Gays and the Buggery Law in Jamaica

This is no doubt a hot button issue and has been the subject of much conversation in recent times but I am now throwing my two cents  at it for what its worth.

Firstly the buggery law, which is on the books makes it an offence for Men having sex with men (MSM )as well as animals, I don’t recall it saying anything about men having anal sex with women, which now appears to be very popular here in Jamaica.

I would suspect that those who want the buggery law repealed, would want to keep the section which makes it a criminal offence to have sex with animals, but remove the section with MSM, even though I have not heard them suggesting this.

If one examines the buggery law and what it really means, does it not mean its a criminal offence for MSM in public?  The law as it stands ( I stand corrected) does not allow law enforcement or anyone to enter your house at any point in time to see who you are having sex with, so how on earth would they know if MSM is in fact taking place, where would be the proof?

If a male couple however decides to take what is supposed to be a private matter into the public domain, then that is where it become an issue as it public and the evidence is there for all to see, so what is the big deal?

Heterosexual couples are not allowed to engage in sexual acts  in public either and can be arrested and charged for indecent exposure according to the laws of Jamaica.  The law however would not come into play if this heterosexual couple where enaging in sexual activity in the privacy of their homes.

Now, I want someone from JFLAG to explain to me what is the issue with the law, which affects the people which they represent given all that I have mentioned above.

Now to the second issue, which is the one of the spread of HIV/AIDS

All research done appears to indicate the risk of passing on HIV/AIDS is significantly higher in MSM that any other groups, but why is so ?

Why is it that MSM posses a higher risk of contracting the disease that others and why are we seeing higher rates of infection in this group.

Is it that these males are irresponsible,  promiscuous and refuses to use protection that is readily available to ALL.   It is a known fact that condoms offer relatively good protection so why are these males refusing t use it.

No one can suggest that these males cannot access condoms because of the buggery law, that is pure nonsense, since I have never heard anyone asking the buyer if he plans to use in on a male of female.

The people attacking Professor Bain have indicated that his testimony ensures the buggery law remains in place , which makes it difficult for MSM gain access to HIV/AIDS treatment, which in turns proliferate the spread of this infectious disease.

If this is not hogwash, I don’t know what is and let me break it down for you.

  1. MSM has a higher risk of HIV/AIDS than any other group – FACT
  2. Condoms offers very high protection against the spread of HIV/AIDS – FACT
  3. You cannot get HIV/AIDS by being around and or sharing the same space, glass toilet etc with someone who has the disease. – FACT
  4. Life style contribute significantly to contraction and the spread of the disease. FACT
  5. Aids/HIV is a public health issue like any other disease. FACT
  6. Government is  there to slowdown/prevent the spread of diseases via laws education etc. FACT

Gays and their surrogates are addressing the wrong issue, where their focus is on treatment, AFTER the persons has already contractor the dreaded disease, which he contracted as a result of his lifestyle.

Where are the mitigating factors that are preventing people in the gay community from reducing/minimizing the risk of contracting the diseases, given the FACT they know the sexual acts they perform carries a higher risk than other forms of sexual acts ?

Why am I not hearing gays advocating for example for condom makers to make condoms that are stronger, which would lower the risk of being torn during their sexual acts ?

Why are they not advocating for other means of protecting from themselves from the dreaded disease vs pushing for access to treatment AFTER contracting the disease.

It is said by many advocates that those countries that decriminalizes MSM see a slower rate of spread of HIV vs countries that don’t. This statement is another one of those, where a results is attributed to a cause, when there is no direct link between the outcome and the action.

The countries that decriminalizes MSM are today mainly the developed countries, where medical treatment is well advanced and access to  healthcare is better than most of the developing countries where the healthcare system is not as advanced.

Let’s look at certain disease that affect some third world countries eg cholera, malaria, why would this be a problem in developing countries but not so in the developed countries.

The main reason not because some system exist that prevents people from obtaining healthcare, the fact is, the problem which results in these disease affecting these countries is the the lifestyle of the people, which is largely influence by poverty and lack of proper measures to prevent the disease from taking root in these countries

Were these countries to put in place systems to change the people’s lifestyle and prevent the disease, so many persons would not die from these diseases, which are virtually non-existent in developing countries.

In the USA the reason for the slower spreading of  HIV/AIDS and the lower death rate is not due to decriminalization, but instead its due to better education, people taking responsibility in trying to protect themselves and a better healthcare system, with better drugs than one can get in the other countries where buggery remains a criminal offence.

So in summary the argument which is be posited to suggest that its criminalization  of buggery that is contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS is nothing but the stuff that comes as a result of that act.

Me done talk.


How to avoid losing money via swipe/debit card scam

Time and time again you hear horror stories of persons, whose accounts have been wiped out due to scammers gaining access to persons pin numbers, then using this to make card then having a field day.

In the world of technology we all want convenience and that is what swipe card offer, but there are inherent dangers in this convenience that we need to understand then mitigate against that.  If you have a single account in your bank and all your money is in that single account, you are in grave danger should someone gain access to your bank card that is linked to that account.

Here is a way to avoid that problem

  1.  Approach your bank and indicate to them you want to open a second account.
  2. Tell them you need online access but does not want that accounted pinned to your swipe card
  3. Allow your salary and other major income to go to this second account.
  4. Move only the funds you need from this second account to the account pinned to your swipe card.

Now if for some reason your card has been compromised, you will limit your exposure to thieves to only the amount that is left in that account after your transactions.

It does not prevent you from being taken by a thief, what it does however is to limit your losses.


Scrap the 381MW Enterprise Team !

The Enterprise team has not yet begun its work, but the Minister who is NO LONGER responsible for the 381MW project is warning that he will NOT be signing any license for the supply of electricity that does not guarantee a 30 – 40% reduction in the price of electricity.

Paulwell has a knack for jumping at things that are too good to be true, which is the reason he has failed on almost every major project, where the outcome of the project is tied to some unrealistic goals he has in his head.

Phillip Paulwell told Parliament exactly 3 weeks ago, that he has removed himself (on the advice of the Prime Minister ) from the 381 MW project, but here is the very same man saying what he will and will not do in respect to the very same project.

Paulwell had indicated that the Enterprise team will be reporting to Cabinet, but here he is telling the country that statement was nothing but a lie, given that the only authority to sign a license lies in the hands of the Minister of Mining and Energy, which is the position that he currently occupies.

Do you need any further proof that the announcement of this so called enterprise team was a grand charade, designed to deflect heat from the energy Minister and the Prime Minister. What shocks me until today, is how the Private Sector agreed to be part of this darn charade, that is beyond me.

Maybe a representative from that group should address this matter.




I will not approve any license that does give 30-40% drop in electricity – Phillip Paulwell

Speaking on Sunday evening to party supporters Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell made it clear in no uncertain terms that he was still fully in charge of the 381 MW project, when he declared, that he not not sign any license for the supply of electricity that does not guarantee at least 30 -40% reduction in the cost of that commodity.

Readers may recall that I had indicated that the PNP so called move to “remove” Phillip Paulwell from the 381 MW project was a grand charade and for the life of me I could not understand why Jamaicans including the power private sector leaders  fell for this .

I wrote the following on May 12, 2014

Under the Electricity Light Act, only and note ONLY the Minister of Mining and Energy can lawfully issue a license for the provision of electricity. As it currently stands, that Minister is still Phillip Paulwell and so he is really not out of the process as many of us wrongly assumed.

The enterprise team CANNOT recommend a license, they CANNOT sign a license, so how do they make any positive change on the process since that power resides in the same OUR and the same Minister ?

JPS CEO Kelly Tomblin suggested in an article carried in the Sunday Gleaner of May 25, 2014 that the idea of US$0.1288  per kWh is a figment of someone’s imagination and if it could have been done, it would have been done already.

I not only have agreed with Kelly on this level, but I have done a basic analysis to prove  US$0.1288 is NOT possible at all.

Now Phillip Paulwell’s statement has confirmed my assertions in that article and just goes to show the power of analysis, coupled with some knowledge of the subject matter.

The work of the Enterprise team has not yet begun, but its role is already made redundant by virtue of the statement by the energy minister.

Am I the only one listening or maybe I am the only one commenting publicly on this matter ?


PNP has made Jamaica Poorer ‘N’ Poorer !

In many countries around the world that are making progress, the people are found to be pretty well educated, their decisions made as to who govern them tends to be grounded in data and facts vs raw party loyalty and emotions.

In the majority of those countries , the party that tends to grow the economy and create real jobs are the one that get to lead for long periods and when they fail, they move to the next party.

Not so in Jamaica, where the party that makes the people Poorer N Poorer ( PNP) is given long term at the crease to increase their support bases by condemning many to a life of poverty.

Yesterday for example, I went into a particular supermarket, which shall remain unnamed and was shocked to the see some of the prices. A pack of pork chops weighing just over a  pound was being sold for $818, on checking the tag I note the cost was $1000/kg or just shy of $500 per pound. A tray of grade A chicken whole, was  being sold for $1,100 and this was sold for less than $800 last year.

The JPS is reporting that over 200,000 persons are stealing electricity and that does not include the many business places and uptown residents living in upscale communities around the country.  Over 1 million Jamaicans live in abject poverty and the poverty rate is at its highest level ever.

Schools are being broken into, through the roof, or tearing off of the grill and food and other items are being stolen by the very people in the communities in which the schools are located. Churches which were once sacred grounds are now being robbed of its valuables, on a scale never before seen in the country.

Mongoose, crocodiles and other animals , reptiles, which once were never seen as food are now being consumed by many Jamaicans , as poverty sinks deeper and deeper in.

The government has now  turned on the very people who supported it and have resorted to holding back the funds deducted from the salaries of civil servants, to meet IMF targets and now some workers are at risk of loosing their homes, cars and other possessions.

Values and attitudes in Jamaica have virtually become non-existent. The PNP has found a way to create employment opportunities for its activist and former party workers who have either been retired or have been rejected by the people and placing these folks at the helm of many government agencies and offering them huge compensation packages for their loyalty.

The PNP in its entire history of leading this country has no record of sustain growth to show for the long years they have been put in charge of the country, but the country has the battle scares to show for its failed experiment with the PNP.

The Jamaican dollar has suffered immensely under PNP leadership, which is responsible for 82% of the rate of devaluation of the Jamaican dollar ie at the current rate of $111 to $1, the PNP alone is responsible for $91 out of that $111 .

Everyone in Jamaica would be aware that for every $1.00 change in the rate of the exchange rate there is an increase in the prices of ALL goods and services in Jamaica. Now given the PNP by its failed policies are responsible for $91 out of the $111, which party in Jamaica would you say is responsible for making Jamaica Poorer ‘N’ Poorer.

Keeping voting for PNP and expect to see a better life in Jamaica. It will never happen as the two are mutually exclusive, they share an inverse relationship.

This is akin to pouring gasoline on a fire and then scratching your head wondering, why on earth is this fire not going out.




When will the dollar stop sliding ?

The Jamaican dollar will continue its rapid depreciation and this will NOT end until its cheaper to produce products here in Jamaican vs importing the same product from outside of Jamaica..

The question is, do you see that happening anything soon, given the PNP is expected to win the next elections and the fact that once they are in power the dollar moves as fast as the concord.

So the question of when the dollar will stop sliding is really in the hands of the Jamaican people, its our choice.

The maths is very simple and here is how it goes.

  1. Let’s say one can on imported canned beef cost $200 .00
  2. Let’s say once can of locally produced canned beef cost $220.00
  3. The local beef cost 10% more to purchase vs the imported beef and the consumer strapped for cash would tend to purchase the less expensive item.
  4. Now it will take at current rates, lets say  US$1.50  to pay for each can of that imported product.
  5. The importer has to purchase those US$ to allow him to import these items and he has to bid for those US$ like other importers.
  6. If there is a shortage ( as there always is) of US$ , then bidders will move to  outbid each other for the dollar and the highest bidder wins.
  7. This process keeps pushing up the dollar higher and higher and it will NOT stop until equilibrium is reached not before ie when supply equals demand.
  8. Now we know Jamaica has  huge trade deficit with each of its trading partners and until this has been cut significantly or we by some miracle find oil, gold, rare earth metal, lng or something of the sort to earn more US$, then we can continue to expect the slide to continue.

So where the dollar will end up is anyone’s guess.

What we need to do as part of the process of slowing the thing down is to cut back on purchase of imported goods. Importers DO NOT import anything that does not sell and if we stop buying they will have no choice but to stop importing thus there is no need to go in search of US$ for those items.

I believe the dollar will stop when imports are way to expensive for us to purchase and no time before that. Given the current trajectory that we are on, that won’t happen for a looong time.

Here is what Professor Bain said, which got him fired

This is a copy of the full testimony made by Professor Bain. Click on link below



Credits : Jamaica Observer


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