Jamaicans and the truth.

Jamaica is indeed and amazing place to live and it’s amazing that as a people we seem not to know exactly what we want, or maybe it’s just pretence. Since the start of the global economic crises, various groups including the opposition has asked that the government “level” with the people, tell them the real truth as to what is happening.

Now just recently, the Prime Minister indicated that there are real problems within the bauxite sector and that we may have seen the last of those bauxite companies that had closed “temporarily”. A day later Senator Don Webhy said the NIR, could be sliced by ½ by the end on this year and once again there was an uproar.

Both men have been said to be causing undue panic in the country and that their comments could cause more problems that it seeks to solve. So what is it that we want to hear, sugar coated bits of information that is more easy to digest, or the truth which can allow us to make informed decisions.

I prefer the truth and the whole truth as without that, we could very well be planning and working on the wrong things, versus those that can assist in digging us out of the quick sand that we are already in. Finally our financial analyst in this country need have more balls as seen in the latest case with the NIR, they have either chose to remain silent or request anonymity the few words they choose to speak.

We need these independent analysts to provide an unbiased review of the economic policies or comments made by government members, if they however choose to remain silent or hide behind being anonymous, they are indeed doing us a disservice. So is Senator Webhy being irresponsible or is he being honest.

1. The tourism sector despite the recent slight bump is likely to decline; thus earnings are likely to fall.

2. Remittances for oversee has and continue to fall.

3. Bauxite earnings will be next to nothing going forward. So out of the top three foreign exchange earners are heading in the wrong direction, while we continue to borrow more, import more and export less.

So is Senator Webhy doing the right thing, you be the judge.

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