Bunting’s decision not to have his child born in Jamaica is sending the wrong signal

The decision by Peter Bunting to not have his child born in Jamaica is sending the wrong signal about our healthcare system.

This decision by Peter Bunting is an expression of no confidence in the ability of our healthcare system to provide good care for his young born.

In 2010 when Audley Shaw sent his then premature baby to a overseas hospital he was taken to task by local doctors who expressed anger at his decision.

Will that same anger be expressed at Bunting, or is that just reserved for the JLP. I shall wait and see what happens.



Statement expected from the PNP women’s movement on “dead babies scandal”.

This is what I expect from the PNP women’s movement before the end of this week.

“The PNP women’s movement welcomes the statement of clarification and the apology by the Minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson in relation to the characterization  dead babies  as ‘not babies in the real sense’.

The Statement that was attributed to the Minister of Health in parliament was rather unfortunate and is not characteristics of Dr Fenton Ferguson that we have come to know. We are hearten  by the fact that he has taken full responsibility for that unfortunate statement and has done the statesmanlike thing and tendered a public apology.

We would like at this stage to ask the nation, the opposition and the government to all work together to correct the problems in the health sector and resist the temptation to play political football with something as serious as healthcare.

We hope that collectively the nation can work together to ensure that there is no repeat of this series of unfortunate cases.

As women and in keeping with with the Prime Minister has already stated, we too would like to send our condolences to those grieving parents. We too are mothers and we understand their pain and grief and we will do everything in our power to ensure there is no repeat of this situation.

We would like all well thinking Jamaicans to join us in that regard”.

That above is the statement that I expect from the PNP women’s movement very shortly.

How to fund the public health service. Chop NHT contributions in half, direct money to a health fund !

It is very clear to me that the 5% that the NHT collects ( 2% workers and 3% from companies) is way too much money for the NHT, which has a huge surplus and for which only about 25% of contributors benefit, needs to be changed.

In the 2012/2013 Financial year the NHT collected approximately $20b from contributors and paid of $3.95b as refunds to contributor.

I am making a suggestion that the rates being paid by PAYE to the NHT be reduced to 1% and that by employees be reduced to 1.5%.  The 2.5% combined total reduction should be directed to a newly created Health Tax, which goes into a special fund managed similar to how the NHT does its contribution.

This would add close to $10b per anuum to the health sector, which I  believe could go a far way in improving the service levels in the area as these funds would not be used for wages and salaries.

The level of reach by the Health sector is significantly more that of the NHT and so more people are likely to benefit from the improvement in the health services given the dreadful state of the existing system.

The Government Chief Medical Officer should go live near the dump .

The test results for air quality for the most recent fire at Riverton City is not yet available, but the Chief Medical Officer is contending that the people living in the area surrounding fire are not expected to suffer any long term impact from the current events.

I continue to contend that in Jamaica, even the most well educated amongst us, appears to either become idiots or complete liars once they taking on any type of political appointment.

I would like for the Chief Medical Officer to live in this area not for 5 or 10 years, but just for 6 months and then report to the country, whether or not the quality of  her life given the air quality in the area is ACCEPTABLE for someone of her social standing.

The Government Chief Medical Officer is not acting like the educated persons , we all know she is and her recent speech shows sheer contempt for the people in and around this area who has invested and made some of these areas their permanent home.

Fire at the dump is not a annual event, its a daily event , that is the dump is always on fire albeit not large fire and hence the air quality issue is  always there,  but become worse , when we have large fires as is the current case.

Each time we have these fires the surrounding communities are exposed to air borne particulates, air borne toxins, carcinogenic materials, which contribute what is know as acute illnesses. Acute illness occurs from long term exposure to chemical agents, whether by skin contact, inhalation, ingestion  or any other methods or routes that the chemical agents can take to get into the body.

The effect of these chemicals is based on the following :

  1. Concentration of the chemicals one is exposed to
  2. Length or duration of exposure
  3. One’s physical condition
  4. Type of chemical exposure
  5. Method of entry
  6. etc.

So for a medical officer to suggest without any scientific examination or data, that this particular fire and subsequent exposure should have no long-term effect on residents is beyond comprehension and she should apologize for making such a statement, which is not grounded in science.

The only way the Chief Medical Officer could have arrived at this position, was to have been monitoring the physical and medical conditions of the people in the area for the past few years and conducting test over a period of time in particularly the periods after massive exposures as what happens in the big fires and then compare to previous reading to see what changes have taken place.

One simple test for example is called Spirometry Test, which checks lung function. This simple test conducted over  a period of years could give some indication if there is direct link between the emissions at the dump and respiratory issues.

Other test could be  examination of blood samples for  concentration of certain chemicals which are known to cause acute illness in the future and see if the concentration levels in the same sample of residents are increasing or remaining stable.

That is how one can scientifically arrive at an informed position and  not a “feeling” position as what appears to have been the case with the Government Chief Medical Officer.

I am not a Doctor or a medical profession and may not therefore carry the clout of the goodly Doctor, but I am damned sure I would never had made such a statement without scientific evidence that CANNOT be challenged by anyone.

To say I feel let down once a gain by our professionals a gross understatement !

Can someone in the medical profession call out the Government Chief Medical Officer !

Riverton smoke issue is a public health emergency !

The situation at the Riverton city disposal site is the worse that I have ever seen and once again epitomizes the gross mismanagement of the government. The problem at this land fill has gone on for years and seems to get worse each year, causing wide spread respiratory issues and millions of dollars in medical bills and lost production hours.

The health minister has said it is not an emergency, as is not like a flood, but the minister appears to be misguided and is once again showing gross ineptitude in the matter, which is a health emergency and demands such a response.

People as far away as 11 miles in Bull Bay are being affected by the smoke, which seems to be worse in the early morning and in the nights.

Removal of the site is really not the problem, its the rather extremely poor management of the site and the decision by this government to continue to place party hacks to manage the site vs qualified people who have expertise in this area.

The Jamaican population must accept full responsibility for yet another failure of this government, which despite the faith shown in time by their continuous time in power, continues to fail the people and the country.

I can assure you that if the dump were to be part of the IMF program, the problem would be fixed in a matter of months, but that won’t happen, given that six guys from Washington have more balls and power than the 2.7 million people living in the country and the 1.7m who are eligible to vote.

Amazing !

Inept PNP is at it again, Health sector is being destroyed !

The PNP is a party know for its destructive ways when in leadership and they are it once again.

The PNP destroyed the Jamaican economy in the 1970”s only to have it repaired by the JLP between 1980 and 1989.

Once back in power in 1989 it was not too long before the PNP destroyed the financial sector and with it a large section of the Manufacturing and Agricultural sector and until today the suffering continues from the mistakes of the PNP.

The Jamaica dollar which stood at $5.50 in 1989 was destroyed by the PNP between 1989 and 2007 and when the returned to power in 2007 they continue from where they left off in 2007 and is has now set about to finish off the Jamaican dollar.

Not satisfied with all that destruction, they have now turned their attention on the health sector and the health of Jamaicans. First the government did virtually nothing when it was clear that the dreaded CHIK -V was coming, which resulted in approximately $7B in losses for the Jamaican economy due to workers ill health due to Chikv.

The government did not stop there but have moved to withhold critical funding from the healthcare sector, which has resulted in massive shortages in items needed for patient care at our public hospitals. We are told of patients being asked to take in their own needles , gauze etc as the many of the public hospitals are without these basic items.

Just last year one public hospital ran out of food to feed its patients, which just shows how far the health sector has declined under gross mismanagement by the Peoples National Party.

The Medical Doctors Association last year issued a SOS , where they called on the Jamaican population to speak up and demand change, but as it always has been when the PNP is in power, the people are willing to suffer immense pain without crying out.

The poor are therefore left to suffer and die due to the callous treatment of this  sector by Portia Simpson  Miller and her team, while willing to waste hundreds of millions of dollars paying high priced attorneys for an expensive soap opera.

The health sector will continue to be underfunded as long as it the poor who are suffering and dying and that will only change when these folks decide to direct their anger at the government and not on the poor doctors and nurses who are asked to make ” blood out of stone”.

The PNP has proven time and time again it is incapable of managing, buy despite all this proof, those who stand to suffer the most continues to put them into power hoping that by some divine intervention, they will get it right.

The country is paying a heavy price for its reckless attitude.

May Pen Hospital out of beds and basic stuff for patients

While the PNP administration continues to mismanage the affairs of the country and remains steadfast in its decision to spend over $300m on the West Kingston enquiry, Jamaican citizens cannot get healthcare at the May Pen Hospital. Reports are that this hospital is only taking emergency cases as they desperately short on bed and certain basic amenities for the operations of the hospital.

We have heard of patients waiting upwards of 38 hrs to access medical attention due to the shortages at the hospital and no one seems to give a damn about these poor souls.

Its a crying shame that a party that prides itself on looking about the interest of the poor would treat the poor which such scant regard and utter disdain. It is also instructive that the poor who has borne the brunt of the PNP onslaught continues to support the party which has brought them so much hardship. It makes you wonder if Jamaicans are predisposed to “suffaration”..

PNP continue to be the best party to ruin Jamaica.

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