Jamaican arrested in Trinidad for ganja smuggling

A JAMAICAN man who allegedly attempted to smuggle through airport security $32,000 worth of marijuana in a cardbox box containing frozen fish, was arrested on Wednesday.



Mayor Barnswell continues to hold public office, why ?

Why is disgraced Mayor, Sean  Barnswell still sitting in an office and being paid by tax payers after  being criminally charged by the Government Prosecutor ?

In most decent and law abiding countries, such a mayor would be forced to resign if he refuses to resign based on his own moral and ethical standard.

By virtue of his decision not to resign, Mayor Barnswell did not think he did anything wrong and his moral and ethical compass is of such that he will continue to hold that office as long as the people says he should remain.

Like I said yesterday, Jamaica gets what it wants and Mayor Barnswell refusal to go, is further proof of the declining  standards that exist  in Jamaica today. The behaviour of our kids is a sad reflection of what they have been taught by the adult population in Jamaica, where doing wrong is no longer wrong as long as you can get away with it or can justify  why you did it.

Can someone tell us what are the plans for Goat Island ?

How can any serious debate take place on whether or not the Goat Island are suitable for the location of the much talked about logistics hub ?

I hate to participate in any discussions without the availability of data, otherwise those discussions are void of any real substance and thus becomes one with pure emotions mixed with a tinge of political flavour .

The people of the country should be divided between using of not using Goat Island and the putting up of one group against another.

The debate at this stage should be about getting answers to the following questions.

  1. What exactly are the development plans for goat island
  2. What are the specific set of development that is being proposed for the islands.
  3. Will it be strictly commercial or will it be a mixture of residential and commercial interest.
  4. Would it include its own power plant.
  5. Will there be a independent water supply facility ie a desalination plant.
  6. What are the plans for sewage, will that be sent back to the mainland or will a plant be developed on the island
  7. What are the plans for Garbage disposal ?
  8. If there will be a power plant, will there be a fuel storage facility on site of will that be on the mainland and piped to the offshore site.
  9. Will there be just movement of Cargo on the site or will the site contain assembling facilities.
  10. There was a discussion about building a causeway to link the island(s) to the mainland. The closest point to the mainland is one mile, so is it reasonable to assume that a 1 mile bridge is to be constructed.
  11. What kind of arrangement would exist between the government of Jamaica and the Government of China is terms of the lands in question. Will this be on a lease basis and how much is being proposed for the annual lease and what is the length of the proposed lease.
  12. Given the entire funding will be done by the Chinese what tax concessions are being offered to them and for what period.
  13. Will there be a limit to the number of Chinese Nationals or minimum level of Jamaican nationals that must be employed to the site and will this be tied to the level of tax breaks to be approved.
  14. Will the Chinese Nationals employed on the island be subjected to local income and other taxes.
  15. What about security on the island, apart from the private security arrangement.  will the local cops have jurisdiction over the islands.
  16. What systems will be put in place to ensure it does not become a state within a state. Recall gunmen controlled TG for over 30 yrs and our cops could not venture into that area and this was on the mainland.
  17. How is this development like to impact the following proposed developments
  • The Fort Augusta KCT expansion
  • The Caymanas Logistics Hub/Industrial and Commercial development

Can the Government of Jamaica provide details on the few questions I have asked about, so we can begin to have serious dialogue about the Goat Island development

We cannot just say well its US$1.5B and we must just run with it, without having more information on what it intends to bring into the country.

We  have seen many projects never achieving the stated objective because there were no guarantees built into the contract on the behalf of the Jamaican people.

Frankly I do not trust Robert Pickersgill ability to negotiate and sign any large contracts, given what I saw what he did with the Highway 2000 NROCC agreement, where he signed away our ability to rehabilitate Mandela High and  the rail service .

I am therefore asking that the conversation be focused on not so much if its Goat Island, Jackson Bay or wherever, but instead on the actual plans that have already been developed for the area.

Can we therefore more the level of discourse in this direction, given that we have focused and wasted so much time already on the emotional aspect of the project ?

Audley Shaw will only serve one term 2016 – 2021, then retire in 2022 !

Audley Shaw will not only win the leadership race come November 10, 2016 but commonsenseja will go on record three years before the next election, to predict that Audley will lead the JLP to victory in 2016 and 2021, before retiring in 2022 thus paving the way a fight between Holness and ??.

I have little doubt that a united JLP (if they can unite), with Audley Shaw as leader will be a more effective opposition that one lead by Andrew Holness and stand a significantly better chance of winning a national election.

I see Audley leading this party to victory twice before retiring, while the JLP is in office . This would be good for Jamaica, because it has been proven that the PNP are very poor managers, the only thing comrades seem to manage good is corruption , while ensuring they do everything to protect any comrade caught up in corruption.

I heard the former Prime Minister telling comrades to take care of party, not once did I hear him say take care your country, or maybe the newspaper did not carry those comments.

PJ Patterson since leaving office and I could be wrong here, but I cannot recall hearing him speaking about things to move the country forward, it’s always been taking care of party and comrades. Eddie on the other hand having retired is always speaking about moving Jamaica forward.

So which party is better for the country?

What did PNP Government really know about Goat Island Project and when did they know it. The Grand Deception

Another commonsenseja expose`

Does anyone really know what plans the Chinese have for Goat Island?

Does the Government knows what plans the Chinese have for Goat Islands ?

This is what the government had to say yesterday

Speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday, Transport, Works and Housing Minister Dr Omar Davies said the Chinese company did a “tremendous amount of technical work”, which included analysing tidal movement and depth of the sea, and ruled out Jackson Bay and Port Esquivel as possible sites for the project.

The Gleaner reported the following :

After conducting technical studies in sections of the island, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) rejected sites that would subsequently be suggested by concerned interests as alternatives to the Goat Islands for the establishment of logistics facilities.

But with its studies completed at least a year before the intervention of environmental interests, CHEC had instead proposed to build port facilities at the Goat Islands, located in the Portland Bight Protected Area, and to connect them to a logistics yard in Old Harbour, St Catherine, by causeway.

When did we become aware of the Chinese interest in Goat Island , does anyone remember ?

Well let me jog your memory, perennial non performer Robert Pickersgill said from China sometime in August 2013 that the government was giving “serious consideration for the use of Goat islands for the logistics hub”.

Now let’s juxtapose that with the Gleaner report, which was based on statements made by Omar Davis and which i have highlighted in bold. But with its studies completed at least a year before the intervention of environmental interests, CHEC had instead proposed to build port facilities at the Goat Island.

Now the environmental group only started making “noise ” in August 2013, right, but based on the the statement above the study by the Chinese was completed a year ago, which would have been August 2012.

This would suggest that the Portia Simpson Miller lead administration immediately having assumed power, were in discussions with the Chinese for the use of Goat Island and would have know at least a year ago( 2012) that Goat Island was the preferred choice for the logistics hub.

Now again, being on an inquiring mind unlike others and always looking for what appears to be inconsistency statements by this deceptive government, I will now point you to this statement.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013  Jamaica Observer

CHEC turns down Fort Augusta development

PRIME Minister Portia Simpson Miller said yesterday that the decision by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) not to proceed with plans to establish a new trans-shipment port at Fort Augusta — now serving as the island’s sole female prison — is not an abandonment of the project


So May of this year( 2013) our Prime Minister said the Chinese were no longer interested in Fort Augusta, the big question therefore becomes, when did the Prime Minister get this information and what other information did she get ?

If the Chinese conducted extensive studies on various project sites, would that have done this without the knowledge of the present government? The report we have says all these extensive studies were completed from as far back at August 2012 and Goat Island was selected as the preferred site for the hub from back then.

Can someone tell us therefore why the Prime Minister and by extension the Government kept feeding us the notion that Fort Augusta was being considered when at least a year before that the Chinese had rejected that site ?

Are we to believe that the Portia Simpson Miller led Government were not aware of the studies and the subsequent findings  and the preferred site of the Chinese was Goat Island ?

I think the answer to both questions is no and so it’s reasonable to assume  this Government lied to the people of Jamaica about its true intentions and choose to withhold information from the people of this country

The Government knew since August 2012 of the intention of the Chinese to use Goat Islands, but choose to carry out what I can only describe as an act of grand deception for a year, before dropping a hint of its intent while on Chinese soil.

This is reason enough to not trust this PNP Government, who appears willing to go at great length to deceive the people of this country.

Nothing from this Government on the real plans for Goat Island can be accepted without serious questions being asked.

The Government of Jamaica is not credible.

Mi haffi run now will finish this post later.

What is happening in Jamaica today, is what Jamaicans wants to happen

It’s simple for me, really it’s that simple, if you don’t like something you move to change it. It may not happen the same day but you take steps to have it changed.

If the majority of Jamaicans wanted an “end” to the murderous rampage and the constant trail of intestines, brains and blood of our people being splattered  on our streets and in our homes on a daily basis , then steps would have been taken to end all this.

If the safety of our citizens was a priority and the people were concerned about their own safety, then we would have agitated and taken those steps necessary to ensure that our safety was assured.

Our economic development is largely tied to what is going on in the rest of the world and we have less control over that, but the state of security in the country is all in our hands, with very little interference from outside countries.

So for me the increases in robberies, murders, rapes and other crimes are what the people of Jamaica wants and so this situation will continue until it reaches the point where Jamaicans no longer want or embrace this as a way of life (more like death).

The big question is how many more murders, shootings, robberies, rape will it take to get to the point where we have had enough.

In a country where the majority of its residents do not give support to criminality, crimes are low or are trending low because the people decided that enough was enough.

Our politicians especially those who on the PNP side have been given the level of latitude that I have never seen given to the JLP or to any other politician in the Caribbean region and the end result is a the broken down remnants or what was a the place of choice to live in the Caribbean.

Jamaica is now the place you come to get rob, shot or killed and Jamaicans are still happy about it.

Hear we hear but we nuh care.

This is what the majority of Jamaicans want.

The big man from the Eastern Kingston region has returned ?

That is the word, if true I wonder why now ?

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