Two Jamaicans given life sentences for murder of Teenager in the UK !

Yesterday Onique Nembhard, 25, a Jamaican national of no fixed abode, and Jamar Graham, 25, also a Jamaican national of no fixed abode, were convicted of the murder of 17-year-old Henry Bolombi on New Year’s Day 2008, at the Old Bailey
This morning both men were handed life sentences for killing the teen.


The Trinidadian Prime Minister has more balls than AJ Nicholson

The Trinidadian Prime Minister who happens to be a female has already declared full support for the position taken by her immigration officials and National Security Minister as it relates to the denial of entry of 13 Jamaican Nationals to Trinidad.

The Prime Minister said based on the report she has received and until new information becomes available, she see nothing wrong with action taken by Immigration officials and she fully support their position.

The position taken by the Trinidadian Prime Minister means her foreign Minster really has nothing to discuss with AJ Nicholson in relation to this matter or even further denial of entry to Jamaican nationals, which therefore will reduce this meeting to one about how to avoid a full boycott of Trinidad products, which could have serious impact on the economy of that country.

The Trinidadian Prime Minister decision to state her position ahead of Monday’s meeting shows she has more balls that our foreign Minister AJ Nicholson !


Teflon coated Phillip Paulwell being tipped for PNP President?

Word coming out of the PNP camp is Phillip Paulwell is being touted as the next PNP President when Portia Simpson Miller retires from active politics come 20xx.

Interesting times are ahead indeed.

Brace for hard times in 2014, warns Portia Simpson Miller – The Economist

It appears that for Jamaicans to hear anything from the Jamaica Prime Minister, we have to crawl the web and search for bits and pieces of information and then try to put that all together to try and figure WTF is going on in this country.

I am getting angrier and angrier every day by the gross disrespect being show to me and other like-minded persons in this country by the Prime Minister and the rest of her colleagues. If we want to know what the Prime Minister said, we have to determine where she is going next, contact the media in that country and have them provide us with information on what the plans the PM has for this country from them or find out what her thoughts are on the Jamaican situation.

This is untenable situation, which must come to and end now.

In the November 18, 2013 ( two weeks ago) the Jamaican Prime Minister spoke ( I am not sure where), but the The economist picks up the story, in which she is saying something akin to ” Prepare for the Bitter medicine”.

The economist reported the following  from Portia Simpson Miller

I look at the world in 2014 from the vantage point of a leader of a small island nation which faces development challenges, but is blessed with possibilities and boasts an international name-recognition beyond its size. The challenges Jamaica will face in 2014 are neither unique nor isolated. They include an unsustainable level of government debt, the high cost of imported energy and unemployment.

Greater resilience and growth in 2014 and beyond will demand deeper regional integration among and between the communities of Caribbean and Latin American states as well as expanded global co-operation, trade and investment. The third international Conference on Small Island Developing States, to be held in September 2014 in Samoa, can build partnerships with other countries for action on sustainable development, and the visit to the region in 2013 by China’s president, Xi Jinping, underscores the Caribbean’s relevance for emerging economies.


Where did Portia Simpson Miller give this speech and does anyone recall hearing about this before. Given this is two weeks old, it must have been carried locally before and I missed it.

Of interest in the above speech is the what is part of the Prime Minister’s travel intentions in 2014 and just in case you missed it, I have highlighted it below.


The third international Conference on Small Island Developing States, to be held in September 2014 in Samoa.

That is one of the many trips that Portia no doubt has pencilled into her calendar for next yr.



Where in the world is opposition leader Andrew Holness ?

It’s been over a week now since the forced removal of 13 Jamaicans Nationals from Trinidad and Tobago and while we heard a brief 60 seconds comment from Karl Samuda, the opposition leader who was very vocal during the leadership race appears to have gone silent once again.

It appears that the JLP have spent so much time fighting each other, than they have very little time or energy battling the PNP and the many issues they are bungling, which is wreaking havoc on Jamaicans and the Jamaican economy.

Andrew Holness said he does not want to be anyone’s nightmare and he is not into the Ray Ray politics, but he continues to be a nightmare by his failure to keep this incompetent set of politicians on the Government side on their toes.

Wake up Mr Holness, your slumber is a problem, this is the reason you were challenged in the first place and since you new mandate you have done nothing to show me, that you deserve to be the leader of the party.

You have split the party straight down the middle and unless you work twice as hard as your challenger to heal the party, you are looking at a long time in opposition and by then  a large portion your old shadow cabinet would have expired.

Come down from your ” this is my mandate, respect it” and try to meet folks halfway . If you believe those commentators on radio and TV who are suggesting that you purge the party of Shaw’s people are on your side, you had better think again. My intelligence tells me they serve one purpose and one purpose only and that is to help you keep that party splintered, thus rendering the JLP an ineffective political machinery and in so doing keeping the PNP in power for an extended period of time.

A word to the wise is sufficient, you cannot win any election with a bunch of guys in your shadow cabinet, the majority of whom has spent over 80% of their career in opposition, you do the maths and see for yourself.

Nuff said.

The Jamaican Prime Minister needs to ” Dance a yaad before she dance abroad”

The above quote is from old folks and is translated to mean, practise and hone your skills at home before you go and expose yourself and in doing so there is greater likelihood that you will be successful at what to do.

Portia Simpson Miller has successfully managed to avoid any interviews here in Jamaica for almost 2 years and continue to make every effort to avoid the Jamaican media.  Her handlers have made it very difficult to get the PM to speak on camera at any sort of press conference and have so have refused most impromptu interviews.

The problem this has created is the Prime Minister, who is a well travelled person, is now finding herself in a position where she is struggling to answer questions from the foreign journalist because she has not spent enough time understanding the subject matter or participating in interviews so she can become better at understanding the line of questioning and the appropriate responses, dammit every takes practise.

One can recall that totally embarrassing interview when the Prime Minister went to China, I could only hold my head in shame and wonder, how can we have someone like this representing us overseas.

Portia was allowed to get away with that embarrassment, as the local media downplayed it and for the most part stayed away from the interview, as they sought to give the PM yet another bly.

It’s now November  and the Prime Minister is off to Belgium and we hear some gloating that she was the only Caribbean leader selected to attend that session, very good.

The Prime Minister after her speaking at the opening session, where she spoke (scripted off course), gave a reasonable good account of herself, but when she was asked to participate in one of the sit down plenary  session and she was asked to speak, there it all feel apart.

Portia Simpson Miller gave a horrible performance, repeating herself on many occasions and not providing any sort of answer to the question posted. The response was incoherent, all over the place and in one case disrespectful to the women in parliament.

Her final set of comments before leaving was even more embarrassing and it seems someone made sure she had to leave before the audience started throwing question her way.

It is time now for the Prime Minister handlers to sit with her, have her participate in more local interview unscripted so she can become more comfortable in these types of setting and can represent us properly when she goes overseas.

She has at least another two years in office before the next elections are called and no doubt she will be going on more overseas trip, so for heavens sake, let us prepare her better for those events here and overseas. What I saw in Belgium was embarrassing and even for a person like me who is not fond of the Prime Minister, I would suggest that her handlers be FIRED forthwith, we cannot continue like this.

Our Prime Minister MUST be able to represent us properly and thus far the folks around her has done nothing but a disservice to her and Jamaica by extension let us get this thing right.

Allow the Prime Minister to ” dance a yaad before she dance abroad”

STOP EMBARRASSING THE PRIME MINISTER OF JAMAICA by failing to prepare her properly for these events , ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !


Here is the panel discussion.


Mad as hell, I am Jamaican first  and frankly I am not a happy camper today, this has got to stop

‘Don’t forget how much T&T helps J’ca economy

Jamaicans should be informed more about the contribution Trinidad and Tobago firms make to their country’s eco­nomy rather than calling for a boycott of goods from this country, businessman Nicholas Lok Jack said yesterday.
Lok Jack, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA), said this country’s firms employed 5,000 Jamaicans, and several more indirectly through distribution networks and other sub-industries.

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