Media should boycott all government functions until the PM meets the press!

The media needs to take a stand once and for all.

Enough of the crap from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Mis-Information

interview portia

Damn reporters !!

Credits to Clovis, Jamaica Observer


Credits to DA :

Portia will now agree to interviews but on her own terms 🙂


25 Responses

  1. They will not Jay. Most of them prostitute their services so i would be extremely surprised if they took such a stand?

    • So what you saying is I am beating up mu gum. 🙂

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      • No Man! Continue the campaign. They need to be exposed. They were the same ones who foisted the “crown prince” upon us. They are the same ones who allow “queen portia” to govern in silence. The do just enough to get cushy jobs then go silent. Another group of the “eat a food” people.

  2. PAJ has now responded, following my blog entry.

    PAJ Concerned About Shielding PM From Press

  3. The OPM will be meeting with the Press Association of Jamaica later this week.
    I wonder if Portia will show up since she has been dodging the media for close to 15 months.

    I don’t think she will show up.

  4. What you won’t see Jay posting on the blog……

    Portia Simpson-Miller said: ” a dat unno come yah fah””

    Andrew replies: B>“Don’t ask mi what wi doing”..after unno vote wi outta power” {Holness, the JLP Nightmare}

    • Now we can confirm that we have two “leaders” who are NOT fit to lead any political party.
      I have been saying that for a long time.

      This is what passes for leadership in Jamaica.

      Test ” mi hear say im a try behave like Portia so im can win ova d grass root supporters dem cuz a so dem want dem leda fi chat so dem can undastand dem. Dem say a so im see Portia behave and become d most popular person in d pnp so im a try do d same ting inna d JLP”

      LOL LOL DWL 🙂

  5. Test, you are really pathetic. You people are always trying to lump the pnp and the jlp together. Portia contributed nothing to the debate on tax reform and when she was the leader of the opposition she opposed without providing a credible solution. Portia is a failure plain and simple. Older people like you are too immature and partisan, you can’t criticise the pnp without making reference to the jlp

    • pathetic…..Old=er people like you….immature and partisan? What’s up with these labels? Cut me some slack Lipton, I was only trying to inject some humor into our debate. I guess that objective got lost somewhere in your interpretation. Jay was quick to pick up on what I was doing, since it was quite comical to see the leader of YOUR Party, Andrew Holness, resorting to practices that doesn’t “fit him”.

      Apparently, age is not a major determinant in partisan posture, otherwise one would be at a lost to explain your virulent positions, given your youthful display of disdain for the PNP. I think you are more partisan than anyone I know. The difference between you and me is I am very transparent/open and not afraid to say I’m a Comrade and proud of it. You, on the other hand, are afraid to even identify with your own party…. Why is that so? Are you not a Labourite?

      • Test please provide a honest answer on this one without mentioning the JLP.

        Are you satisfied with the leadership of Portia ?
        If you are tell us why
        If not tell us why.

        By the way did you notice that the “truth-lives” have disappeared, he cannot live the lie anymore. 🙂

        • Jay, you are trying your best to set me up……won’t work! Maybe I will answer those questions via email…..wait, you might just reveal our private communication on your blog…you just can’t just a Former Comrade, especially one that holds the party leader with such utter contempt. 😀

        • Coward , make your comments public. 🙂
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    • Lipton, we can all agree that “Queen p” is posing in her position. She enjoys ribbon cutting and photo ops, but what is galling to most of us is that the opposition has not shown itself to be a credible alternative as yet?

      • Under the leadership on Andrew the won’t. The man is boring and uninspiring.I listened to his budget speech, which was long winded and even though he made some good suggestions, his monotone puts you to sleep.

        Given how badly the PNP has performed, which by the way I don’t expect to get better, you would have expected an opposition, which showed character and would have been able to rally the masses, but they have failed so far.

        Iistened Audley and that guy is going to have an heart attack one of these days on a podium some where.

        Why does he have to be so loud, he is hard on the (‘H’)ears.

        • Shaw and Roger Clark should join forces and start their own comedy act. They provide mere entertainment for the intellectually lazy.

  6. I feel like I am living in the 1970’s !!
    The difference is food nuh ration as yet.

  7. F#ck the press. You know how we found out about the Green Bay Massacre?

    Some guy realized that the shadow in the picture the JDF gave him was at the wrong time of day. He investigated, and found out that the JDF’s MIU lured some people and murdered them.

    Now compare that to media in our time. It is really nothing more than a means for press releases, press conferences, news leaks and interviews for politicians to twist around the interviewer.

    I listened to Nationwide News at 5 yesterday. It was really nothing useful. I can download and read the budget speeches from the net. Whatever commentary was added was redundant. The rest of the news was basically dudes asking the opinions of people on the road, reading aloud Facebook and Twitter posts and repeating BBC news posts that I had heard earlier that day.

    Now,do you see anything like the press performing investigations that take like, say two years? How about interviews that force politicians to admit something that they shouldn’t have?

    The media has long since abandoned its responsibility as the Fourth Estate of a democracy. There is really nothing that they are doing that an informed citizen can’t do himself by visiting various ministry websites

  8. The media has serious credibility issues, introspection needed!!! Dem hide what they want to hide and seek to more sensational. They are a bunch of lazy people who are looking for easy soundbites and headlines – very rare they do any serious investigative journalism (and I tell the ones I know to dem face).

    • At least we agree on something. What is interesting about this comment coming from you , is when this blog present something from investigation, you quote the same “lazy” to challenge my content.
      If the “lazy” media has not carried it then the blog is wrong.
      How ironic. 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from LIME.

      • Shallow argument, I also use their own work to contradict them. They dont even research their own work … comprehend? 🙂

  9. Is it time for the boycott yet ?

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