No questions press conference by Prime Minister and IMF Chief

Jamaican appears to be getting what is deserves from a Prime Minister who does not believe she should speak to the nation on public issues.

Having recognized it was not possible for the IMF chief to come and leave without any sort of public statement, the Prime Minister handlers figure the next best ting to shield the PM from facing any tough questions was to not field questions.

Our continued preoccupation in trying to “protect” the Prime Minister is not only shameful, it confirms the widely held belief, that Portia Simpson Miller is clearly not a leader for the 21st century.

I am truly sorry for this country were we have a leader who does not appear to know her head different from her tail and rather than trying to learn, continues to hide from facing the truth.

This is the Prime Minister of a failed state and Jamaica truly has gotten what it expects.

Continue to hide Portia. Just 2 plus years of hiding remaining.

Pathetic !

We are the laughing stock of the region.


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