The JLP should commission audits of all public sector bodies immediately

We notice the slew of corrupt practices emerging under the Andrew Holness lead Administration and is taking note of the areas where these have been discovered.

Sometime ago I noted on Twitter that the government needs to initiate the process of conducting both financial and operational audits of public sector bodies as a way of determining

  1. If the bodies are being run efficiently
  2. If the governance structure meets the threshold set
  3. If the systems in place are working and if not make the necessary changes
  4. If corrupt practices exist and rid the organization of the enablers of corruption.
  5. etal

What the government has allowed to happen is wait until information emerges ( typically when someone is dismissed) and then orders audits of the entity involved. The public see the government as going into damage control mode and is likely to be skeptical of any report that then emerges from such audits.

The government should note that many of the public bodies are a cesspool of corruption based on anecdotal information and have “sleeper cells” who have been using their “skills” to bleed these entities and can reality make public the many acts of corruption once they have ” activated”.

Over the next few months we can expect to see these cells awoken and dribbles of information will emerge that will no doubt cast a shadow on the Holness government given his committed to run a government free from corruption.

Mr Holness please note that the emergence of information over the coming months and leading to the next election, will not work in your favour despite the strong strides the government has made since 2016.

Nothing is juicer to the electorate than a scandal story and the opposition is ready to feast on these once the real activation process begins.

Elections are won largely based on recency ( ie people tend to vote on recent events).

I urge the government to therefore take a preemptive approach and get these audits done and make the reports public once they have been tabled in Parliament.

Not only would it help highlight corrupt practices, it also wins the public support in separating those from these organization who are either corrupting the process or doing nothing to stop the scourge of corruption.

Act now before its too late.



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