Capital flight ?

Is this what is helping to drive the dollar to dizzy heights ?

Are persons looking for a safe place to put their money outside of Jamaica , to avoid a repeat of what occurred in the 1990’s, given the possibility of default on Jamaica’s debt?



Where is the Jamaican Prime Minister ?

We are hearing all kinds of stories, so can anyone give us some information on the Prime Minister’s whereabouts ?

One report said she was VERY tired and has gone overseas for some rest, but is that the real story ?

Mi nah seh nuttin more, let’s from the reader.

Clovis Toon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer

The Prime Minister has found her voice once again !

Speak about any sort of elections and Portia Simpson Miller will be out of the starting blocks like¬† Asafa Powell.¬† ūüôā

Our Prime Minister this time spoke at an NEC meeting , where she blasted Andrew Holness for trying to damage Jamaica’s relationship with the international community . She just stopped short of accusing him of trying to derail a new agreement with the IMF( which should have taken two weeks), suggesting that his comments about the 2016 campaign begins could¬† serve to incite violence.

Is the Prime Minister in panic mode, given that the tide has turned against her party, which has so far failed to deliver much , while piling on the pressure in the process ?

Is the PM concerned about the undercurrent sweeping the country and talk of¬† social revolution to get rid of the¬† incompetence at Gordon House. I did not hear anything in Mr Holness speech that would suggest lack of patriotism or a move to sabotage the Government. This comes against the back ground of her ” concession” speech where she promised the then government and people of Jamaica , that she and her party will be ” our worst nightmare” and so she was.

What is instructive in the PM’s rant was the fact that while she was in opposition she made the following statement.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011.

“I hear a long list that they intend to divest, but I am warning people who intend to buy them that the PNP will be returned to power soon, so be careful, because we will not be standing for it,” she said at a mass meeting in Port Antonio square.
LEADER of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) Portia Simpson Miller last night issued a stern warning to potential investors in the properties being divested by the Government, suggesting that her party would form the next administration and would not honour the sale agreements.
Now almost a year later the opposition leader turn Prime Minister has accused the leader of the JLP of trying to turn away foreign investors, by suggesting he and his party will start election campaign early.
So who can you trust,  just look around the evidence is there for all to see.
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Courtesy : Jamaica Observer

Is our language helping to hold us back ?

In Jamaica we use words that to the appears to make no sense to someone not familiar with how we speak and I am not talking about patios, so let me list a few examples.


  1. Big man you hear d new chune, it “wicked” iyah
  2. Yow you see dat “wicked” free kick deh?
  3. D bredda pon d left wing ¬†“wicked” me ¬†a tell you.
  4. Yow mi get a “wicked” deal.

All the above don’t mean what is actually written so let me break it down see meanings below.

  1.  Big man you hear that new tune, its really good.
  2. Did you see that free kick it was really good.
  3. The guy on the left wing is really good
  4. I got a very good deal.


  1. That new car is “bad”, did you see how it just left the other car in its dust ?
  2. Deh bredda deh “bad” mi a tell you, ¬†im a d “best” baller pon d team
  3. Dah chune yah “bad” listen to it.

All the above actually carries the opposite meaning of what is written


  1. Yow Ninja man “murder” Movado at sting .
  2. Boys town “murder” Village United ¬†a 6 dem gee dem
  3. You nuh¬†hear dat West Indies “murder” Bangladesh


  1. Ninja man defeated Movado at sting
  2. Boys town won their match over village united
  3. West Indies beat Bangladesh.

No problem

  1. Jamaica ” no problem” despite all that is going on.

I am left to wonder if the way we speak causes us to fail  to recognize the differences between right and wrong, good and bad . I am left wondering whether or not this way of communicating with each other has allowed us to accept what is wrong as being ok and fail to recognize good for what that really is.

Is this part of the reason why we continue to elect bad leaders?

Is this why we continue to accept mediocrity from our leadership?

Is why we jump at 0.0 – 0.9 % growth and point out ” yeah see it deh, we have growth”?

Is this why we continue to justify our wrongs by point out ¬†” well dem did it too , so a nuh nuttin?

Is this why we get upset when we are fired for poor performance at work , cause dat a nuh nuttin fi fire me, mi did a try  mi best ?

Is this why we continue to accept and reward failure by giving those who fail us, more chances to fail?

Is this why when we hear gunshot we run towards it, rather than away?

Is this why we run out of our houses to see the dead guy in the street vs staying indoor and keeping the kids away from such scenes?

Does this explain why, despite the suffering we continue to idolize some messianic figure in politics who speaks glowingly about the poor ?

Is this why we think Carlos Hill, David Smith etal were good men and Lee Chin, Wayne Chen etal were the bad guys ?

Is this why we believe, when we “beat” customs with our high priced gadgets and pay no duties we are “smart” ?

Is this why ¬†we believe we should by expensive “reliable” vehicles that can “manage” the ” bad roads” vs fixing the bad roads so all¬†vehicle¬†can manage them ?

I could go on and on but I believe you get the picture. Now DON’T even tell me this does not only happen in Jamaica, I am NOT interested in hearing that, all I am only interested in, is how do we change this country for the better, talk to me about that.

If we should begin to speak in the positive sense,  using positive words instead of negatives to accentuate the positives , then maybe we can begin to recondition the minds of Jamaicans.

Wicked should NEVER be interpreted to mean anything good

Bad should NEVER be  interpreted to mean anything other than BAD

Murder should NEVER be used to mean anything other than what murder actually means.

It may seem a tad simple or even “basic” , but I truly believe that positive words generate¬†positive¬†thoughts , that generate positive actions, which in turn generate even more positives thoughts and before you know it, life seems so much different.

So let’s begin to remove those words from our vocabulary while¬†encouraging¬†others to do so and only use them for what the actually mean.

I can see Test¬†smiling¬†saying ” Jay a who brain wash ¬†you now”.

Test what I said above does not mean I won’t continue to blast poor¬†performance¬†and or expose either political party should they do wrong , while¬†praising¬†and highlighting those things that are good and giving¬†recommendations¬†like the many I have given so far, to make things better.

I am very concerned that, I may have stumbled unto something, that resides deep in the minds of many Jamaicans and could take more than a generation to change, but we , must start somewhere.

As usual another  most unusual post to give food for thought.

How do you justify “reliable rides”, just don’t repair the roads !

In countries where  people uses their brains






Bad road make it easy to justify expensive SUV’s

Welcome Jamaica , where we do everything in reverse.

  1. We have more years of negative growth that any other country on the planet.
  2. In a recession MP buy more expensive vehicles .
  3. We vote for the parties that spend more time destroying th country than building it.
  4. We respect badmen/gunmen but hate the preachers and the police

We deserve these expensive cars – PM defends $60m on SUV’s

The usually quiet Prime Minister, who refuses on speak on matters of the economy because, she either does not have all the facts or have the relevant ministers to speak, did not mince words as she blasted critics who lashed her government on the huge expenditure for luxury SUV’s.

In a meeting last evening the PNP leader and poor people champion, while speaking at an SDC related function, the poor people champion said her MP’s deserved these expensive vehicles , because according to her, they deserve to live the life they lived prior to entering politics.

Now here is the kicker from the PM¬† “I don’t support any minister going above and beyond, taking vehicles that are retrofitted and all kinds of things,” Simpson Miller continued. “My Government will not accept responsibility for that ‚Ķ but if we continue the politics the same way, we soon will not be able to have suitable people to be our representatives.

What is the PM saying as it relates to what is mentioned in bold, here she appears to be¬† saying if one of her ministers decides to add all kind of bells and whistles to their vehicle and exceed the limits set, her GOVERNMENT WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT”.

Mrs Simpson-Miller if not your government, then does that mean we would have to hold the opposition party responsible for your minister’s extravagance , what kind of nonsense is that.

The worst part¬† about this entire thing,was¬† having spoken all the nonsense about why they needed those expensive rides, the brained washed buffoons in the audience cheered and applauded the Prime Minister for her strident defense, I was like¬†¬†¬†¬† ” are these people for real “?

This drove home the point that I have repeated so many times, persons will defend anything even the most bizarre and obvious nonsense, simple because it comes from a party or someone they support. Its this mindless approach that continues to hold Jamaica back, because our views are shaped solely on political support for one party or the other.

I shudder when I think about the future of Jamaica in this hands of these leaders and mindless supporters.

Courtesy : Jamaica Gleaner

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Courtesy : Jamaica Observer

Clovis Toon

Jamaica Observer

Revolution to “oust” the present government !

I had a dream last night good and bad.

I dreamt that the people of Jamaica having finally recognize that their voting over the last 50yrs has largely been wasted and that very little economic good has been derived from our politics decided to change the game.

I dreamt that while parliament was in session, thousands of Jamaicans stormed Gordon House, overrunning the security and held unto every member of the Gordon house that were present.

I further dreamt that the security forces having seen the “power” of the people sided with them and took the entire lot of politicians to the Horizon remand center. The commissioner of police later issued a “person” of interest report calling all other parliamentarians who were not present at the time of the “raid” to turn over themselves to the nearest police station, while a stop order was place at all ports of entry/exit to prevent them from fleeing the country.

The Prime Minister, the former Finance Minister, the National security minister and other were slapped with charges ranging from gross misconduct in the finances of the country,  manslaughter resulting from the loss of lives of hundreds of Jamaica and a range of other charges.

The people of Jamaica then demanded that the head of the following institutions be given the opportunity to run the country for the next 4yrs.

  1. Bank of Nova Scotia
  2. National Commercial BANK
  3. Sagicor Jamaica Limited
  4. JMMB
  5. Grace Kennedy
  6. Lasco

The Governor General conceded and it was done, much to the opposition of constitutional lawyers and other legal luminaries , who deemed the entire affair illegal and unconstitutional.

I am not sure what happened to the parliamentarians, because the alarm went off, it was time to wake up out of that dream and get to work. ūüôā

Note : Not a single life was lost.

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Courtesy : Jamaica Observer

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