Here is what Professor Bain said, which got him fired

This is a copy of the full testimony made by Professor Bain. Click on link below



Credits : Jamaica Observer



4 Responses

  1. Having read the entire report I am at a loss as to why the Professor was fired by the University of the West Indies. The evidence is clear, the risk factors are much higher for HIV transmission in MSM and the cost to the public health system is a cause of growing concern.

    What a man does in the privacy of his house is none of us business, but if what they do lead to a significant burden on the healthcare system and the cost of health care, plus the risk it presents to others, then something needs to be done about that.

    Professor Bain needs to reinstated forthwith !

  2. It appears that on the world stage heterosexuals have their rights to free speech. I wish the other side luck in having babies lol.

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