Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) is not happy that PNP is not in power!

I continue to listen to the Jamaica Civil Service Association and the more I do the more I am seeing what is wrong with Jamaica.

The President of the Association has been noticeable more vocal since Feb 25, 2016 but not only has he been vocal, his statements have been found to be very troubling .

Statement 1

Pubic officers should not have to declare assets to gain promotion.

The President seems completely ambivilent to the fact that the wider society sees the Civil servants as a corrupt body and therefore welcome this move which seems geared towards a greater level of transparency.

The move to reject this move is therefore seen as an attempt to main the corrupt status quo, which is something we simply cannot afford.

Statement #2

Government should abandon the tax plan and instead raise the threshold to $1,000,000.

I swear that too many organization in this country is lead by a bunch of idiots who have very little computations skills and continues to mis lead the people they are are attempting to lead.

A quick calculation of their proposal would see most civil servants taking home between $35,000 – $108,000 less per annum.  I really wonder whose interest are these people looking out for because surely;y it cannot be the low income workers.

I think the Civil Servants needs to find a more competent leader to take charge of the group, because I think this current one lacks the capacity to lead properly.

        Pension @ 5% 25%  
Salary Current Thres Goj  Thres JCSA Thres   Current Tax Tax GT
 $    1,200,000 $692,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000  $ 60,000  $   112,000  $      –
 $    1,300,000 $692,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000  $ 65,000  $   135,750  $      –
 $    1,400,000 $692,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000  $ 70,000  $   159,500  $      –
 $    1,500,000 $692,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000  $ 75,000  $   183,250  $      –


  Inc after Tax but  Before Statuory Deductions    
Tax JSCA T Current Inc Inc GT Inc JSA Thres Diffe/yr Diff/Mth
 $     35,000  $     1,028,000  $     1,140,000  $  1,105,000  $    35,000  $   2,917
 $     58,750  $     1,099,250  $     1,235,000  $  1,176,250  $    58,750  $   4,896
 $     82,500  $     1,170,500  $     1,330,000  $  1,247,500  $    82,500  $   6,875
 $   106,250  $     1,241,750  $     1,425,000  $  1,318,750  $  106,250  $   8,854

Did the outgoing administration sign a contract with JPS

News ha emerged the outgoing administration may have signed a contract  between the GOJ and JPS in the dead of the night on the eve of the elections ..

The contract was reported to have been signed around 10:57 pm on Feb 24, 2016.

Reports suggest that this contract could result in as much as 20% increase in the cost of electricity to consumers and is a compensation factor for non technical losses.

If, true, this warrants and immediate investigation and the full contract must be made public.

I urge Dr Wheatley, the new minister to order an immediate investigation and make the findings public.

Andrew Holness could be Jamaica’s greatest ever Prime Minister

I have been a fierce critic of Andrew Holness over the last few years, but I must admit the man has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 12 months.

Andrew Holness a few years back was boring and uninspiring and appeared to be a vindictive individual, but having almost been thrown out of the party he has emerged a much stronger person.

Today Andrew has morphed into a much stronger and vibrant person who ran a truly inspiring and focused election campaign. He never allowed himself to become distracted and stayed on message during entire period.

It was the mass rally in HWT that I really knew Andrew Holness had come of age and was ready to lead Jamaica to the next level.

If Andrew remains focused and rooted in his beliefs and communicate to the people of Jamaica and listen to their voices, there is no stopping him from becoming the greatest Prime Minister since independence.

He cannot do it on his own and their needs to leverage those in both the public, private sector his own cabinet and even the opposition to take the country from a crime filled dirty and corrupt place, to the financial, manufacturing and commercial giant of the Caribbean.

He must however recognize along the journey that not all Jamaicans will want to walk with him as we try to lift this country. There are those in this country who are of the belief that the cannot live in the country unless the PNP is government and will not lend support to any leader trying to build this country as long as they are not from their side. This is the reality of today’s Jamaica, but I do hope that as we mature, we will all come to the realization that if Jamaica wins, we all win and we really need to start winning.

We have been running from this country for years seeking refuge in smaller and yet more developed economies paying much better than we can ever hope to earn in Jamaica and I believe its time to change the game.

We are too rich to be poor and need to begin to move beginning today, March 3, 2016 on that journey

For those who don’t believe they can live under a JLP administration, I say get over it. I don’t see Americans running from America when the Democrat or Republican wins, what I see is that whoever is in power makes Americans believe they are the greatest nation on the earth and act like that.

We may not love the America way, but this is one sure thing I like about them. If sports can unite us, why have politics divide us.



The JLP Cabinet through my eyes

Andrew Holness – Prime Minister and Defense Minister

Finance  and  Planning  – Audley Shaw

Education – Marlene Malahoo-Forte

Minister of Youth , Culture  and Gender Affairs  – Babsy Grange

Minister of Justice – Delroy Chuck

Minister of Agriculture – Bobby Montague

Minister of Job Creation, Investment and Commerce – Christopher Tufton

Minister of Science,Technology and Mining –  Dr Andrew Wheatley

Minister of Health – Dr Horace Chang

Minister of National Security –  Derrick Smith

Minister of Transport, works and Housing – Mike Henry

Minister of Foreign Affair – Juliet Holness

Information Minister – Kamina Johnson-Smith

Minister of Tourism – Ed Bartlett

Minister of State in Finance – Fayval William

Minister of State – Transport – Floyd Green


There is my  JLP Cabinet


Where are commonsenseja fiercest critics

Now that Jay has been proven right once again, the regular critics of the space, rather than come on board and say they really underestimated by expertise and like the PNP so ashamed, they have gone silent.

I was called a mad man and was even told by one uninformed person that the PNP will take 50 seats and the JLP on 13.

Haven been proven wrong, he has placed is tail between his leg an gone into hiding.

With the PNP now in opposition, I expect these folks to soon crawl out of their holes to criticise every move by the JLP.

You guys are still welcome. 🙂


School ranking for 2016 by Educate Jamaica

The 2016 IVY league ranking of Jamaica’s high school are out and Champion, Immaculate and Montego Bay High  takes the took 3 spots.

See information on the link below

2016 high school ranking



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