Are Jamaica’s biggest trade union leaders “opposed” to workers getting more

Since news broke that the JLP has plans to eliminate income tax for people earning less than $1.5m, THE FOLLOWING unions have been noticeable silent

  1. NWU
  2. UAWU
  3. JCTU.
  4. JTA

Why would any union which is concerned about the poor worker not hop unto this train, two weeks after the matter came to public attention.

Why would these Unions who have always championed for more income for workers not commented on this proposal, that would put more money into the pocket of workers while at the same time, increase union dues

The following people need to tell workers of Jamaica, why they are opposed to them earning more money.

  1. Lambert Brown – UAWU
  2. Granville Valentine – NWU
  3. Helene Davis- White – JCTU
  4. Norman Allen – JTA

Is it not curious that these very vocal folks are SILENT, I wonder what they all have in common.

Jamaican workers must look at their actions and judge them , because clearly something is amiss.






$5000 Hair style on a $5 head sparks outrage, really?

I swear there is something wrong with the people in this country. I swear over 50% of the population is bi-polar, because only that can explain the reaction to the Pastor for saying

” Its makes no sense to have a $5,000 hair style on a $5 head, it’s better to have more in the head than what is on the head”.

What the Phuc is wrong with this statement, which part is not true and what about it makes it disrespectful to women, what about it makes it “classiest”, give me a freaking break.

We call from the truth but prefer to hear a lie, which is no wonder our politicians are such good liars, because they that is what we really want.

The pastor called Jamaican man ” sperm donors ”  but I hear no outrage in the society about that categorization of our men, why , because we are only men.

These women who are calling for the head of the Pastor need to go get a life and leave the man alone. he was spot on, job well done.

The truth must be told and who feels offended that is their problem, well done sir!

A dat me seh


I cannot write because I am so angry and sad , taking a break!

I have taken a short break because I am finding it so difficult to write these days due to the situation I see in Jamaica affecting our kids.

Kids being murdered by adults is really too much for me at this point in time and I am really taking some time off to reflect on what is really happening as see how best I can assist in correcting the wrong, which seems ready to overwhelm Jamaica.


Consumers needs to be wary of used car dealers.

I am alarmed at what is now taking place in the used car market and its time consumers take a serious look at who they decide to spend money with. In recent times we have heard of used car dealers selling vehicles up to four years older than they really are to unsuspecting customer, resulting in major headaches for customer should they have an accident or seeking a valuation done on their car.

There is another very disturbing trend, which has always been there but has gotten worse and that is “clocking”.  What happens in this case is the odometer is adjusted to show lower mileage than the vehicle actually travels, which then increases the value it can fetch for the dealers involved ( importer and exporter).

There have been cases for example where up to 100,000 km have been removed from the odometer reading leaving a car which had a real mileage of 137,000 km, with just 37,000 km.

Recently I went to a used car lot looking at vehicles and came across a 2007 model used car that was already been driven in Jamaica. I checked the mileage which showed just 37,000 km and said to the sales person, that mileage cannot be correct. The person said ” the vehicle was only being driven around kingston, hence the low mileage”.

Let’s therefore explore this.

Given the rules, this vehicle had to have been imported in 2012 which is two year ago and let’s assume it was on the lot for a year, it would have been sold sometime in 2013.

The average vehicle in Japan and most developed countries travel at least 10,000 miles or 16,000 km per year. It would therefore mean that this vehicle before coming to Jamaica in 2012 would have been driven for close 5 years and would have clocked around 90,000  km.

Let’s assume this vehicle was driven for 10,000 km per year in Jamaica, that would add another 20,000 km, which would bring the total mileage to 110,000 km, yet this vehicle only registered 37,000 km.

It is very clear to be that used car dealers here in Jamaica are colluding with those in Japan to cheat the Jamaican consumer and customers may want to reconsider their relationship with used car dealers.

I would at this time recommend that those in the market for cars either go to the local car dealers to get a new car or use these very dealers, who are now moving into “certified used car” business.

A visit to the local car dealers is really not so bad afterall and I see more and more people heading in this direction given the good deals the are offering.

Toyota Jamaica is now offering one year free service on the purchase of a new car and three years warranty. Stewart AutoSales is offering one year free service on its cars with extended warranty as well as in-house financing and will actually trade in your used vehicle for a new one.

I would recommend that people take a serious look at engaging the authorized dealers vs dealing with the crooks posing at used car dealers.


National Security Interest Personal Property Securities Registry, is too much information?

Alarm bells were ringing last Friday, when it was revealed that peoples personal information was being made available to the the following website

The concerns were that way too much information was being made available to the general public and peoples security could be at risk, so the obvious question is what is my opinion.

Well, I am well aware that in the USA where our Jamaica politicians love to purchase property most of what is contained in the SIPP in Jamaica is actually available. I will point readers to the Broward Country Property appraisers website, which I have displayed on this site more that once in fact I will show you the link from 4 years ago to this sort of information.

As you can see from the link you can get a vast amount of information about our own people who purchase homes in the Florida area

That is just an example of the kind of information that is available on Jamaicans who have property interest in the Florida area, the information is publicly available.

Mark Golding information Property in Broward County

Has Mark Golding paid his property taxes.

Given the above does the Jamaica website have too much information ?

Why no international outrage and coverage after islamic militants kills over 2500 in Nigeria ?

When 12 people were killed by islamic militants in France, there was widespread outrage and condemnation around the world including Jamaica.

During the same period of time islamic militants killed over 2500 people, mainly women and young including infants and yet not much international coverage and support for the Nigerian government.

Why the disparity 😦


When can Jamaican consumers begin to see falling prices due to oil price plunge

Between 2012 and 2012 the Caribbean Cement Company announced no few that 4 prices increases, all attributed to the devaluation of the local currency and oil fast rising oil prices

Many other local manufacturers as well as importers demanded that consumers pay more due to both events and as usual the Jamaican consumer willing forked out more while complaining under their breath.

Now that oil price have plunged more than 50% , with Petrojam passing on about 20-25% to the local market, I have yet to hear a single manufacturer or importer announce any roll back in prices, while the public who happens to be very vocal on non-issues such as Lisa Hanna attire on the beach , they remain amazingly silent on matters of great importance such as this.

Why is their a lack of consumerism in Jamaica, why the Jamaican public so willing to be screwed by everyone, politician, public officials, manufacturers and traders.

When will the Jamaican public start agitating for price reduction or are we going to just sit back and wait for merchants to “take pity” on us and give us a reprieve ?

What a country ?

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