Bad gas Scandal- Updated !

So the Minister has asked that 17 gas station be closed for selling bad gas.

The Minister has failed to ask publicly for the distributors of bad gas to close.

Minister ,who imported the bad gas in November ?

Who signed the permit for the importation of the bad gas?

What is the link between the importer and the PNP if any ?

We have one Denominator  ie the Importer/Distributor and multiple Numerator is the Gas Station Owner and Consumers, but who does the GOJ go after, you guess right the ones at the end.

How easy would it be to identify the importer/distributor, pretty ease right ?

What would it cost the country to identify the importer/distributor, next to nothing, right?

So the question is, why did we not go the easier, most cost effective and most direct route?

The minister choose instead the most expensive, timing consuming and least direct route. We have people from the BSJ who could have been otherwise engaged driving to stations and wasting gas to collect gas, take it back to the BSJ and then perform testing.

All the above is going to run into millions of dollars, while the potential exist for the importer to continue to sell bad gas in the trade to ensure all that was imported is off loaded.

We sure have a very smart and astute Minister of Energy , who is wasting energy to catch the bad guy, when a simple call to the Commissioner of Customs and  emailed scanned copy of the import entry could have solved this problem in less than 15 minutes.

So the man at the end of the food chain suffers but someone made millions from the bad gas and is likely to face not penalty, will the public allow this injustice to happen?



Jamaica stock market is the “toast” of the world

The market performed very well and the PNP must take credit for its resurgence

Dwayne Vaz did no wrong

Dwayne Vaz is a youngster, who is “up to the time” and listens Vybz Kartel. He is in tune with the music and the people and so his expression which is a reflection of the music is understandable.

He is human and many condemning him have tracks upon tracks of Vybz Kartel playing all time, after all he is the biggest and one of the most talented DJ to have emerged out of Jamaica in a long time.

Gun lyrics are nothing new, they are a part of the way of Jamaican music and has been that way for a very long time.

We allow corrupt politicians to steal and get away with millions while failing to put our their light bulbs, but we are ready to dump Vaz for merely saying what we say everyday.

Jamaicans need to focus on what is important, things like crime, corruption, health and education and not some lyrics from a convicted murder repeated by a young and overzealous young man.

People like Phillip Paulwell and Dr Davis have done irreparable damage to the Jamaican economy and ruined thousands of lives, but they are still there and have even been rewarded with medals for their destructive tenor.

Leave Vaz alone, he is young and is entitled to make a few minor  errors along the way


Economic Theory is not always correct

There was a Sunday article which indicated that the introduction of pork patties into the market place will create jobs. Noted economist Dr Damien King in a quick response tweeted  “Not even by $1. When we buy the Pork patty, is it not going to replace what we would otherwise have had for lunch?”

What is the reason for Dr King’s position? Substitution.

Well its based on classic economic theory which postulates that the introduction of a new item in the market place which competes with what exist, is not likely to add value because all that happens it will replace what existed buy an equal amount. ie  if we introduce item C in a population consisting of A &B, then either or A or B or both will be reduced by the amount of C that has been introduced.

The position is the population is fixed and is unlikely to increase, so all you have is substitution and not an overall increase in the economics.

So what Dr King is suggesting is the sales in Beef, Chicken or other form of patties will be reduced by the equal amount of pork patties that will be sold.

What Dr King missed was the people factor in terms of emotions which is not something one can predict.

Let’s look at the wireless telecom industry that had only Lime. It was believed that the introduction of Digicel would create no much added value as it would simply take Lime share because the population size was fixed. That it did, but what was never anticipated is people would choose to have two phones instead of one.

So while Lime lost market share, the number of customer lost was not equal to the number gained by Digicel, but what really happened is the population actually increased.

So as it relates to the pork patties, I don’t eat beef and is not a fan of chicken patty, so the introduction of pork patties is a viable option for me and others like myself.

Can it impact sales of the other, yes but as in the case of Lime and Digicel, classic economic theory does not always work, as people are emotional creatures and does not necessarily subscribe or fit into every equation.

I am not an economist, but I am a consumer.

Lambert Brown quiet on Bauxite lay off

Its amazing how peoples position can quickly change once their political alignment is different.

Lambert Brown was once the most vociferous union in Jamaica, defending in a rather strenuous manner the rights of the worker. That all changed when he was selected an Senator and now seems to be caught up with his political career leaving workers rights behind.

The news that the Bauxite industry is about to lay off scores of staff was not met with any outrage from the once workers champion, who has gone flaccid on workers welfare.

I guess he will tell us he has matured.

Never trust those in politics they are merely there for their own selfish reason.

Jamaicans flocking to USA Embassy for Visa, highest in 20 years

The USA Embassy is reporting a bumper year raking in an estimated $3b in application fees as Jamaicans bomb rush the embassy for that coveted USA Visa.

The report from the embassy is reporting that this is the highest rate of application in nearly 20 years, more than doubling the annual average application rate.

Ian Hayles on a political platform recently reported that since the PNP has been returned to power a growing number of Jamaicans have been making application for USA visa.

The doubling of applications to the USA embassy is no  doubt a ringing endorsement of the PNP management of the Jamaican economy, which is boasting its lowest inflation in over 40 years and a debt that is declining.

Clearly while the business sector and financial analyst are signing praises, the ordinary Jamaicans are seeking ways to get that visa which offers them an opportunity to flee.

This is economic theory vs economic reality


PNP Losing traction as concert flops badly

The PNP in trying to keep up with the JLP planned a big gospel concert at its HQ over the weekend and low and below only 100 people showed up. By contrast, the JLP gospel concerted staged a week ago pulled in a bumper crowd .

Clearing the PNP show did not go as planned , which may be due partly to growing disaffection with the party and the decision to postpone the election until next year.

The longer the PNP takes to call the election, it appears the worse has been its fortunes. The growing infighting in the party has not help either and not the PNP seems to be just a shadow of itself.

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