Enemy of the State ?

The under pressure under performing Prime Minister has lashed out at the Leader of the Opposition for his decision to speak to the PSOJ and tell them that this government is a failure.

In her usual strident manner when criticized, the PM has  lashed out at  the leader of the opposition describing him as  an “Enemy of the State”.  I received a call a few minutes ago, with someone asking me, to explain what the PM could have meant by such a statement and if the opposition is not expected to be critical of a non-performing Government.

I truly believe that Portia Simpson Miller believes she and her government are doing a good job and should not be criticized by anyone. I wonder if she watched the news and saw Holness speaking about her clear lack of leadership, or she was told by her husband about what happened 🙂

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Courtesy of Jamaica Observer


Conversation with a “shotta” (retired)

Jay, as I stand here I can tell you this its wicked out there. You don’t know what time d man dem ago strike. Jah know d way d man dem do d school girl wicked iyah, yeah mon dat wicked.

Mi a tell u that ppl see eno, but d wah tings a run man just tun weh dem head and pretend dat dem nuh c nuttin, cuz next ting dem head lick off or dem haffi run outta town. Jay a so d place a run now enuh , it get wicked iyah,

Mi have a youth a go a prominent high school( which shall remain unknown) and dem a do very well. Right yah now dem a do exam and mi expect dem to do well.

Right now d way tings a run mi would a flash from Jamaica right yah now , but mi is a man nuh have no visa so mi a do d best for mi kids so dem can leave yahso and go university .

Mi have a job yah now. It nah pay much but mi a gwan work wid it cuz mi nuh inna d bad man ting yah now, mi got mi yute dem fi live fah.

U done know say a xxxxxxxxxx mi live fi years but a 9 yrs since mi move from deh so and gone live over xxxxxxxx, but mi still grounds wid some man from d area, but mi try stay away as much as mi can.

3 yrs ago police dun mi bredda, yeah mon but I’m head too hard. D man get mix up and mi did warn I’m to leave dem dah man company cuz dem man deh a trouble. I’m head hard and I’m go country go do robbery and a so d police kill I’m, but wha mi ago do, we did done tell I’m.

Big man mi a jus stay outta trouble and gwan live fi mi yute dem cuz dem a mi life. Mi married and ting and a keep mi head above d wata but jah know star yah so ruff mi a tell u.

Until mi can move mi just a gwan run wid d program, u cit.

The guy has turned his life around and I am happy to see he has made a change for good. His kids are doing extremely well in school even though he has no formal education, but he has made sure that he puts 100% into their welfare.

Country slipping further and further into an Abyss !

Fake cops dress in police attire stops a cop, takes out the cops, shots him three times. Culprits then proceed into a church and rob worshipers.

14 yr old kidnapped beaten and strangled.

Dollars hits a record low.

Thieves cut 5/8″ steel bar and used sledge to knock out wall to the Freehill Primary school canteen and make off with , rice, sardines, mackerel, flour and other food stuff.

How low can Jamaica go ?

Hopelessness has taken over the country and desperation is etched on the face of so many Jamaicans.


Petrojam’s Diesel Up To Par !

Petrojam responded toward to the recent rash of complaints about the VERY POOR quality of the diesel fuel its supplying to the unsuspecting customer , which is wreaking havoc on their engines. The response is one of the worst I have ever witness from a entity, which is supposed to be providing a product of high quality to the consuming public.

Petrojam obviously does not care about the interest of the public and neither do they appear to care about the environment  but then again the incompetent Minister of Climate Control and the general public who does not demand accountability  will no doubt continue to accept the crap being passed unto us at very high prices.

Petrojam said

All products provided by Petrojam are in compliance with the specifications prescribed by order, by the Government of Jamaica (minister with oversight for energy) on the recommendation of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica.


Petrojam is saying, the are in compliance with the rules prescribed by the Government of Jamaica based on the recommendation from Petrojam. So Petrojam has set the rules, then turn around and saying they are in compliance with the very low standards they have set for themselves, which is not only damaging the environment, but wrecking our diesel engines. ONLY IN JAMAICA !

Full response



Commonsenseja article on poor quality Diesel



Box Truck now being used to transport stolen cars

A new methodology is now being used by ingenious car thieves to hide their stolen cars and keep them out of the reason of the increased police patrol on our nations street.

The car thieves are now using box trucks equipped with metal ramps, which are dropped from the truck and on which the cars are driven unto the truck, after which the rear shutter is closed thus concealing the stolen vehicle . This is the method now being used by crooks to keep the stolen car out of the views of the cops, given that the car is no longer “visible” on the streets.

I trust that the cops are aware of this new trend and step up the stop and searching off all box trucks, to get rid of this latest menace to society.


Some PNP MP’s are making a “killing”.

More on this soon.

Reports reaching commonsense are that some PNP MP’s and other members are making a “killing” since the return of the party to power.

Heavy equipment being sub contracted to the NWA all over the country.


More on this later……

PNP attacking the poor since returning to power.

The policies of this PNP administration have done more to hurt than helping the poor and here are a few quick examples.

  1. Largest tax package in the history of Jamaica in 2012.
  2. Tax on poor people lunch , patties
  3. Hike in fees.
  4. Massive hike in clearance cost for barrels
  5. 100% hike in market fees on poor vendors
  6. Massive hike in bill board fees
  7.  Plans to return to user fees in the health sector
  8. Cut in education for the poor.
  9. Hike in school fees  – no more free education for the poor

Coming up

Extreme pain for the poor  given the long delay in the government securing a deal and administering the bitter medicine..

PJ Patterson was our longest serving PM and he succeeded in total destruction of the middle class and working class manufacturing and agricultural sector and with  that , all those  jobs. He presided over the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, yet he won 4 times on the trot.

Jamaicans in particular the poor surely seem to like hardship, despite what they say.

PNP policies have been mostly regressive and NOT progressive at all.

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