Investment minister delay meeting with JEA to watch Bolt’s race

The Jamaica Observer is reporting that Investment and Commerce Minister and members of the press and the JEA waiting for 40 mins, as he  wherever he was so he could watch Bolt run at the Gran Prix meeting in Zurich.

The lack of respect for people, that is on display by members of the PNP administration is unprecedented and yet people take it with a smile like ” it never happened”.

They refuse to speak to the media, they refuse to take tough question, they chase journalist like dogs from meetings, then  apologize kiss up and invite them to a another meeting to make up the gross disrespect shown the previous day.

So in 2013 we have a PNP Government minister who considers it’s prudent to have everyone wait, while he does as he pleases. I guess someone needs to tell Minister that there is always youtube and the Government business comes first.



Jamaica drug gangs exposed, a National Geographic expose (Warning graphic content)

National Geographic Channel seems to get access to place where no police in Jamaica can seem to gain access to.

Anthony Hylton blast members of the PNP Administration at logistics hub meeting

Anthony Hylton, who it’s widely believed will soon be sidelined as Minister of Investment and Commerce  came out swinging yesterday as he hosted a “closed” door meeting with the JEA to discuss the logistics hub project.

Mr Hylton lashed out at current Minister of Foreign Affairs AJ Nicholson, who he has accused of taking an adhoc approach to foreign investment coming into the country as part of the ministerial responsibilities for foreign affairs. Mr Hylton accused the Minister of not ensuring that synergies exist between the various foreign policy agreements being signed and the investments that are likely as a result of those policies. He indicated he would have preferred his approach when he was responsible for that Ministry in the last PNP administration.

In taking an swipe at the Minister of Finance , Peter Phillips, Mr Hylton said, despite repeated attempts to get his voice heard, the Minister of Finance was only now beginning to understand what was really going on, in respect to the concerns raised by him (Anthony Hylton)

It is very clear to me why Anthony Hylton was not included in the China trip, he is definitely being snubbed and his voice is being ignored as the PM appears to be giving a listening hears to other closely aligned to her, leaving Mr Hylton out in the cold.

Clearly he is peeved and very uncomfortable with what is currently taking place.

Word is he may not be in that Ministry much longer.

Shame on members of the JEA , what is their position on freedom of the press

Members of the powerful Jamaica’s Export Association in collusion with the Minister of Investment and Commerce, yesterday indicated to the rest of the Jamaican population , that they could not give a damn about freedom of the press.

Members of this organization stood by silently (did they) and gave support to Minister and his aides as they chased members of the media fraternity from participating in a discussion on potentially the single largest and possibly the most controversial  investment project Jamaica  will ever see.

The were no howls of protest from the JEA, in fact one report I heard said they were ” surprised” that the media was “ invited” to what was supposed to be a “private” meeting on a very “public” matter that has far-reaching implications for the country.

I therefore take it by their actions of lack thereof that the JEA no longer supports freedom of the press or only does so when it’s convenient .

Who is going to stand up for the press?


Aug 29, 2013 was a dark day for Journalist in Jamaica

Thursday, August 29, 2013 will no doubt go down as a dark day for Journalist in Jamaica. This was the day that they were invited to a meeting hosted by the Minister of Investment and Commerce to address members of the JEA on the logistics hub.

This was the day they were corralled like cows on a Texas farm and chased from the meeting room following word that the Minister involved Anthony Hylton did not want them in attendance.

The love affair the media has had with the PNP is the only reason I can think, for this media allowing this type of thing to take place and I think its full-time they review that relationship.

I felt bad watching the once all-powerful members of our media being treated the way they were yesterday, it was inexcusable and I don’t know how this almost irreparable damage will be repaired.

If the media allows this one to simply pass, we can kiss the days of free and independent press goodbye. If such a pubic issue can become the subject of a private discussion .

Who is going to be the watchdog for the public, who ????????

Media fraternity livid with PNP , but they are totally at fault !

I had made the following point yesterday

The Jamaica media suddenly seems to have become as soft as cotton candy and seems satisfied to report on what the members of the delegations wants to get reported. They are sent news releases which we readily printed and for which we are grateful, but that cannot be the end of it.

The local media  fraternity is letting down the country badly !

On April 18, 2013 I asked the following question:

Why is the media allowing themselves to be trampled on by an ineffective and incompetent bunch of political clowns who represents the PNP government.

On April 22, 2013 wrote the following

The media needs to take a stand once and for all.

Enough of the crap from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Mis-Information

The point I was trying to get across was a growing unwillingness of this Portia Simpson led Government to face the press and answer tough questions. I have made the point that the media had become lazy and was willing to simply report on what they have been told via press releases vs probing for real answers.

The media is readily allowed to visit  party meetings, where comrades big up themselves and blast the opposition, but when it comes unto very serious issues, the media sits and wait for an invitation and when it does not come, they simply issue what the Government wants to get reported.

What happened yesterday was not at all surprising and was coming to the local media, from whom I have virtually lost all respect, expect of course for the  Cliff Hughes led NationwideNewsNetwrok, which appears to be the only news network with balls.

I say good reporting yesterday Nationwide and to the other media house, I say it was painful to watch some of Jamaica’s once powerful media between 2007 -2011, lap their tails between their legs like a shameful dog and walk out of the room, having been chased from the meeting.

Yesterday was a dark day for the Jamaican media.

I am sure the some sort of a press conference will be soon held and the media will be invited to attend so that any misunderstanding can be “cleared up”, just watch and see.

Investment Minister ejects media from logistics hub meeting !

It was just earlier today that I had asked what has become of the Jamaican media, having been very silent on many issues including asking questions on the China trip and that logistics hub.

Well the Gleaner is reporting that after being invited to a meeting where Anthony Hylton was to be speaking on the logistics hub, they (the media) was asked to leave because the Minister wanted the meeting to be private.

The Jamaica media, which is supposed to the voice of the people is now being dissed and abused by this PNP government and I want to see if they are going to take it lying down. I cannot believe the “free” and once very vocal press has allowed itself to be treated like children, unbelievable !

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