Scrap the 381MW Enterprise Team !

The Enterprise team has not yet begun its work, but the Minister who is NO LONGER responsible for the 381MW project is warning that he will NOT be signing any license for the supply of electricity that does not guarantee a 30 – 40% reduction in the price of electricity.

Paulwell has a knack for jumping at things that are too good to be true, which is the reason he has failed on almost every major project, where the outcome of the project is tied to some unrealistic goals he has in his head.

Phillip Paulwell told Parliament exactly 3 weeks ago, that he has removed himself (on the advice of the Prime Minister ) from the 381 MW project, but here is the very same man saying what he will and will not do in respect to the very same project.

Paulwell had indicated that the Enterprise team will be reporting to Cabinet, but here he is telling the country that statement was nothing but a lie, given that the only authority to sign a license lies in the hands of the Minister of Mining and Energy, which is the position that he currently occupies.

Do you need any further proof that the announcement of this so called enterprise team was a grand charade, designed to deflect heat from the energy Minister and the Prime Minister. What shocks me until today, is how the Private Sector agreed to be part of this darn charade, that is beyond me.

Maybe a representative from that group should address this matter.





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  1. Finally !

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