Dudus men may have killed many in Tivoli Gardens

It is being reported that many of those killed in Tivoli Gardens may have in fact been killed by men within the community itself and not by the security forces.

A UK news paper reporter is giving chilling details how at least two such men were murdered in front of their wife and children for not being loyal enough to Dudus.

How the UK reporter was able to get this level of details which has yet to hit the local media in Jamaica.

It therefore explains why some bodies would have been in an advance state of decomption after just two days of the security forces assualt.

How come the residents of Tivoli did not see these atrocities committed by their own ?

Dragging two young men from their house yesterday, thugs loyal to Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke doused the building with petrol and set it ablaze.

As terrified neighbours and relatives cowered behind locked doors, the petrified victims were told to kneel beside the road in Kingston, the Jamaican capital, and prepare to die.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1281750/Christopher-Coke-The-5ft-4in-Godfather-set-paradise-ablaze.html#ixzz0pQoDT1fA



Reputed Jamaican druglord Christopher (Dudus) Coke, the subject of an islandwide manhunt, has reportedly volunteered to surrender himself to officials in New York.

Comments below are NOT associated with the New York Daily report


While I cannot confirm this, there is word in the underworld that there is indeed unwarranted killings taking place in and around TG.
While, we are unable to confirm this, the notion is that persons with any strong connections to Christopher Coke are being hunted down and silenced.

Word is if Coke tries to spill the beans once taken to New York he would need “live” witnesses to corroborate his statements.
It is therefore being suggested that there is a band of “hit” men within the security forces with a list of associates that must be silenced before Coke starts testifying in New York.
Without corroborative witness to support some of Coke statements, the indictment being prepared against government officials and high-ranking members of the security forces as well business people could become a real problem.

The fear is once these corroborative witness having been identified by Coke, indictment will be prepared and extradition request sent for some of these persons. Other will make there will make their way own to the USA to testify and support Coke in exchange for protection and tenure of stay within the USA.

The directives therefore is to ensure that these people never make it there and as such are being silenced, while the security forces seeks not to mention they have been killed or identified by relative to have meet their demise.

If this is true it is indeed a shocking development and would have plunged our nation into real crises, one where the state is committing atrocities and seeking to hide it, buy unlawful disposition of the bodies without identification.
It is also alleged that some of these bodies are allowed to sit where there are to rot, to make it nearly impossible for a proper identification, which is all a part of the concealment process.

Could this really be happening in Jamaica, someone please tells me its all lies and instead an orchestrated plan to put the government and the security forces in a bad light?
Please wake me up from this nightmare, it could not be real.

UPDATE, 7:35AM May 29, 2010

O’ Gilvie Visa Revoked

email sent to airline yesterday.

What after Tivoli? Part 2

So what’s the next course of action.

I am not an anthropologist neither am I am urban planner, but as can be seen from the very  basic analysis done above there are some specific issues that we must address in order to ensure garrisons, as we no it today is a thing of the past.

For us to do that we must address the most basic issues as defined by Maslow Hierarchy of needs (Just google that to get more detailed information).

Need # 1 Psychological Needs
These, Maslow define as the most basic needs of human and are food, water, clean air and sex.
Whoever provides the above to people, becomes their partner i.e. if Don comes in and deliver on the above, then he becomes the “man”. What is  therefore  needed as  we rebuild the many  Tivoli Gardens around the country, is that the Government must seek a way to provide those most basic needs.

A man will kill in Jamaica to eat and as they say ” Man haffi eat a food”.  Crime is seen as a viable alternative if there are no other avenues available for the needs mentioned above to be satisfied. The Jamaican crime situation has become progressively worse as even after be able to provide his  “power base” with the above crimes continue unabated.

There are two basic reasons for this worsening crime situation:
1. Those basic needs must continuously be meet and as such a criminal network is formulated to provide continuos support for the above. Recall also, in these areas having babies is second nature, hence the expanding communities means there are more mouths to be fed, year after year.
2. There is very little fear of being caught, so the matter of conviction does not even cross the path of the criminals. In the event he is caught, he will get support from the community as he is their benefactor and no one will testify against him, thus ensuring he walks free.

Zeeks was only sentenced to prisons when his people became aware that he had millions stashed away and he was not providing handouts to his people. He immediately lost support of the community and hence he could be carted off without much protest once this information was made public.


Maslow second item in his hierarchy of needs refers to safety.
Part of the job of the state is to provide safety for the people of the country. If the government does not provide it then certainly the people will move to provide their own security.
So lets examine this in more details and draw the parallel between safety as I see it between “uptown and downtown”.
I am going to speaks about safety on two fronts one being Personal & Property and the second being safety in the sense of somewhere to live, i.e. protection from the elements.

What after Tivoli ? Part one

So the security forces have taken control of the mother of all Garrisons, Tivoli Gardens and is reportedly moving in on other, this is great.
We must never again allow any section of this country to be established as a fortified garrison, where men believe they can take on the security forces in the country and win – NEVER AGAIN!!.

While this kind of talk sounds good, I am very concerned that we could very well be back in this same situation once again in a few years from now.
Please don’t give me the nonsense that, crimes in the organized garrisons are low and that they should be allowed to continue as ” no war nah gwan in dere”.
I therefore ask the question, now that we have controlled Tivoli Gardens, what plans do we have for it?

I am quoting here from residents of these types of communities’ community.

” We only see we mp when a election time. Dem time deh, dem walk through d community and beg we vote and from dem win, we nuh see dem again”.

” The Don keep d peace round yah so. Dem man deh send we pickney go school, buy school book, gee wi money fi go hair dresser and ting, we love dem”.

” D government nah do nuttin fi we, a d don and im man dem dat keep we safe so dat d man dem from round deh so nuh come een and kill of d ole a wi, so we haffi support dem”.

” A d don dem mek people round yah so eat a food. Mi nuh business weh im get d money from, all mi no say is im tek care a wi

The above quotes says it all, these people are the victims of society and government neglect for many years. They have been crying out and have largely been ignored by society and as such, they cares very little about what people outside of their environs think them.
Opportunist have moved in to play the role of a quasi government and providing the stuff that people need according to Maslow hierarchy of human needs.
 Food
 Shelter
 Security.

More Tivoli Gardens will be created once again, if we fail to address the issues of the populace in a meaningful manner. In fact I see many more Tivoli Gardens being created if we fail to take this opportunity to address the problems of our citizens in a serious manner.

Many people have said, ” break down the garrisons”, but what they have failed to recognize is that, it’s a lot more complicated than that.
Garrison is more a state of mind than anything else is, however when you have these folks living in the same space it now becomes a very powerful phenomena

Gated communities are akin to garrisons, however what you find here is that while people share the same space, they have independence of thought on many issues.
The are all concerned about their security hence choose a place, which offers them that security.
They are concerned about their economic well being; hence they choose a community that tends to fit into that pattern.

As you can see above the similarities of the “downtown and uptown garrisons” are strikingly similar, but what marks the difference.
1. The uptown areas are not politically aligned to any specific party i.e. their political affiliations is unknown until say after an election.
2. They tend to be educated people and as such are not easily manipulated.
3. They have jobs and are for the most part economically stable.
4. No one controls them, why? Well they don’t need any one person to provide for them, they are capable of doing it on their own.


Shocking Report on ABC

U.S. Report: Jamaican Prime Minister Is ‘Known Criminal Affiliate’ Of Hunted Drug Lord



  1. No helicopter was shot down during last invasion of Tivoli Gardens- LIE
  2. By Monday night, Coke’s gun-toting supporters had taken control of the Kingston Public Hospital, and the hospital’s one surgeon has been treating at least 14 Coke loyalists. –LIE
  3. The current effort began in August 2009, when U.S. authorities forwarded a Provisional Arrest Warrant and Extradition Request to the Jamaican government. NO ARREST WARRANT WAS ISSUED !

Are these people credible – you be the judge

Update @ 6:30pm, Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Government of Jamaica blames social networks for Tivoli situation




6:15pm – May 24, 2010

We are getting reports that the security forces are now in control of Tivoli Gardens, and that electricity has now returned.

Update @ 6:45pm

ODPM – is now providing buses to move the people from TG. The buses are currently placed along the intersection of industrial terrace and Marcus Garvey Drive.

Update @ 10:30am Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Most business in downtown remains closed. Gunmen continue to battle the cops.

Getting report of over 26 people dead, mainly men(not sure if gunmen).

Bodies reportedly being taken into KPH earlier today. Also getting reports of violence in Spanishtown and bus that was allegedly shot up at Naggo’s Head.

The big question is ” Where is Dudus” ?.

Update @ 12:10pm Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are getting reports that the Mobile reserve base has come under attack.  Also scores dead in Spanishtown in drive by random shooting by gunmen !!

US Aircraft over Kingston Air Space

Another image of Air Craft over Kingston

The above are said to be images taken in Kingston of US Surveillance aircraft over the battle zone. These were taken yesterday.


The security forces have now  entered Tivoli Gardens and there is all out war on as we speak. Its reported that mortars have been fired into the area and dead is occurring on both sides.

A speed boat arrived a few minutes ago with men aboard  off the cost of Hellshire reportedly from Montego Bay.

JDF forces along with ambulance are now headed to that area. I cannot confirm if these are men being imported to help fight for dudus.

UPDATE @ 3:00PM May 24, 2010

Residents from Tivoli Gdns are running from the community. This includes Men, Women and Children.

Further update @ 4:10PM, May 24, 2010

We are getting reports of an aerial assault on residents of Tivoli Gardens by the military. The residents have been calling the news media and asking that Bruce Golding come in and help them.

Our sources are saying that at least 11 men aligned to Christopher “Dudus” Coke have been shot and killed, along with 3 JDF personnel.

This is a dark moment in the history of Jamaica.

Further update @ 4:45pm , May 24, 2010

For those outside of Jamaica follow the news at the link below( Video).


For a radio link check here


Update @ 5:00pm , May 24, 2010

Police now conducting house to house search in Tivoli. These report is unconfirmed as we speak, but will try and get confirmation shortly.

Update @ 5:50pm May 24, 2010

Its being reported that Mayor of Kingston Desmond McKenzie’s nephew has been shot and killed.

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