What’s the role of the MP’s in crime fighting. Every MP is being asked to present a crime plan for their area

Our government is made of elected members of parliament, who are from both political parties. Currently the division of MP representing both side is almost equal from a statistical stand point.

Let’s for the moment we assume that due to the antagonist nature of our politics, only those on the side of the government are willing to work to move this country forward, it would  mean than only half of all elected members would be engaged In national building and finding creative solutions to our problems .

Bear in mind that all 63 MEMBERS are collecting a salary paid from the public of this country, but would have been hardly seen to be actively working for that money. What if this was not the case, can you see the results if all 63 members actively working in their communities to address the issues on hand.

I am now issuing a public challenge to all MP’s as follows


Jamaica Murder rate 1970 – 2017

I am posting this one day later than I did the number for last year but here goes

Year # of Murders
1970 152
1971 145
1972 170
1973 227
1974 195
1975 266
1976 367
1977 409
1978 381
1979 351
1980 899
1981 490
1982 405
1983 424
1984 484
1986 449
1987 442
1988 414
1989 439
1990 543
1991 561
1992 629
1994 690
1995 780
1998 953
1999 849
2000 887
2002 1045
2003 975
2004 1471
2005 1674
2006 1340
2007 1574
2008 1601
2009 1680
2010 1428
2011 1125
2012 1097
2013 1200
2014 1005
2015 1192
2016 1350
2017 1616 *
Total Murders 34374
in  47 years

GOJ can collect data for NIDS at a fraction of any projected cost.

I believe the GOJ can collect the bio metric data of nearly all the current population without incurring much cost. In fact the GOJ could actually get Jamaicans to pay the government to collect said data.

If the GOJ was to have a memorandum of agreement with USA (Homeland Security), the could have the USA update their visa application form to collect most of pertinent biometric data at the application /interview process.

The USA could charge another $2000 for their visa application, with that amount being used to collect, process and hand over this information to the GOJ . Jamaicans would have NO PROBLEMS handing over this information of they believe it can actually help them secure that coveted visa and their would be NO public backlash.

So essentially the people of Jamaica, would end up paying the GOJ for providing them their bio -metric data, without a fuss.

I think its an absolutely workable  and brilliant idea , that would get the job done, silence the critics and would cost the GOJ next to nothing.



Crime fighting strategy formula brain vs brawn.

I have been on social media all week, literally complaining about our propensity to complain about everything, even when the issue being complained about is a proposal to solve a problem that we have  identified.

I am not bashing complaints per se, but frankly I am fed up with who, I shall now call “serial complainers” , those who seem to just complain because they have a forum and an audience.

I am however more solution oriented, I will complain, or comment on an issue and in most cases tries to offer what I consider to be a viable alternative.

Crime is one of, if not the biggest problem in Jamaica today and despite the many task forces, crime plans etc, we have not been able to break the back of this monster.

I am offering up to the Minister of National Security and the JCF what I believe is one of the pillars on which all future crime strategies can be built on.  This not something new coming from me, as I have made these suggestions before.

Strategy Formulation  #1

Information technology and Intelligence gathering


  1. GOJ should seek funding either by grant or loan( or a combination of both) from the European union, the government of China, USA , Germany and France to do the following.
    1. Purchase at least 200 desktop computers, one for every police station across the country( We have at least 190 stations).
    2. 20 higher end desktop computers 5 for each of the 4 Area Headquarters in Jamaica
    3. 57 computers , 3 each for the 19 divisional headquarters across the country. ( All computers here must have USB & DVD access disabled before going into use)
    4. 50 computers at the soon to be established Data Analytics and Intelligence Gathering Center
    5. Acquisition and installation of CCTV systems in St Catherine, Hanover, Kingston and St Andrew, Clarendon and St James.
    6. 38 Server 2 each for the divisional headquarters
    7. 10 server for , 2 each for the area headquarters
    8. 10 servers for the Data Analytics and Intelligence center( 5 back up)
    9. High speed internet routers .
    10. Network design and layout connections to link all these computers on a common network and feed all data to the Data Analytics and Intelligence Gathering Center
    11. Recruitment and training of IT specialist to setup the system to facilitate the integrate, CCTV system into local, area, divisional and Data Analytics and Intelligence Center
    12. Recruitment of at least 10 Data Analytics experts to use data mining processes to extra useful information from all the collected crime statistics and trends to help formulate strategic, tactical and operational crime fighting plans.
    13. Installation of network security to prevent unauthorized access from interval staff and hacking
    14. Work with UWI, UTECH and other universities to fund Data Analytics training courses for person who are interested in working in this unit.


More to follow in the coming weeks.

Crime initiatives that the Government should have announced but did not

Frankly the press conference that was held last week to announce crime fighting initiatives was very disappointing to say the least.

These would have been the things I would have announced were I asked to come up with a plan.

Operational Initiatives 

  1. Zero tolerance approach to loader men and people extorting us to park downtown.
  2. Pushing through DNA legislation and regulations
  3. Extraction of DNA sample and bio-metric data from all deportees
  4. Dossiers of all criminal deportees to be provided to law enforcement officials in Jamaica before the arrival of each deportee in Jamaica. Should contain bio-metric data as well as criminal offence for which the person was arrested and or convicted.
  5.  Issuance of TRN number and national photo ID of all deportees on arrival in Jamaica
  6. Phone company be mandated to provide SIM and Tel # of all deportees who purchases a SIM card, to law enforcement officials (you need valid ID to purchase a sim card)
  7. Partnership with USA to get bio-metric data of all citizens of Jamaica landing on USA soil. Recall we are fingerprinted and pictures are taken at every USA port of Entry.
  8. Extract Photo and fingerprint from all persons who have been arrested
  9. Extract bio-metric data as well as DNA from all persons who have been arrested and charged for any criminal offence


Strategic & Tactical Initiatives

  1. Provide every police station with at least one computer to record all crime reports.
  2. Each station will be linked to central server for each parish. The parishes central server will be tied to the its county server.
  3. All 3 county servers will now be tied to central server located at a high security location which will be the HQ of a special police unit.
  4. Employee 14 university graduates   and assign to one police across Jamaica to complete data analysis of crime pattern across each parish.
  5. Data analysis from these analysts will be useful to refine strategies for specific parishes. They would be tasked to look for patterns in crime, to detect trends and possible factors that appear before or after certain crimes. Interesting data could be, when police operations increase in Clarendon, we see lower crime in Clarendon but an increase in say St Catherine. That kind of analysis will allow you to therefore target Clarendon  and  St Catherine  simultaneously  as well as the routes across the borders between the two.
  6. Make MOCA a full and independent law enforcement unit. which will house the criminal database for DNA, crime, bio-metric etc.
  7. GOJ will employee a cadre of data Analytics specialist( at the database center) to sort and analyse this data at a national level. This data will be used by national security adviser(NSA) to help formulate national crime fighting strategies.
  8. Recruit and form at least two Special Weapon and Tactical Team (SWAT) one for Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine  and one for St James, Westmoreland and Hanover. These teams will be used only for special situation eg where a gang would need to be surgical taken down, a task which should not be assigned to local police officers.


The above are not very difficult to put put in place and are steps I believe would go a far way in pushing crime, specially murders down to manageable levels


Why have our crime fighting efforts paid so little dividend?

In business one of the favorite buzzwords especially when new management takes over is “low hanging fruit”.  The idea is you go after these things that are considered easy to do, cost very little in most cases, but give big returns.

Just recently the former government and then the JLP decided that the best way to spend money, is to provide cops with body camera. Why would a country with such little resources to address crime seek to fit cops with body cams, what benefit can we expect to get from such expenditures and how will this aid the crime fighting effort.

Part of the reason our “efforts” leads so little reward, is our resources are far too often directed in the wrong areas, with very little critical analysis being done, or it is ignored when done to satisfy someone’s ego.

The present Minister of Security Bobby Montague, will fail like the many others before him, because he has no plan or is likely to use old existing plans which have proven to be major failures.

We speak about fixing the justice, system but what does that mean, that is too broad a term to get to the real problems that needs to be fixed.

Firstly the entire structure of the police force does not lend itself to effectively fighting crime, so right away we begin the process on the wrong foot.

There has been talk of strategic reform of the police force, but this will not be supported by the higher echelon of the force, why. Well if I joined the force  at 18 and have worked my way up, earned one or two degrees on the way, I want a chance to be ACP, DCP or COP, so hell no, i will now support any move to rob me of that opportunity , I simply will not.

If the top members of an organization have no interest in the re-engineering of the organization for their own selfish reason, it will never happen and that is where the JCF has found itself. No one who comes up the rank in the JCF will ever be able to bring about real change, so we are virtually ” dead in the water”, or are we?

The entire JCF needs to be dismantled and a new organization formed along these lines.

  1. We have three counties and therefore need a Deputy Commissioner of police for  each county.
  2. Each of these DCP’s report to the COP
  3. Below these you have a single Superintendent of police for each parish in these counties.
  4. Everyone else is a either a detective or an officer,whose pay will be based on years of performance and years of service.
  5. All new persons entering the JCF must be given a minimum of 18 months training in law enforcement activities, after which the spend  another 18 months of specialized training in some of the following areas.
    1. Crime scene containment and protection.
    2. Forensics science, how evidence gathering can contaminate the very evidence you are collecting.
    3. Ballistics science, gun firing and testing, projectile angle to determine position of shooter with respect to the victim.
    4.  Front line detective work.
    5. Domestic affairs management, how to deal with domestic matters.
    6. Traffic , rules regulation and enforcement
    7. Building a dossier to bring case to court , what evidence must be gathered, how it must be gathered.
    8. Witness interrogation without badgering the witness. How to make witness comfortable to speak.
    9. Confidentially , how to protect witness and witness statement from possible compromise. Video taping of witness statement and protection of such evidence .
    10. Wire tapping, do’s and don’t.
    11. Surveillance without detection.
    12. How to investigate alleged acts of corruption within and external to the force.
    13. How to conduct high profile investigation before making an arrest and or going public
    14. Interacting with members of the public, community policing
    15. Riots  etc, how to act and react
    16. Hostage situation, open or in a confined space
    17. Special Weapons and Tactical Team

We can no longer have a police unit that is so hierarchical in structure that nothing gets done as people jostle for positions . We need to flatten the structure and broaden the skills through training.

When a cop leaves the training school, not only will he/she have the basic rudimentary training , but they will come out will some specialized skills to address the various needs of the Jamaica society .

This transformation is a must along with a name change if our security forces are to gain any success in addressing various crime matters in the country.

More to come…

Lawyers vehemently opposed to amendment to bail act

I cannot recall any change to criminal laws in Jamaica that have been supported by Jamaican lawyers, no matter what.

Andrew Holness yesterday made mention of the fact that he has asked that amendments be made to the bail act to refuse bail to some categories of those accused of murders. The words had not hit the ground before some of our “brightest” criminal lawyers where all over the news hoping mad that the government would want to take away the “constitutional” right of Jamaicans by virtue to these changes, which they are not even yet aware of.( The amendments)

I heard one very “bright” lawyer saying ” What empirical evidence is there to prove or support the point that those accused of murder commits murder while on bail”.

This may seem like a rather smart question, but if you were to analyse that for just one minute you see how this kind of thought process, while may legally sound good, is rather suspect and actually morbid in taure

To have evidence , means someone has to be murdered by someone who has already been accused  of murder and this guy would have had to have been tried and convicted of both murders.

Follow me for a second.

Jay is accused of murder and is arrested and charged. He goes before the court and is granted bail and case scheduled for a date in the future. While on bail, Jay is accused , arrested and charged for murdering a witness in the case against him , he is now refused bail.

He goes to court for two murder charges, which are tried separately and is found guilty on the first but not the second, because he was not picked out in an identification parade and the one witness decides to migrate out of fear.

From the lawyers perspective, while Jay is guilty of murder in the first case, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that he committed a second murder while on bail, because he got off that particular case, by virtue of no guilty verdict as directed by the judge.

John Brown falls into the same category as Jay and does the same thing and gets away also. Clearly accordingly to our lawyers, there is no link between the bail of these two guys and the death of of the witnesses against both.

One can therefore reason that there is no basis in law to change the bail act as it has not been proven in a court of the law, that murderers on bail commits murders.

The only time, this evidence can arise, is when these guys actually commit a second murder and is found guilty of that second case. Now you cannot use one case to change the law, so you would need to have multiple cases of people being murdered by murderers who are out on bail and all of these folks must have been found guilty in a court of law

So out lawyers are essentially saying, people must die for us to get the “empirical evidence” to support such changes to the law.

I thought the role of government via the security forces was to preserve life ie the police would have been expected to work to prevent as much murders as possible , clearly I must have been wrong according to the reasoning of these esteemed lawyers.

The next argument is not everyone accused and arrested of murder is guilty, ok then, very true.

My question is ” Would you support an accused child molester being allowed to return to the Kindergarten school which he previously worked and be  responsible for looking after the your child”.

I would expect the answer to be a resounding yes, after all the man was merely accused of child molestation and has not been convicted in a court of law, so he should be free to go back to work. Unless he repeats the same act on another child ( maybe your kid), then his constitutional right to bail MUST be observed.

I may have been extreme here but clearly this is the path that would logically follow from the thought process of these very bright lawyers.

May the lord help us.












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