Jamaicans lives at risk; Water Security problems

The yallahs pipe line was recently shut down by a group of casual workers ( not NWC permanent employees) for non payment of certain monies for over a year, according to those involved. While that was bad in and of itself, it was what the workers said and what the cameras showed that was even more frightening.

The protesters showed open area where water flowed in the system and said dead animals etc can be or have been found/thrown in  or can be thrown in or any other foreign body or material thus putting the lives of hundreds of thousands at risk.

Surprisingly, I  have heard nothing from civil society, the medical or engineering profession on the safety and security of the water supply system, which can pose a serious risk to our health.

I would like someone to explain to the country, how on earth can a group of temporary can shut down the city’s main water supply system and its  business as usual as if nothing happened, this is freaking scary.

I expect to hear from the Minister of Water, Health and National Security on what systems will be put in place to ensure the nations water supply system is secured !

I am still in shock at what happened and the seemingly indifference of both the public and those in authority to this rather very serious matter.


The JLP is about to implode, nasty email trail !

The JLP has set about on a very destructive path that seems set to destroy the party from within and virtually eliminate the party’s chances of seeing an electoral victory for some time to come.

The party seems unable to get its act together and it is very clear that there are serious internal matters that the party appears unable to resolve.

The most recent actions by the party leader, Andrew Holness to take the matter of the senate undated letter of resignation to the constitutional courts has caught both the members of the public as well as party officials by surprise.  News has emerged that some senior party officials only became aware of the filing of the appeal, when it was reported by the media, which a clear sign of the dysfunctional nature of the opposition JLP.

Andrew Holness does not appear to trust members of his own party and some party officials  do not appear to trust Holness either and have been expressing that view given this latest surprise move he has chosen to taken.

Now Babsy Grange in trying to keep a lid on the situation sends a email to party members asking them to refrain from speaking to the media,  yet that very email advising them keep quiet was leaked to the very media she was advising them about, now how ironic is that.

Andrew Holness clearly does not have the moral authority to lead the party and the JLP needs to seriously consider a total remake and reshaping of the party as they are not in a position to be even considered a good opposition vs being ready to take over leadership of the country.

What a mess once again in the JLP , as like dogs, they have sh#t in the public and left it for the entire nation to see.

See email trail below

Grange : “You are asked to refrain from making comments to the press as this matter is a legal issue and the attorneys will provide any clarification needed.”

Montague :: “At no time during the last Standing Committee meeting this was discussed,” he said. “I chaired the meeting. It is dishonest so to suggest.”

“We as officers must be careful how we place persons in an uncomfortable position. I have been receiving many calls from the press, Standing Committee and Central Executive members. I cannot allow this misrepresentation of the facts to stand.”

“Kindly take the needed steps to have the matter correctly communicated to all (whom) you have mislead.”

He said that while he agreed with Grange on the matter of public silence

“I cannot allow you to mislead the officers and members of the party … this correction must be done immediately.”

Montague also chastised Grange for breaching party protocol.

“Furthermore, you did not discuss with me this release,” he said. “Please do not in future do this … ; if you had done what is established and right, we would not be here. Please have this matter corrected. Thank you.”

In her email dispatched to spokespersons yesterday, Grange said:

“See release below, for your information. Please note that Standing Committee was briefed on this matter on Monday, February 23, 2015.”

However, Dr Horace Chang, the party’s general secretary, was quick to refute Grange’s claim in a follow-up email.

Dr Horace Chang :”Correct guidance but the matter was not discussed,” he stated in a terse response.

It was at this point that Grange backtracked, admitting that she was not present at the Standing Committee meeting.

Grange “Unfortunately, I was unavoidably absent from [the] Standing Committee on Monday, but I was advised that Standing Committee was briefed.”Thank you for the correction. I am, however, still asking that persons refrain from commenting on the matter in the media at this time,”

Is Andrew Holness a lunatic?

Why appeal a ruling that you have accepted . he cannot be trusted

Lime network crashes

Lime network has collapsed, with most customers being unable to make calls at this point in time.

We hope these issues will be resolved shortly

Consumers needs to be wary of used car dealers.

I am alarmed at what is now taking place in the used car market and its time consumers take a serious look at who they decide to spend money with. In recent times we have heard of used car dealers selling vehicles up to four years older than they really are to unsuspecting customer, resulting in major headaches for customer should they have an accident or seeking a valuation done on their car.

There is another very disturbing trend, which has always been there but has gotten worse and that is “clocking”.  What happens in this case is the odometer is adjusted to show lower mileage than the vehicle actually travels, which then increases the value it can fetch for the dealers involved ( importer and exporter).

There have been cases for example where up to 100,000 km have been removed from the odometer reading leaving a car which had a real mileage of 137,000 km, with just 37,000 km.

Recently I went to a used car lot looking at vehicles and came across a 2007 model used car that was already been driven in Jamaica. I checked the mileage which showed just 37,000 km and said to the sales person, that mileage cannot be correct. The person said ” the vehicle was only being driven around kingston, hence the low mileage”.

Let’s therefore explore this.

Given the rules, this vehicle had to have been imported in 2012 which is two year ago and let’s assume it was on the lot for a year, it would have been sold sometime in 2013.

The average vehicle in Japan and most developed countries travel at least 10,000 miles or 16,000 km per year. It would therefore mean that this vehicle before coming to Jamaica in 2012 would have been driven for close 5 years and would have clocked around 90,000  km.

Let’s assume this vehicle was driven for 10,000 km per year in Jamaica, that would add another 20,000 km, which would bring the total mileage to 110,000 km, yet this vehicle only registered 37,000 km.

It is very clear to be that used car dealers here in Jamaica are colluding with those in Japan to cheat the Jamaican consumer and customers may want to reconsider their relationship with used car dealers.

I would at this time recommend that those in the market for cars either go to the local car dealers to get a new car or use these very dealers, who are now moving into “certified used car” business.

A visit to the local car dealers is really not so bad afterall and I see more and more people heading in this direction given the good deals the are offering.

Toyota Jamaica is now offering one year free service on the purchase of a new car and three years warranty. Stewart AutoSales is offering one year free service on its cars with extended warranty as well as in-house financing and will actually trade in your used vehicle for a new one.

I would recommend that people take a serious look at engaging the authorized dealers vs dealing with the crooks posing at used car dealers.


UWI Mona telephone contact experience

For the top flight learning institution in the Caribbean, the University of the West Indies Mona campus needs to do a tremendous amount of work to improve its customer service, which I would classify as being extremely poor at best.

I spent the better part of two hrs today trying to make contact with the folks at the University and I must tell you the experience was one of sheer frustration.

Calls to every number I rang, went unanswered most of the time and when someone actually answered the phone, they were not in a position to assist you in finding whomever you were looking for and in most cases could not provide a telephone.

On one occasion a young lady answered the phone and sounded like she was on life support and barely hanging on. Almost every question asked was met with the following response ” that person no longer works in this department”.

I then ask ” who worked in that department that I can speak with apart from you”, she gave me a name then went unto explain that the individual  was not available as they were at lunch.

A visit to the UWI website showing the contact  listing  for certain areas was completely outdated, with  names of people who no longer worked in those departments and numbers which lime indicated were no longer in service.

UWI Mona needs to get its act together and as a institution of higher learning, needs to teach it staff what customer service is all about.

At time of writing and three hours after the first contact I still have not been able to speak to anyone from the department I was hoping to get and I frankly have given up for the day

Fitch issues upgrade for Jamaica

Fitch Ratings-New York-19 February 2015: Fitch Ratings has affirmed Jamaica’s long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at ‘B-‘. The issue ratings on Jamaica’s senior unsecured foreign and local currency bonds are also affirmed at ‘B-‘. The Rating Outlooks on the long-term IDRs are revised to Positive from Stable. The Country Ceiling is affirmed at ‘B’ and the short-term foreign currency IDR at ‘B’.


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