PNP has made Jamaica Poorer ‘N’ Poorer !

In many countries around the world that are making progress, the people are found to be pretty well educated, their decisions made as to who govern them tends to be grounded in data and facts vs raw party loyalty and emotions.

In the majority of those countries , the party that tends to grow the economy and create real jobs are the one that get to lead for long periods and when they fail, they move to the next party.

Not so in Jamaica, where the party that makes the people Poorer N Poorer ( PNP) is given long term at the crease to increase their support bases by condemning many to a life of poverty.

Yesterday for example, I went into a particular supermarket, which shall remain unnamed and was shocked to the see some of the prices. A pack of pork chops weighing just over a  pound was being sold for $818, on checking the tag I note the cost was $1000/kg or just shy of $500 per pound. A tray of grade A chicken whole, was  being sold for $1,100 and this was sold for less than $800 last year.

The JPS is reporting that over 200,000 persons are stealing electricity and that does not include the many business places and uptown residents living in upscale communities around the country.  Over 1 million Jamaicans live in abject poverty and the poverty rate is at its highest level ever.

Schools are being broken into, through the roof, or tearing off of the grill and food and other items are being stolen by the very people in the communities in which the schools are located. Churches which were once sacred grounds are now being robbed of its valuables, on a scale never before seen in the country.

Mongoose, crocodiles and other animals , reptiles, which once were never seen as food are now being consumed by many Jamaicans , as poverty sinks deeper and deeper in.

The government has now  turned on the very people who supported it and have resorted to holding back the funds deducted from the salaries of civil servants, to meet IMF targets and now some workers are at risk of loosing their homes, cars and other possessions.

Values and attitudes in Jamaica have virtually become non-existent. The PNP has found a way to create employment opportunities for its activist and former party workers who have either been retired or have been rejected by the people and placing these folks at the helm of many government agencies and offering them huge compensation packages for their loyalty.

The PNP in its entire history of leading this country has no record of sustain growth to show for the long years they have been put in charge of the country, but the country has the battle scares to show for its failed experiment with the PNP.

The Jamaican dollar has suffered immensely under PNP leadership, which is responsible for 82% of the rate of devaluation of the Jamaican dollar ie at the current rate of $111 to $1, the PNP alone is responsible for $91 out of that $111 .

Everyone in Jamaica would be aware that for every $1.00 change in the rate of the exchange rate there is an increase in the prices of ALL goods and services in Jamaica. Now given the PNP by its failed policies are responsible for $91 out of the $111, which party in Jamaica would you say is responsible for making Jamaica Poorer ‘N’ Poorer.

Keeping voting for PNP and expect to see a better life in Jamaica. It will never happen as the two are mutually exclusive, they share an inverse relationship.

This is akin to pouring gasoline on a fire and then scratching your head wondering, why on earth is this fire not going out.





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  1. Well , the people had 18.5 years of the PNP, but could only take 4 years of the JLP before giving back the PNP an overwhelming mandate. Local government elections should be next year. That would be interesting

    • So you support the very point I am making. The fact is I have only one foot left in this country because I do not plan to enrich others while becoming poorer n poorer by the day living here. I have a choice and it would be foolish of me not to utilize that opportunity.

      It really sad to see so much talent leaving Jamaica having recognized that there is very little hope for them here unless they are willing to be compromised and throw honesty and integrity through the window.

      May 19, 2014 – Jamaica Gleaner

      The Pastor said, Jamaica has become a Nation of Crooks

      • Jay, the policies of the pnp have resulted in negative growth, for example during the 90s when the world economy grew by over 4 percent we had anaemic growth, but the party should not be blamed for the state of Jamaica because the citizens have condoned their policies



        Politicians are vilified for every perceived wrong, but the reality is that politics is a thankless profession. There is a great disconnect between what any system of governance can deliver and the demands of the citizenry. Usually, citizens expect politicians to be the provider of all services, therefore astute politicians will carefully present themselves as the problem-solvers of every ailment affecting the country, even those which are better rectified by the market.

        It’s quite unfortunate, but too many of us live in an alternative universe, we want a pro-business environment to be created, but we are not willing to support less regulations and a smaller government. However, when the debt stock increases and investors migrate we blame politicians for not having political will to execute reforms which we would vote against.

        Government must provide essential services; no one is doubting that, but operating enterprises and financing social programmes are not the functions of government, and if we want social programmes then clearly tax rates will increase, because every service has to be provided at a cost.

        At least one former politician, Christopher Tufton, was rather cogent in his analysis of Jamaica’s economy at a recent media forum: “Jamaica needs a dose of pragmatism and leadership…we need to facilitate ready projects within three months. Government needs to say, where a private investor has an investment proposal and the capacity and willingness to finance that investment, Cabinet will give priority to ensure affirmation of investment… we need to fast-track divesting non-core activities. The Government cannot be all things to all men,” he said.

        Any administration which embarked on these reforms, especially privatisation, will be accused of ‘selling out’ Jamaica by misguided statists who are yet to understand the market. Big, bloated governments only harm the economy and the evidence is overwhelming. According to a study conducted by the European Central Bank, which reviewed 108 countries over a 38-year period, “government consumption is consistently detrimental to output growth, irrespective of the country sample considered (developed and emerging economies)”.

        Many persons claim that the IMF programme will result in a more efficient government, but to real free marketers it’s quite tepid. No politician is brave enough to create a less state-centric economy. And if such a politician existed, he wouldn’t last long. Since we refuse to change our views on economics then we should expect the years of slow growth and high debt to continue. Unfortunately the Opposition is not preferred by the masses, so we are trapped with the PNP for 18.5 years again.

        Lipton Matthews

  2. Why are the Civil Servants who are about to lose their prize possessions so quiet? Is this a case of blind loyalty?

    • I am wondering the very same thing. If that happens to be true then they do deserve to lose everything !

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