Crime fighting strategy formula brain vs brawn.

I have been on social media all week, literally complaining about our propensity to complain about everything, even when the issue being complained about is a proposal to solve a problem that we have  identified.

I am not bashing complaints per se, but frankly I am fed up with who, I shall now call “serial complainers” , those who seem to just complain because they have a forum and an audience.

I am however more solution oriented, I will complain, or comment on an issue and in most cases tries to offer what I consider to be a viable alternative.

Crime is one of, if not the biggest problem in Jamaica today and despite the many task forces, crime plans etc, we have not been able to break the back of this monster.

I am offering up to the Minister of National Security and the JCF what I believe is one of the pillars on which all future crime strategies can be built on.  This not something new coming from me, as I have made these suggestions before.

Strategy Formulation  #1

Information technology and Intelligence gathering


  1. GOJ should seek funding either by grant or loan( or a combination of both) from the European union, the government of China, USA , Germany and France to do the following.
    1. Purchase at least 200 desktop computers, one for every police station across the country( We have at least 190 stations).
    2. 20 higher end desktop computers 5 for each of the 4 Area Headquarters in Jamaica
    3. 57 computers , 3 each for the 19 divisional headquarters across the country. ( All computers here must have USB & DVD access disabled before going into use)
    4. 50 computers at the soon to be established Data Analytics and Intelligence Gathering Center
    5. Acquisition and installation of CCTV systems in St Catherine, Hanover, Kingston and St Andrew, Clarendon and St James.
    6. 38 Server 2 each for the divisional headquarters
    7. 10 server for , 2 each for the area headquarters
    8. 10 servers for the Data Analytics and Intelligence center( 5 back up)
    9. High speed internet routers .
    10. Network design and layout connections to link all these computers on a common network and feed all data to the Data Analytics and Intelligence Gathering Center
    11. Recruitment and training of IT specialist to setup the system to facilitate the integrate, CCTV system into local, area, divisional and Data Analytics and Intelligence Center
    12. Recruitment of at least 10 Data Analytics experts to use data mining processes to extra useful information from all the collected crime statistics and trends to help formulate strategic, tactical and operational crime fighting plans.
    13. Installation of network security to prevent unauthorized access from interval staff and hacking
    14. Work with UWI, UTECH and other universities to fund Data Analytics training courses for person who are interested in working in this unit.


More to follow in the coming weeks.

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