The OUR has recommended to the Energy Minister that Energy World International EWI be granted a license to begin the work on the  360MW .

Here is the press release.



Commonsenseja waits to see what comes next.



Careless Indecom !

That press conference was careless on the part of Indecom. How on earth can Indecom be reporting that they “suspect” cops were involved in 9 murders in Clarendon .

If Indecom have such info, why not complete their investigation, gather all the irrefutable evidence and then bring formal charges against the cops involved .

This is madness and carelessness on the part of Indecom

Why do we keep on doing this crap !

I am shocked by Indecom’s action .

Words like we suspect and we believe have no place in this so called update press conference

Why did EWI submit a bid for a 434MW plant, when the REP was for a 360MW plant

Was it by sheer luck that of all the folks that were bidding for the  360MW power plant, EWI was the only one who submitted a bid for a plant that was 80 MW greater than the Request for Proposal (REP) for a 360MW plant ?

Was it by sheer coincidence that EWI did not enter the process via the same channels used by the other bidders ?

Was EWI privy to information that none of the other bidders were privy to ?

It may be all sheer luck and coincidence, but given how things have been progress thus far an given the world of mathematics and science, very few things happen by “accident” or sheer luck.


No coal fired power plant for Goat Island !

I very strongly suspect that China Harbour Engineering Chec will no longer (smile) be building any coal fired plant on Goat Island and this would be a win for the environmentalist .

Hey not so fast, this may appear to have been a win for local environmental group and may appear to be a shot in the arm for the Environment Minister, who could very well try to steal the limelight given he virtually does no work.

If I am right ( and I think I am), I can hear Robert Pickergill saying

” We are a government that listens to the people of the country. Since the proposal was made by CHEC, I have been having discussions with Dr Omar Davis who has responsibility for the logistics hub project and Energy Minister Phillip Paul on this matter and has expressed the concern of the people of Jamaica to CHEC.  They (CHEC) have been very responsive and has decided to no longer purue this option, but instead will enter into a joint venture partneship with EWI to build instead a LNG power plant.

In our negotiations, we have managed to persuade CHEC assist in the  expansion of  the capability of the plant and so instead of a 360MW power plant, we will instead have a 434MW plant . ( BTW this is exactly the size of the plant proposed by EWI even though the REP was for a 360MW plant).

This we believe will be the best option and this plant can meet the need of power for the logistics hub and the local grid and would be much cleaner than a coal fired plant”.


Desk thumping , loud cheers .



The idea of a coal fired plant was simply a smoke screen and the so called plan to no longer pursue that option would be no win for environmentalist, but a great PR job done my masters of deception and  very good at their craft.


What does Phillip Paulwell knows about EWI that the rest of Jamaica does not ?

On October 13, 2013 I wrote a column entitled ” EWI short on money so how will they finance the 360 MW Project ” see that link here  http://wp.me/pvIkx-1A3

At that time I wrote the following:


The EWI led team would allow China to enter the lucrative power generation facility in Jamaica and let’s face it the Chinese are currently the only ones out there who could finance such a massive project without breaking a sweat. The other thing is EWI would no doubt form part of China long-term and strategic position in Jamaica and here is why.

This power plant more than likely will be located in Old Harbour bay close to where JPS and JEP has other power generation facilities.  China plans to put up a US$1.5B transshipment facility on Goat Island, which is very close in proximity to where I believe this plant will be located . This US$1.5B facility will no doubt require a lot of power, so how best to have your power than to invest in or have a substantial interest in a massive power plant project.

So here is how it is playing out and how the die appeared to have been cast.

China needed goat island

China needed source of cheap power.

EWI has the expertise to deliver such a plant, but have no money to do so.

Well that  leaves the following. Jamaican needs the Chinese investment in a transshipment hub, but that hub must be located close to a power plant that can provide cheaper power than what currently obtains.

In order for Jamaica to get this investment , China needed Goat Islands , which is of strategic importance as we shall see later on. In addition China needs a reliable and cheaper source of electricity.


Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell is on record as saying, the minute, the second the OUR gives him the go ahead, he will sign the license paving the way for EWI to begin the construction phase of the 360MW project.

The Minister appears to be less than concerned about the ability of EWI to finance the project . EWI has no financial statement and has provided the OUR with a copy of the financial statement of EWC, which they have no agreement with and which EWI (on record) is only a investor in EWC according to the OUR and the information from the EWI/EWC website.

The OUR has accepted this information ( for whatever reason) and has indicated they are willing to now sign off and pave the way for the Energy Minister to approve the license.

Now can anyone tell me why the mathematics above does not add up, given the information that is PUBLICLY available ?

What do we know. ( More like the things we don’t know about EWI)

  1. EWI has no financial record
  2. We do not know the state of EWI ability to finance the US$737m project
  3. This would be EWI biggest project ever.
  4. We have no agreement with EWC.
  5. The OUR has accepted financial statements from EWC has indicative of the financial status of EWI.
  6. We have no idea about the fuel source to supply the plant in Jamaica

Given so much unknowns, why would any Minister be so eager to sign a license for the construction phase of the project ?

Well, I can only think of one reason for this.

Phillip Paulwell has more information working with that he has chosen to reveal to the public and his confidence I believe is based on certain assurances he would have received not necessarily from EWI but from another entity, whom I strongly believe is China Harbour.

Someone said to me after I expressed the views above ” So Jay since you know some much about how the PNP think and operate, what about the Coal plant that Omar Davis spoke about for goat island”.

Here is my response

The statement made in the house by Omar Davis was as much “smoke” that would have been generated from a coal fired plant ie it’s a freakin smoke screen.

I believe this was done to gauge the public’s response and feedback regarding this particular plant and they have now received that, but that is not the end of the matter. The Jamaican public does not want a coal plant here given what they have heard about smog in China and now there would be a greater impetus to get the 360MW LNG plant going.

This is the reason the OUR is doing this hop skip and jump and the reason the Energy Minister has become emboldened in recent times. The Chinese are NOT going to build any coal plant at Goat Island, instead the Chinese will most likey be assisting EWI via financing and construction with the 360 MW  LNG plant and this will be the  primary source of power to the logistics hub at goat island.

Phillip Paulwell, Omar Davis and Robert Pickersgill are all unto this and so Phillip Paulwell MUST deliver the project to EWI now as time is running out.

Once that process is completed ( ie OUR giving the go ahead to the Minister), you will hear that some agreement has been reached with EWI and CHEC for construction of the the “360MW” power plant . You will no doubt hear that the Government has listened to the people of Jamaica and  has encouraged the Chinese not to build the coal plant given the concerns of the Jamaican public.

They are most likely to suggest that in discussions, they have asked CHEC  to work with EWI to expand the original 360 MW plant  which will provide power to the national grid as well providing the power requirement for the Goat Island project.  We are also most likely to hear that  the Chinese Exim Bank will be the primary provider of financing for the project due to the change of work scope and expansion of the power plant.

We would know that the later part of that statement would have been hogwash, but a great PR job by the government to bring in CHEC into the project given that they knew  EWI could not have financed this project from the very onset.


At the end of the day, Jamaica needs a cheaper source of power, but my goodness why can’t we seem to have transparency in what we do in this country?

Does the end always justify the means ?

I was asked “ Jay how on earth did you come up with all of this and what makes you think you are correct”.

My response ”  I have great interest in maths and when the various parts of the equations line up and you cannot get the solution despite your greatest effort , you know something has got to be wrong. You then have to now go back and look at the information you have given to see if you missed something entirely or misinterpreted the information that was made available.

If things are still not adding up it could mean that you may not have received all the information you need to make the formula provide a correct answer with a reasonable margin of error.

I strongly believe the above scenario best describes what is missing for the equation to work and if I am wrong then I am willing to admit defeat this time around.

Conspiracy theory , I think not.

Let’s see how it all plays out .






Judge expected to resign amid corruption probe !

Hell, no this would never be in Jamaica, but why not ?

Here is the actual story.

Republican state District Judge Angus McGinty is expected to resign as soon as Friday amid allegations he reduced bail on defendants who appeared before him in exchange for auto repairs on his personal vehicles, federal and courthouse sources confirmed.



The United States of America has a way to deal with errant judges, they can be investigated , arrested and charged for corruption, if and when that occurs, but what entails in Jamaica.

Can a sitting judge in Jamaica be investigated ?

Which authority in Jamaica would be so authorized to carry out any such investigation ?

Given the link that appears to exist between some lawyers , judge and high ranking members of the police force , can any such investigation ever take place and if one is every started can it lead anywhere?

These are very serious questions because if one cannot trust the justice system in this country, then hope is all bust lost in terms of the dispensing of justice.

I am once again calling for the people of Jamaica to lobby the Government to create and a new team of law enforcement officials who can operate in the very same way the FBI does in the United States.


Political Parties, Courts Seen As Most Corrupt



Who investigate and prosecutes corrupt police, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians  and judges in Jamaica ?



No need to seek DPP advice to prosecute a Government Minister !

There is nothing in law which requires you must consult the DPP to prosecute a minister or someone else.”

Government minister Chandresh Sharma is being investigated by the police, on allegations of violence against a woman.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams confirmed to the Sunday Express that a report lodged at the St Joseph Police Station against Tourism Minister Sharma is currently being investigated.



Everyday I read the papers from Trinidad and see things like these I keep asking, why does T& T seem to be able to govern themselves in a manner that Jamaica appears unable or unwilling to do.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad fires ministers for misconduct or poor performance.

The police can investigate of Government Minister and feel comfortable doing so, while in Jamaica any cop who dare does this, is likely to lose his job or gets transferred to Never Never Land and later is likely to either resign, but will never move beyond where he is in the force today.

What lessons in governance can Jamaica  learn from Trinidad ?

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