NHT should not be treated as a political football.

The PNP administration today in yet another vulgar display of the kind of politics we need to get rid of, announced that the ceiling on NHT loans had been increased by $1m from $4.5m to $5.5m.

They also announced a reduction in interest rates.

Now the timing of these announcement , is suggesting that the PNP could very well from the start of the year, increased the ceiling and lowered interest rate. The fact that it is being done now is clearly the politics of winning at all cost and they party really does not care about the people until they need them for electioneering.

The PNP continue to miss the big picture and surely will be using this recent reduction on the political platform, but they have missed a major element here.

It not much so about raising the ceiling or reduction in interest rate, its more so about income of the people.

This reduction may appear to be a blessing , but the sad reality is it will provide no further housings to those who most need it because the PNP has failed to grow the economy and so the people have no income to be able to take up the NHT benefits.

Jamaicans have once again been taken for a ride by a very  crafty PNP.


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  1. Well eat them out and vote them out

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