Murder rates in Jamaica 1970 – 2011

There has been much commentary on my recent post regarding “special police” squad many of whom I have described as death squads, carrying out the mandate of the various governments in power. One blogger commented that the reason the PNP is featured prominently is due to the fact  they were in power for longer. Another blogger indicated that maybe its because the PNP governments have  been more serious about crime fighting that the JLP, why they have formed more “special” squads.

I have since decided to publish another  post showing the number of Jamaicans that have been murdered during the last 42 years. Take a look at the information and form your own opinion, on the effectiveness of these special squads and whether or not they have made an impact on murders.

2007 -2011

Yr # of Murders
1970 152
1971 145
1972 170
1973 227
1974 195
1975 266
1976 367
1977 409
1978 381
1979 351
1980 899
1981 490
1982 405
1983 424
1984 484
1985 Unavailable
1986 449
1987 442
1988 414
1989 439
1990 543
1991 561
1992 629
1994 690
1995 780
1996 Unavailable
1997 Unavailable
1998 953
1999 849
2000 887
2001 Unavailable
2002 1045
2003 975
2004 1471
2005 1674
2006 1340
2007 1574
2008 1601
2009 1680
2010 1428
2011 1125

Special Police Squads formed to fight crime

Below is a listing of all the special police squads that I have on record that have been formed since 1976  to deal with crime in Jamaica.  The majority of  these special police squads have been akin to death squads , targeting and carrying out the mandate of the government.

Note: The notorious Suppression of Crime Act was put in place in 1974 and lasted for 20 years and is said to be largely responsible for the situation in we find ourselves in today.

You can form your own opinion based on the information presented.

Special  police squads Yr formed Government
Echo Squad 1976 PNP
Ranger Squad 1980 PNP
Eradication Squad 1981 JLP
Area 4 Task Force 1986-1987 JLP
Operation Crest 1995 PNP
Operation Dovetail 1997 PNP
Orangized Crime Unit 1998 PNP
Operation Intrepid 1999 PNP
Special Anti Crime Task Force (SACTF) Oct 1999 PNP
Crime Management Unit (CMU) 2000 PNP
Major Investigative Team 2002 PNP
Operation Kingfish 2004 PNP
??? 2012 PNP

Peter Phillips cannot come up with a credible budget ?

In what may be an unprecedented move, the much anticipated budget from the finance minster, will not be presented in April as is customary  and instead that presentation will now be done in May.

Dr Phillips has given a number of reasons for this delay.

  1. Members of the house needs to review the PSWG tax documents.
  2. The IMF agreement, which is being worked on.

The IMF wants tax reforms completed as part of the conditions required  before any such agreement can solidified.  Dr Phillips appears also to be struggling on  how to deal with these tax measures, which includes taxes basic food items, while trying to meet the demands of the party leader , which includes protecting the poor.

Its going to be a tough call and while I cannot recall this being ever done before, I think it prudent for the minister to take the time to do a proper  budget vs the sloppy process that has in place, which have seen the Finance Minister present two supplementary estimates of expenditures in less than six weeks.


Can Peter Phillips cross it

Is Jamaica in danger of becoming a one party state ?

Concerns have been expressed about this given, what has been taking place in the country. It is being suggested that the recent actions of the police , which has resulted in over 50 civilians death is not signs of the state using the police to bring people ” in line” and consolidate its power. The recent win in the local government elections will now strengthen the government stranglehold on virtually all resources and its could use this dominance and the cops to complete the job.

It is being suggested that this is how the process begins and when you add to that, the special death squads that are to be formed as announced by the Minister of National Security, all the pieces are being put in place to facilitate this process.

Could this be happening right under our noses ?

Andrew Holness ignored my suggestions, so says Mike Henry !

Mike Henry has taken a swipe at party leader of the JLP, Andrew Holness,  stating that if the party leader had taken on board his advice the election results could have been a lot different.

Mike has indicated that they were not ready and did not have the financial back necessary for the recent local government elections

In fact Mike Henry said he had suggested that local government should have been used to test the waters prior to the general elections in December, but Andrew ignored his advice resulting in the massive December loss.

Milton Brown, who won in the local government elections said the party machinery was NOT ready for the local government elections and no money was in place to support the recent elections.


It seems like Andrew Holness future is now in question .

Government to hold Commissioner of police accountable for fatal shootings.

The Minister of National Security, today announced that he will be holding the commissioner of police and the high command accountable for the reduction in fatal shootings. This comes against the background of protest against the actions of the local cops who have killed over 50 Jamaicans since the start of the year.

The wanton killing of civilians by cops is totally unacceptable and as such the officers involved in these operations MUST be held responsible for their actions. The time it takes to investigate these cases and bring charges against these murderers is way too long, which allows them time to flee before they are brought to justice.

This issue must be addressed by the legislation as its allowing murderous cops to get away with hmm murder !

The plan is now coming together as I had indicated in previous post over the last few weeks.


The ruling PNP has crushed the JLP in the just concluded local government elections and has taken the prized KSAC from the JLP. The is the second successive beating that Andrew has received since he was elevated to the leadership of the JLP.

The JLP needs a winning strategy as obviously what they are doing is not working, having been rejected for the second time in 3 months.

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