was by a very narrow margin. The JLP had two terms, but recall one election was not contested by the PNP in 1986.

If the JLP continues to be consumed with these simple matters, it will surely continue down the road of electoral loss and some members would have spent almost their entire career being opposition spokesman or simply members.

JLP suspending the selection process and settling the matter internally is yet another example of the poor leadership currently on display on the party and an affront to the democratic process.

The JLP is running a very fast race to electoral defeat !

The “Missing” 4 years of the Jamaican Prime Minister

The Jamaican Prime Minister was sworn in January 2012 and has largely been “missing” since then, making it “ the missing 4 years of the Prime Minister”.

Apart  from the regular news release that she is travelling overseas, or cutting of a ribbon here or there, this Prime Minister has been missing  should be called the Prime Missing-er .

She has not given a single decent interview to the media, she hides constantly, have her body guards abuse members of the media.

She has made one and a half ( remember she gave one speech with the Finance Minister, so I call that the 1/2 speech) since becoming Prime Minister, which is nothing short of a national disgrace.

She soon however will be all over the TV jumping and prancing about our athletes  performance, before running up and down as election draws closer and closer.

The “Missing 4 year of Portia Simpsom Miller”

Hail the Prime Missing-er

The Prime Minister resurfaces just in time for election.

I was watching TVJ news a few minutes ago and said ” wow she is back”.
My 11 yr old who we watching the TV asked ” Daddy who is that lady “.
I said ” that is our Prime Minister “.

JLP should go and tame the “leggo beast Warringman” and leave Ronnie alone

The JLP has become a party that is now majoring in minors and allowing the really big things to slip by.

Recently the education minister in speaking about the social ills in schools, which incidentally makes its way outside of the school, admonishedt parents and told them they need to do more for their kids and stop leaving that up to the school.

He said ” do not send your leggo beast children to the schools and expect us to reform them” ( I am paraphrasing him here).

Since then the opposition spokes person  in education and now the party leader have been all over the media, demanding that Ronnie withdraw the statement.

They both have indicated the following, which shows how clueless they really are or plain dishonest in misrepresenting Ronnie’s statement.

  1. Every child no matter how troubled they are have a right to education,( duh, who said they should not)
  2. The language used( to aptly) describe these kids will only serve to promote further child abuse.

At no time did the minister said or implied that deviant children should not be sent to school. I know they both know that what the minister is really saying  ” unno need fi do more fi unno bad pickney dem a nuh unleash dem pon d school and expect d school to fix these deviants”.

The Minister choose the right words and used is correctly, because their exist a real problem that CANNOT be solved by the Minister, the Ministry or the schools. Wutless parents go around breeding like dogs, then unleash their “leggo beast” off-springs into the schools to terrorize other kids and teachers, this must end.

No way does the language promote any abuse of kids verbally or otherwise. We need to at times be brutally honest and say it as it is, too much of the political correctness.

The JLP have a real leggo-beast in its midst, which they cannot or refuse to control and this “leggo beast” is turning off people from the party, as heis clearly that he is out of control.

The JLP therefore needs to tame its “leggo-beast”, if they hope to attract young people to the party. I will go as far as to suggest, that the fact that this “leggo-beast” which remains in the JLP and is shown on TV warring with the media on a regular basis, without sanction is seen by these very troubled kids who are now of the  belief that its ok to be a “leggo beast”, because you will get lots of attention, makes the print media and on TV too.

There you go guys, go fix your problem as this one “leggo beast” has the potential to create plenty more, simply because he gets an enormous amount of attention and escapes punishment. leaving many potential ” leggo beast” to think its perfectly and acceptable form of behaviour.

Why am I so tough on labourites, its simple, they need need to refocus their energies in the right place if they are serious about showing up for the next GENERAL ELECTIONS

Guys,  Ronnie is one of the most loved politicians on both side of the fence, he makes a statement of fact to teachers at a teachers conference. His statement is factual and is accepted by many parents as being brutally honest.  You don’t go after him as it gains you no sympathy and no love from those whom you think you are protecting, duh.

The JLP needs to get a grip and  have a better understanding of how Jamaicans think, react and behave and the things they consider to be important to them.

Go after those issues that are in sync with the views of the people, choose your battles carefully and size up your opponent properly.

Don’t go chasing after what you consider to be every “mis-step” or ” ill advised” words as they then to show you up as being petty and searching for stories.

The leggo beast statement is a twitter fodder, don’t believe the articulate minority, its not them or their views that is going to take you to the finish line ahead of the fast finishing Bolt.

Their is a big difference between 9.79 and 9.80.  While on 1/100 th of a second, its the difference between gold and silver, the difference between first and second place .

Memba dat !

A word to the wise is sufficient.

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