The Economist say Bruce Golding Jamaica’s most successful PM in decades !!

Very interesting from a very powerful and respected magazine.

 And, sometimes almost despite himself, he has been Jamaica’s most successful leader in decades.


Audley has too much baggage to be Prime Minister ?

Reports reaching us are that the PNP would be happy to have Audley  leading up to the next election vs having to face Andrew Holness in the next polls. The pnp reported has plans to use the emails between Audley and now convicted fraudster David Smith concerning the foreign exchange trading – Australian model.

The emails are available in the public domain and could be very damaging to Audley.  Interestingly the “money” is reportedly following Audley so it will be interesting how this one plays out.

Harold Brady Again !!!

So Harold Brady had a meeting at his house to strategize about the early removal of Bruce Golding and in the process Andrew Holness was setup in the process. This was done to pave the way for the election of Audley Shaw as Prime Minister.

The media was fed this information to stimulate conversation about Andrew’s capacity to exercise good judgement, but will this work?

We shall see.

Your resignation or your diplomatic & personal visa!!

Which would you prefer?

How could you not be affiliated with a man who was the benefactor of your constituency ?

Can you suffer the indignity of being the one of the few head of state to have their diplomatic visa revoked ?

How would you like history to remember you?

Why did Golding resign ?

Bruce has indicated that he is fed-up with the bitterness and snipping which was taking place in the party and his authority was being openingly being  challenged by certain MP’s in the house of representative.

He indicated that he was being undermined by his own party and the antagonism towards him a situation the he could no longer tolerate.

He said he has had to seek support form Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting to push through bills which his own party would not support. Golding said there are many in his party which many unresolved issues that must be addressed for the party to move forward. He indicated that the revocation of the visa of James Robertson and Joseph Hibbert are two of those issues.

Golding has indicated that many in the party has “skeleton” in their closet and these could be exposed leading up to the next election and the party should be VERY CAREFUL who they select to replace him.

Bruce Golding has indicated that the party should select a young person to be his replacement in order to move the party forward.

Bruce Golding indicated he will NOT change his position and has  indicated that he recognized that he will be a liability to the party and would hinder the party chances of winning the next election.

Another question being asked is what occurred at Liguanea  and what impact that may have had on Bruce Golding decision, we may not know but word is that was part of what pushed Golding through the door.

Education minister has emerged as the front runner is the word from JLP insiders as Tufton is seen as a Golding protege and will have a tough time beating Andrew Holness.

Stay tuned for more….

Bruce Golding to step down !!


There has been a stunning development in the JLP at the meeting of central executive of the JLP where Bruce has decided to step down as party leader and will demit office as soon as a new party leader has been selected/elected.

Is this a desperate move on the part of the JLP in there bid to seek re-election ?

Dudus pleads for mercy !

Ok  guys, you can post your comments.

What a difference a week make, you take off a week vacation and quite a lot has occured.–letter-to-Judge-Patterson


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