Increasing government revenue.

Increasing government revenue.

Any plans by the government to increase its revenue by addition of taxes to gas, while adding gct to electricity and water is ill advised and will be the biggest blunder that this administration will ever make.

The government should instead look to business and professional who simply refuse to pay their fair share of taxes, by performing all kinds of gymnastics, when it comes on to paying over their taxes.

The compliance rate for income tax amongst the self employed professionals in this country is so low, it is embarrassing.

It is full time that the government set up a revenue collection agency similar to the IRS in the USA, who will be mandated to make sure these individuals and companies are indeed paying what is owed to this country.

It will among other things be responsible to complete audit on companies and individuals who have filed tax returns which are not in keeping with their income generating capacity.

Those accountants and other financial experts who are found to be complicit in devising strategies for tax evasion for the persons and companies, should also be brought to books, and have their licenses suspended for no less than 5 years, to send a strong message

The Jamaica equivalent of the IRS must come down with a giant hammer on those who refuse to pay their fair share of taxes, by using so called tax avoidance strategies, and should be fined heavily and given prison terms, for robbing the national treasury.

PAYE employees have been the ones bearing the burden of taxes in this country, and this unfair game must now.

The time has come for strong action, as it cannot be right that it’s the same group of PAYE employees who are forced to bear the burden of the country every year, while “high rollers” continue to live in luxury, without much contribution to the treasury.


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