What will the new PNP cabinet look like ?

I will now state who are the persons and key ministries I believe they should  hold.

  1. Minister of Finance – Mark Golding. This guy is brilliant and is my pick for this ministry. Now he is not an MP but I am sure the PNP can figure something out.
  2. Industry and Commerce – Peter Bunting . Good business head and can garner investments ( FDI)
  3. Minister of National Security – Peter Phillips – One tough cookie and should go back to this ministry.
  4. Minister of Transport and Works – Julian Robertson
  5. Information Minister – Lisa Hanna
  6. Minister of Tourism – Wykeham McNeil –  Do have some concerns here, but may be the best fit right now.
  7. Minister of Education – Damion Crawford – Good guy who is not afraid of a challenge.
  8. Minister of Health – Dr Fenton Ferguson .
  9. Minister of labour and social security – Dr Omar Davis.  He should be allowed to exit gracefully .
These are the ones I am willing to suggest at this stage and represents a mixture of youth and experience.
Well there you have  it, Jay’s selection for a portion of the new PNP cabinet.
Additional suggestion
10.  Justice Minister – Ronald Thwaites


Congratulations to the people of Jamaica, now lets get to work !

This has been the most peaceful election in decades,  which  clearly  indicates  that Jamaica has indeed come a far way. The issue of election violence, over voting, voting for others seem to be over, which is a clear sign that we have changed.

They have rejected arrogance and bad behaviour and has forced the politicians to have a relatively peaceful campaign without the usual nastiness that follows politics in Jamaica.

Now the people have spoken, we must start working  today to get this country moving forward. The people of the country, the private sector must work with the government to reduce waste, corruption and get this country to where it belongs. We will be celebrating 50 yrs come next year and we have precious little to show for it.

We surely can do it, but it requires a vision, one that is inclusive and something that the majority of the population  can latch unto. No more populist programs designed to make people “feel good”. Lets have those programs that will allow us all to feel proud to call Jamaica home wherever we go, let really start looking out for the interest of Jamaicans. These programs I mention above are those that will reduce or debt burden and provide a solid economic structure which will see us being able to reduce our appetite for debt and most of all provide jobs for the people of this country.

We must start manufacturing once again , we must push agriculture along, the services sectors has many opportunities, we must latch unto to those. We must earn more  via exports, we simply must reduce energy cost which is an impediment to manufacturing.

The people must keep this new government on their toes, let them know we will not accept cost overruns on project, waste in the public sector, selling of our beaches etc which,  only  succeed in locking Jamaicans out of the best beaches in the country .

The work begins now, this very minute, there is not much time to celebrate and as such we must get on with the business of governance.

International media reporting PNP election victory

Jamaican opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller has reclaimed leadership of the country in a dramatic political comeback.

The ruling Labour party conceded defeat on Thursday after winning just 22 of the 63 parliamentary seats at stake in the general election.


What a poor acceptance speech by PSM !

The speech was not only deviod of message to the Jamaican people she spent time thanking even the dead for her election victory. The speech was way too long and boring.

PSM should simply say thanks, give a message about moving the country forward and send persons home.

Peter Phillips may have stolen her thunder, but his address was more of what we expect from our leader.

Seems she did not come prepared  with a message to the business people, ordinary Jamaicans, nothing. Nothing thus far in her speech to report in the media, this is unlike anything we have ever seen before !

PSM celebrates election victory and birthday !

She will join Peter Phillps who also celebrate a birthday in December.

What role did G2K play in the JLP loss ?

This question was posed to Samuda who downplayed it, but as far as I am concerned this group need to be disbanded as they are as dumb as they come. Many blunders, issuing TVJ managers email to the public and then telling people to put their X beside the head, which they did. 🙂

G2K cannot cross it, DWL

Danville Walker the biggest loser of them all !!

  1. USA Citizenship
  2. $10m job
  3. The elections.

Where does he go from here is anyone’s guess.

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