Did Bolt false start or was it Yohan Blake ?

Video evidence actually point to Yohan Blake actually being the one who false started as he flinched just 0.05 sec before Bolt actually took off. If you watch closely the video below you will note that @ 2:08 in the top view Yohan actually flinched, then the Frenchman then Bolt.  In the front view at 2:12 you can see Yohan’s  left leg move on the block and then Bolt got up.

We are still however happy that a Jamaican won the race and congrats to Blake who kept his cool, to win and record his place in history as the youngest world champion ever.

Jamaica sprint dominance continues..

See the video here.




What is wrong about the LNG Project

Who is Blake Blackwell, VP of Business Development at Golar LNG Energy  and why does  Golar LNG considers Exmar’s bid in the LNG Project in Jamaica, corrupt and non-transparent.

Who guaranteed to Exmar that they would get to build Jamaica’s Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) ?

What is next for this rather troubled project and are the FEDS now involved as suggested.

Is it true that the Belgian authorities are about to open an investigation involving Jamaican officials and those at Exmar?

We shall see


Take a look at the official OCG report and  the allegations contained via various emails .


Was the Exmar LNG Project corrupted !!

We have been getting very disturbing news of corruption in the LNG process involving EXMAR. If this information is in fact correct, this is will be another scandal that could rock the JLP real hard.

Did the PM recent moves have anything to do with the very same information that we have come across?

Nicholas Saverys is the Exmar  Chief Executive Officer who is said to have authorized that monies be paid to James Robertson who  recently returned to Jamaica after placing it in some offshore location. Nicholas Saverys  is also said to have authorized payments to Ian Moore, Steven Steele and Steven Wedderburn  the last year.

Bart Lavent  the company’s  the Managing Director for the LNG Project  is alleged to have paid US$4 Million of Gratuity to Ian Moore, James Robertson, Steven Wedderburn, Steven Steele  and Don Creary.

The word now is Exmar is very upset and is said to be seeking back monies paid as the LNG Project is not proceeding down the road they have expected despite the assurances that were given to it by the former minister.

Could these allegations really be true and if so will the USA & Belgian government be launching an investigation into what seem to have been a corrupt process and what actions will be taken by the GOJ .

We await confirmation on this information.

Which Ex-Government has left Jamaica after collecting a lot on money??

We just received this information.

A Jamaican ex-Minister of Government has left Jamaica permanently after receiving a substantial gratuity from Exmar Marine. The ex-Minister will not return as the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Storage and Regasification Terminal is unlikely to be approved in Jamaica. The failure of the project means that the substantial gratuity will have to be repaid to Exmar.

Exmar’s Officials in Belgium are very upset.

The connection with Olint is that the ex-Minister is a major Olint player and this may lead to Exmars activities in Jamaica receiving Federal scrutiny.

Update @ 9:17pm

The ex-minister who was said to have left the island was spotted at 11 miles Bull Bay – St Thomas  45mins ago at site of road work for a new bridge that is being built for a fording which has been a problem for sometime now.


Further update @ 4:50pm 8/24/2011

We have some additional information .

  1. Nicholas Saverys is the Exmar Executive who paid the money to Jaxxx Roxxxxson who since has recently return after placing it in some offshore location. Nicholas Saverys should be asked to identify and justify all Exmar Payments made to Ixx Mxxre, Stxxen Stxxle and Stxxen Wexxerxxrn in the last year.

    Why do these payments exceed US$4 Million?

  2. Bart Lavent paid US$4 Million of Gratuity to Ixx Mxxre, Jaxxx Roxxxxxon, Stxxen Wexxerxxrn and Dxn Cxxxy. Mxxxe and Rxxxxson also flew on David Smith’s Olint Plane. The US$4 Million has to be paid back to Bart Lavent because the LNG Project is both corrupt and dead in Jamaica.


    So who are these two guys, well check it out at Exmar website.



JPS = Jamaica People Stress

Agent Sasco aka Assassin just released  this song a few hours ago, listen song here.


Will the JPS audit yield any tangible results for consumer? I don’t think so.

So the JPS board has ordered the management of JPS to conduct an audit to review the following:

  1. The billing system
  2. The new smart metering program

This has come about as result of the howls of protest from consumers both residential and commercial on the very high bills from the sole utility provider. While many including members of the public and the OUR has welcomed this audit, I think the customers will be in for a rude awakening when the results of the audit are presented in the next 6 weeks.

The findings when they are presented will be along the following lines.

  1. There is no wholesale inaccurate billing of the customers.
  2. The new smart meters are in fact recording accurately.
  3. Many of the customers who saw big increases when the smart meters were introduced had malfunction electro-mechanical analog meters that were under-recording by as much as 20%.
  4. A few customers (<0.3%) did in fact have smart meters that were malfunctioning
  5. Some customers did in fact get incorrect bills due to software issues with the data management collection and billing system as well as incorrect readings my the meter reader.
  6. There are wrong readings being collected from the analog meters by meter readers.

In addition they will find collusion between the contractors who have been given contracts to disconnect and re-connect and persons in the local offices in some parishes. In this case meter readings are deliberately read incorrectly which results in protest from the customer and his refusal to pay. While the dispute is being resolved the persons in the local office adds your name to the list schedule for disconnection resulting in that act being carried out while you are still querying your bill.

The contractor therefore bills JPS, who in turns bills you for the disconnection and reconnection and walks away a happy man, leaving you fuming. All is not lost however as the guaranteed standards does allow for you to be compensated if your service was incorrectly disconnected, but how many of you are even aware of this fact. (Check the OUR website, its their). This act above I must hasten to say is not a wide spread phenomena but does appear to happen in some cases.

The single biggest problem with the JPS billing system is not the cost per kwh but instead its the IPP and fuel charges which ranges between 60% for the rate 10 /residential customer to 75% for the rate 40 customer, that is what needs to be addressed.

There is really no easy way out as with JPS using #2 fuel (automotive diesel) vs #6 fuel (Bunker C) to provide base loading, its very difficult to get prices lower when oil on the international market is rising.

The audit however should be able to determine that JPS having dropped system losses from 23.9% in 2009 to 21% in 2010 should be in a position to drop the energy and fuel charges by a small percentage.

The new smart meters will be vindicated, JPS may offer a small token reduction, but at the end of the day we all will still be left with high bills unless we reduce our consumption.

The reduction in our consumption will allow JPS to less of the generating units that burn the very expensive #2 fuel and instead use the cheaper #6 to meet base loading. This lower fuel use will lower our fuel and IPP charges and will drive the overall cost of bills downwards.

So the best way out for us just like what we did today where we united in wearing black, is that we make a concerted effort to lower our demand and usage which will save us money in the long run.

Mullings “B” sample also tested positive

Mullings latest  B sample has also tested positive. The JADCO has schedule a hearing for Aug 22, 2011.

Mullings faces a lifetime ban if found guilty.

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