Jamaica needs a strong and decisive leader, Portia can’t cut it, end the experiment now

Portia Simpson Miller has shown time and time again that she is a very weak leader, who only seems to have strength for Andrew Holness and her critics.

The Prime Minister has failed the country every time she has been given a decision to make. She had a chance with Richard Azan and what did she do?

Dr Fenton Ferguson screwed up and instead of being decisive, the PM “dilly dallyed” until she was forced to make a decision. Now having been forced to action, she choose the easy way out and reassigned Fenton  to screw up another ministry.

In another clear sign of lack of indecisiveness, she seems not to know what she wants in terms of early elections. Now folks, elections are really due next year, but the PNP weeks ago told the country to get ready, It’s been nearly 6 weeks since then and the PM still does not seem to know what she needs because according to her ” we are a democratic party, I listen to the people and we include the people. we are not calling the elections (until the people tell me its time to do so)”.

There are times in leadership when you do not govern by consensus, you make a decision and live by that decision.

We need to end this experiment with Portia Simpson Miller as Prime Minister as clearly it is not working.

We need a leader ” in the real sense”.


Jamaica truly serves better than Portia Simpson Miller and the PNP

The people of Jamaica are without a leader. The PNP has a figurehead who is largely clueless and out of touch with reality.

If Jamaica is to become an economic giant of the Caribbean, there is no way the PNP can be tasked with the job to get us their. The fact is while the party does have a few bright people like Mark Golding, Peter Bunting , Peter Phillips and Ronnie Thwaites, the rest should be barred permanently from political life in Jamaica as the are useless.

Peter Bunting I must admit is a mismatch for his current role and needs to be moved, but I do think he posses the intellectual capacity to help move Jamaica forward had he not been in the PNP.

The problem with the PNP is that as a body they do not have enough people who has the ability to make good decisions, that are in the interest of the people of Jamaica. When an idiot can say what is good for the PNP is good for Jamaica, you know you are in big trouble.

The PNP wants to be in government, but the problem is they do not know what good governance is. These misguided folks are of the view that if you win it must be that the people are fully supportive of your actions. They have now started to believe their own lies as people are really suffering , but would rather stuck with the PNP because they know the party will allow  the “eat a food” mentality to continue, but that would not be tolerated under the JLP.

Jamaica needs strong leadership and Portia is simply incapable fo delivering that.

Never forget what the PNP did in relation to debt and the economic crises – Phillips

Last night Dr Peter Phillips called on Jamaica not to forget how the JLP ran up the debt and then turn to the IMF. I would like however to point readers to the real numbers in terms of debt and the PNP.

Take a look at this report

Focus on pages iv Summary report, then page, 5, 6 & 7.

The PNP likes to talk down to people who they feel do not know, but commonsenseja is here to provide the “truth”. I did not complete this report.


Report Highlights

  • Under the influence of revenue shortfalls, exchange controls and high oil prices, Jamaica’s national debt tripled as a percentage of GDP between 1973 and 1979
  • Jamaica’s debt-to-GDP ratio almost doubled between 1996 and 2003; it moved from 76% in 1996 to 147% in 2003
  •  Off-budget liabilities is a root cause of rapid growth in the debt between 1997 and 2003
  • The size and composition of Jamaica’s national debt has changed considerably over the last four decades. Initially, there was a rapid build-up of external debt in the late 1970s and early 1990s. Debt levels rose once again in the late 1990s. Finally, the third episode of debt accumulation began in the mid 1990s and remains with us. The debt-to-GDP ratio during the 1980s and 1990s reached levels far greater than current periods, with the highest being 262 percent in fiscal year 1990/1991
  • The development of the financial sector ultimately resulted in the country’s financial crisis in the late 1990s.

Dr Peter Phillips was right, but he had the party wrong, he should have said ” Never forget what the PNP did”.

It is as a result of the failed PNP experiment at governance why we are where we are today.

Let’s not forget and let’s not make the same mistake twice.

PNP is playing political games and ruining business operations !

The PNP continues to make a mockery of the political process as the Prime Minister continues to ” dilly dally” with the date for General elections.

The level of uncertainty in terms of the dates is stalling certain business decisions, which is could result in millions in losses and project delays. The Prime Minister needs to stop these games and call the elections so we can at least plan the way forward.

I have enough of this nonsense from this PM

PNP does not need IMF money to buy votes. ( Has its own money).

Prime Minister and leader of the PNP last night told cheering suffers aka comrades in Portmore that

” We do not need IMF to buy elections,.. it must be spent on the people of Jamaica”.

This can be interpreted in two ways

  1. We have out own money to buy votes and so, we do not need the IMF money for this purpose.
  2. We will not use the money to buy votes,instead we will spend the money on the people  which could be interpreted to mean more money for Jeep aka bolo work.

What did the Prime Minister really mean and can she seek to clarify the above statement that has been attributed to her,pol

Andrew Holness is NOT encouraging vote buy ” in the real sense”

Vote buying is illegal in Jamaica.

Vote buying is a corrupt act but what is vote buying.

Vote buying is the process of paying someone to either

  1. Change their original intention to vote and vote according to the wishes of the buyer
  2. Influence an uncommitted to vote according to the wishers of the buyer.

What did Andrew Holness say.

” When dem cum and offer you money tek de money becuz a fi unno money in d first place. Mi seh unno fi tek d money and vote dem out. Yes, tek d money and vote dem out”

When translated that is saying take the money from those offering you but do not allow that to influence the way you vote. So take the money and vote as you would have always done and not according to the wishes of the buyer.

Now, from a Technical stand point Andrew Holness is NOT encouraging vote buying and in fact is doing the exact opposite, but yet he has been admonished by none other than Trevor Munroe etal.

I keep saying the public holds members of the JLP to a much higher standard than the JLP and as such whatever happens within the JLP is subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than that of the PNP, how ironic.

Had Trevor come out and said ” I do not think any politician should be offering people any kind of money in the upcoming election”, I would have applauded his position, but he choose to do otherwise.

What Jamaicans seem not to recognize and refuse to admit is, politicians will always offer people money, that has been a practise in the poltical system for a very long time. In addition people are desperate so if someone comes and offer them money, they will take it, who would not.

If I don’t take it someone else will and I willl be a few thousand dollars poorer.

We have been telling politicians not to pay people for donkey years but has than made any change, hell no it has not for the reason above.

If we however tell people NOT to be influenced by the offer and acceptance of cash, but they should vote according to their wishes, then sooner or later, the one offering cash will stop because it will be clear to him that the money being offered has had zero impact on the outcome of the elections and he would have been wasting his money.

So Andrew Holness charge of taking the money and vote them out is probably the best way to stop the illegal practise of vote buying .

I therefore posit that the statement by Mr Holness is not vote buying ” in the real sense”.

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NHT should not be treated as a political football.

The PNP administration today in yet another vulgar display of the kind of politics we need to get rid of, announced that the ceiling on NHT loans had been increased by $1m from $4.5m to $5.5m.

They also announced a reduction in interest rates.

Now the timing of these announcement , is suggesting that the PNP could very well from the start of the year, increased the ceiling and lowered interest rate. The fact that it is being done now is clearly the politics of winning at all cost and they party really does not care about the people until they need them for electioneering.

The PNP continue to miss the big picture and surely will be using this recent reduction on the political platform, but they have missed a major element here.

It not much so about raising the ceiling or reduction in interest rate, its more so about income of the people.

This reduction may appear to be a blessing , but the sad reality is it will provide no further housings to those who most need it because the PNP has failed to grow the economy and so the people have no income to be able to take up the NHT benefits.

Jamaicans have once again been taken for a ride by a very  crafty PNP.

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