States of Emergencies really should not last beyond 2 weeks !!

I am doubling down on my decision where I said SOE should be in place for as long as required, I have changed or should I say modified my position on this.

I firmly believe if in the first  48 hours you have not captured the most wanted gunmen and have seized the majority of the guns in that specific target area, then your operation has failed and should be called off.

The element of surprise coming from  properly planned raid driven by serious intelligence gathering should allow you to nail very specific targeted individuals and not net fishing as is currently being done, which in reality is very disruptive to the lives of the innocent who have been caught in the dragnet.

After 48 hrs those not captured would have securely hid their weapons and left or simply left with them to “chill” and return when the place has “cooled” off, knowing very well that the maximum time they can stay is a between 60-90 days.

My suggestion to the GOJ is that before any further ZOSO, SOE etc are declared the following steps must be taken.

  1. MOCA must lead a intelligence driven operation where by targeted surveillance , is done, video and audio recording are done, and the places where these criminals retire at night are properly recorded .
  2. MOCA should seek from the courts order to capture voice recording etc via that well known methodology as a part of the evidence gathering process
  3. MOCA should liaise with the DPP to determine what type of video evidence is permissible  in our courts, and how these images should be taken , stored and secured and how duplicate copies should be taken and stored as well .
  4. DPP should also be kept abreast of such records and provide full directives to ensure that these evidence are beyond being tampered with and are FULLY secured from such tampering.
  5. DPP should also be asked to provide guidelines as to who can access this information and at what levels within MOCA this can be done.
  6. DPP should be asked to provide guides as to whether or not enough “bullet” proof information has been gathered before any sort of operation takes place.
  7. Once the DPP is reasonable sure that we have identified the major players,  gathered enough verifiable and incriminating evidence that can stand up n court, then and only then can any sort of  “action” be contemplated


Once the above have been the completed the Military, The JCF, Indecom then target very specific individuals in very specific areas and launch simultaneous and multiple strikes in these targeted communities.

Before the operations begin, the areas from which the strike team will travel and the target communities must have  all modes of communications disabled until the strike team is in position ie all land lines and wireless mode of communication inclusive of internet connections should be off and only put back on once the strike team is in place and is active. 

The strike should be two fold,

  1. A small size surgical team, which will go in and take out ( capture if possible) the main targets.
  2. A secondary team will roll in within 15 minutes of the operation to provide additional support and hopefully  hold unto anyone that may have been missed in the initial strike.

I am of the firm belief that if we were to follow the actions above, we are likely to reap significantly greater returns on our investment of human and capital resources, while placing a serious and sustained dent in crime.

No one should be off limits and once that plays out in each and every operation, people will begin to wonder where you going next and we will begin to see a decline in crime across the island.

So I say yes, put an end to the SOE in both St James and St Catherine and re-strategize following the guidelines I have suggested above.





Dr Tufton decision to keep CRH open, was simply strategic thinking !

It is hard to believe that the situation at the Cornwall Regional Hospital was allowed to deteriorate so much under the PNP lead administration, which held the seat of power for 28 of the last 34 years.

How could the government have neglected that institution , allowing it to fall into significant disrepair and is now touring it every other week to assess what is taking place, can someone please explain this to me.

The public should really demand an inquiry into the management of the hospital over the last 20 years to assess the budgetary allocations that have been made, including monies spent on repairs and maintenance during that period of time.

It is unbelievable that any government should have allowed this sort of neglect to take place and have not been held accountable for it.

The decision to keep the hospital open by this present government is the best decision that could have been made at the time given a number of variables

  1. St James in 2016/17 was the murder capital of Jamaica and CRH was conducting regular emergency surgeries to save lives.
  2. With no other facility close by to accommodate all labs, surgical theater etc, it would have simple been impractical if not criminal to close it without  ADEQUATE facilities being in place to take on that additional burden.
  3. Health care facilities as reported by Dr Dawes back in 2015 were largely in state of disrepair and without basic drugs and adequate facilities to take care of its existing patients.  Wide spread over crowding etc were a constant feature.

The decision not to close have been vindicated by reports of 1800 emergencies life saving surgeries  that have been completed during the time the institution remained open.  Those families must be signing nothing but praise for the staff of the hospital, who though under press, fought to save their lives.

Had Dr Dayton Campbell been the Minister of Health, we probably would have had over 1800 grieving families today, seeking to sue the government for negligence in closing the facility without having in place ready and practical alternatives to this hospital.

To believe you could build  furnish  two additional surgical wards , plus lab etc in even a month speaks to the rather infantile though process and abject ignorance on the path of those person shouting this sort of stupidity on the top of their voices.

I would like to send a big thank you to the nurses, doctors and other staff members who endured what could be considered to be a  “war zone” to tend to the needs of others and save lives in the process, you are the real heroes.

Those berating this kind of live saving  moves are the real  zeroes ! 

I am simply happy the PNP were not on power when this crises unfolded as today the narrative would have been ” how stupid could they have been to close the place and cause so many people to die”.

Truth be told, this sort of thinking is very prevalent in that party, and is partly the cause of the financial sector collapse, in the 1990’s which we are still suffering from today.

To Dr Tufton I say, well done sir under tough circumstances, your strategic vs impulsive thinking has resulted in maybe 1800 more people being alive today and for that we are very grateful.

To those who would have rather been talking about how many lives could have been saved, keep on trying to find alternatives, which even with hindsight many have still been unable to find.

” if you could do in this month, why could you have not done it last year”.

That is like saying ”  If you could afford to build a house today,  why could have you not afforded to have done so last year”.

This is the PNP legacy, we can expect to hear more horror stories soon and the JLP as janitors will have to once again clean up the PNP mess !!


“Street Protest” threats causes jitters for tourism sector

The threat made by the opposition in the house yesterday to “ take to the streets” have not gone unnoticed by those wishing to visit Jamaica.

Last night I received a number of messages and I will mention the narrative below.

A number of concerned persons have been making contacts with me asking

Person #1 “ Jay you have your ears close to the ground, we want to visit Ja during April, given this threat do you think its safe to do so.

My response ” The threat has been made by the power hungry opposition leader, who chances of become PM of this country has slipped from his grasps and is nothing more than an attention seeking statement from a  delusional individual at this time”.

Person #1  ” So are you suggesting its safe to come”

My Response ” Truth be told, the opposition is capable of doing just about anything under the guise of protecting our democracy, so they could indeed organize street protest. If that happens then it would not be a good idea to be here at that point in time”

Person #2   ” Jay is there a possibility of street protest in Jamaica and if so, what is the likely outcome”

Jay ” Its hardly likely that civil society would support such a move given the fragility of the economy, which simply cannot take any further shocks at this time”

Person #2  ” So are you suggesting its an empty threat”

Jay “ No , I am not suggesting that, but I think it would be the death knell of the party leader if he was to take such an action. It would signal the end of his leadership and the party conference this year”

Person #2  ” So, why have civil society not yet reacted to this statement”

Jay ” I think the are more focus on the so called self proclaim constitutional crises as it relates to the appointment of the CJ and the threat is poses to the stability of the country”

Person #2  “ But hold on , is the threat of opposition street protest not a greater threat to the stability of the country and the view of the political stability of the county in the eyes of the world

Jay ” That’s the Jamaican paradox my friend”

The opposition leader’s statement poses a clear and present danger to the rule of law and order in this country and, any organized street protest at this time, could have disastrous impact on the fragile state of the economic growth we are experiencing.

The opposition leader therefore needs to use the same forum he used to make those misguided statements, to unreservedly withdraw them and issue a public apology after which he should resign!



The Acting Chief Justice Appointment

So the latest self inflicted crises in Jamaica is the decision of the PM to appoint Justice Brian Sykes as Acting Chief Justice vs the full position of Chief Justice.

The critics are contending that its wrong for the following reasons

  1. There is the vacancy for a permanent appointment
  2. The GOJ knew months in advance that this was coming and should have acted
  3. The PM is seeking to confer unto himself powers that are unconstitutional
  4. The PM is seeking to interfere with the judiciary given he has said ” performance will ultimately determine appointment”
  5. No one knows the performance criteria that will be used to ultimately determine full appointment
  6. Others

Points 1 to 2 are factual and really shows that the Prime Minister screwed up in not taking the time out to avail himself of the process required to ensure that Brian could have been permanently appointed vs this acting role.

This is really the crooks of the matter, its a mismanagement of the process and nothing else.

Everything outside of the above is a combination of hysteria, supposition, conjecture , what if’s, and personal views or interpretation which cannot be considered facts.


  1. The PM can recommend an appointment for full time CJ following the already stated guidelines
  2. The PM can recommend an acting appointment for CJ and this is where the problem comes in.

We have three issues to contend with related to #2

  1. The letter of the law ( what is written)
  2. The spirit of the law ( seeking to follow in intent of the law )
  3. The intent of the law ( one’s interpretation of what they believed the crafter of the law meant when it was being written in the first place)

The only one above that can be proven ie factual is # 1, but legal minds will tell you that in many cases all three can be relied upon to make a judgment, but from the point of view of purity, the letter of the law is the words of the law without interpretation and can stand on its own.

So the PM choose to follow number 1 and not 2 &3, but does that make his decision wrong or illegal , the answer is no, so what really is the issue.

From all I have read and heard, the issue appears to be the interpretation of some that the PM has put the Brian on probation and he has no authority to do so ,in addition he is breaking customs and traditions here in Jamaica.

In addition it  said that the PM is interfering with the process by the act appointing Brain to act vs a full time  job. It has also being said that the acting Chief Justice would not have been conferred with all the instruments of authority he needs to effectively function in his role and this could compromise the entire justice system.

That’s a frightening statement, because ,if for some reason in the future a Chief Justice has become incapacitated and cannot function, we run the risk of a collapse of the justice system, because we should NEVER appoint an acting Chief Justice given the stated concerns of fears expressed as in the present case.

The questions therefore is, had the previous CJ been incapacitated suddenly and Brian appointed in a acting role, would the question of interference with the judiciary arise as it has now ?

If the answer is no, then I go back to my first point, the only real issue on the table is the mismanagement of the Holness administration is sorting out the person to fill the role on a permanent basis and everything else is circumstantial and baseless.

That’s my none legal opinion

What’s the role of the MP’s in crime fighting. Every MP is being asked to present a crime plan for their area

Our government is made of elected members of parliament, who are from both political parties. Currently the division of MP representing both side is almost equal from a statistical stand point.

Let’s for the moment we assume that due to the antagonist nature of our politics, only those on the side of the government are willing to work to move this country forward, it would  mean than only half of all elected members would be engaged In national building and finding creative solutions to our problems .

Bear in mind that all 63 MEMBERS are collecting a salary paid from the public of this country, but would have been hardly seen to be actively working for that money. What if this was not the case, can you see the results if all 63 members actively working in their communities to address the issues on hand.

I am now issuing a public challenge to all MP’s as follows

Jamaica Murder rate 1970 – 2017

I am posting this one day later than I did the number for last year but here goes

Year # of Murders
1970 152
1971 145
1972 170
1973 227
1974 195
1975 266
1976 367
1977 409
1978 381
1979 351
1980 899
1981 490
1982 405
1983 424
1984 484
1986 449
1987 442
1988 414
1989 439
1990 543
1991 561
1992 629
1994 690
1995 780
1998 953
1999 849
2000 887
2002 1045
2003 975
2004 1471
2005 1674
2006 1340
2007 1574
2008 1601
2009 1680
2010 1428
2011 1125
2012 1097
2013 1200
2014 1005
2015 1192
2016 1350
2017 1616 *
Total Murders 34374
in  47 years

Fake “sick” certificates

Doctors across Jamaica would have written thousands of fake sick certificates over the last few days as the police went on island-wide “sick out”.

Now a sick certificate is supposed to be a genuine document used to validate the fact that you were indeed sick and so could not carry out your contractual duties. In most organisations you are actually paid for these days.

People who are not sick and get sick certificates are not only unethical, but can be considered to be corrupt as well.  If so many cops were able to do this it shows the level of thinking that exist at the rank and file level as it relates to acts of corruption

Doctors who wrote these certificates have aided  and abetted acts of corruption themselves and should be investigated by the Medical Association of Jamaica  .

All police who are suspected of gaining and submitting these fake documents should be placed on a watch list for corruption.

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