No need to seek DPP advice to prosecute a Government Minister !

There is nothing in law which requires you must consult the DPP to prosecute a minister or someone else.”

Government minister Chandresh Sharma is being investigated by the police, on allegations of violence against a woman.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams confirmed to the Sunday Express that a report lodged at the St Joseph Police Station against Tourism Minister Sharma is currently being investigated.


Everyday I read the papers from Trinidad and see things like these I keep asking, why does T& T seem to be able to govern themselves in a manner that Jamaica appears unable or unwilling to do.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad fires ministers for misconduct or poor performance.

The police can investigate of Government Minister and feel comfortable doing so, while in Jamaica any cop who dare does this, is likely to lose his job or gets transferred to Never Never Land and later is likely to either resign, but will never move beyond where he is in the force today.

What lessons in governance can Jamaica  learn from Trinidad ?


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