There she goes again, our PM is off to celebrate !!

Our hardworking Prime Minister and champion for the poor is off the island once again, this time to attend the 50th Anniversary of our Caribbean neighbour of Trinidad & Tobago.

Our PM never ceases to amaze me in that, she accepts every single invitation given to leave this country to participate in award ceremonies , sporting and celebratory events overseas.

How can a leader of a country which is falling apart so rapidly, can find the time to leave and participate in these events, which could easily have been attended by a representative of the government.

I cannot imagine the CEO of a company that is in real trouble taking so much time to travel all over the world even if he is paying for the trip himself, no ladies and gentlemen it would not occur. Now let’s say he really was CEO who did not care and decided to go anyway, he would have been removed by the board of directors.

Question :  Was the Trinidadian Prime Minister here for our 50th Anniversary?

The PM is irresponsible and needs to be booted from her position, we do NOT need a ceremonial Prime Minister and that is what she has become.

I am in no way surprised, because I have always believed that Portia Simpson Miller is not fit to be the Prime Minister of Jamaica and I say that without reservation.

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Courtesy : Jamaica Observer


Black-market for US$ is back !

The local police this afternoon indicated, that there has been surge in the black-market trade for US$  vs the $J in recent days, given the shortage of US$ in the formal system.

It has been pointed out that the surge in the black-market trade is a result of the delay in the government reaching a deal with the IMF, which when signed is expected to ease the crunch businesses are facing in try to access the greenback in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season.

This is rather disturbing as it serves to erode confidence in the financial system as well as leading to higher prices as business persons tries to edge their bets,  by pricing their goods at the higher given their belief that the dollar will devalue to those levels in the future.

I continue to say, if he keeping doing what we have always done, we will continue to get the results, which we have always seen ie FAILURE !!

When will Jamaica every see true growth and economic development ?

It’s painful to listen to the pain and suffering of ordinary Jamaicans, who continue to feel the full effect of the mismanagement of the country affairs.

Its “ as you were once again”

DPP Orders Probe After Leak Of Witness Statement In High-Profile Court Case

An investigation ordered by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is now under way to determine how a witness statement at the centre of the bribery case involving three high-profile Jamaicans was leaked to the media before defence attorneys were given a copy.

Who authorized the wire-tapping of SSP James Forbes phone?

That is the big question that is now being asked given what Senior Superintendent  James Forbes, said two days ago, when questioned by a reporter for the Observer.

“I would not want to discuss it for more reasons than one. My phone is wired and they are listening in on my conversation. I’m not giving them anything to use. The most I am willing to say is that my lawyer will speak to this at the appropriate time,” he said.–_12353143

Now I decided ( as usual) to do some digging to find out what is really going on, because of information that I had previously received, which suggested that the case is a lot different from what is being projected in the media.

We have been given very detailed information on the activities of people like D Vaz, Llewellyn etal   in this case and I mean very detailed information, that is really not supposed to be in the media. I am told these were deliberately  “leaked” and has feed to the  public  in such a matter as to create ” misdirection”.

Now as I said above I decided long ago not to follow the “herd” but to instead choose a direction, which is against the current tide and so expected and did receive a lot of push back from my readers, but I persisted nonetheless.

Now I reviewed  the “interception of communication act ” in trying to determine who may have done what and I have posted the document below, however I have highlighted the section on who can authorize a wire tap.


Now given what we know so far:

  1. It does not appear that the commissioner of police authorized the wire tapping.
  2. It is reasonable to assume that neither did any senior office at or below the rank of Asst Commissioner of Police authorized the tapping.
  3. So that leaves the MIU or Military Intelligence Unit.

Now if the MIU where the ones to did the “interception of communication” on James Forbes phone, who has such authority and  could have given the MIU such direction?

Remember for the evidence to be of use the information would have to be legally obtained ie via a court order after a request was made by a person with the legal authority to do so.

( Just a note Llewellyn was also wire tapped, but I think this was done with his blessing, THIS IS MY VIEW ie the his blessing portion )

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Credits : Jamaica Observer.

Jamaicans in the diaspora not supporting ” Diaspora Bonds” !

They have indicated that, they would have serious guarantee from the government for their investment as they have no intention of losing like they did in the meltdown in the 1990’s.  The lack of trust of this government by those in the diaspora is grounded in the financial meltdown, which was presided over by the PNP in the 1990’s .

The fact that our own  people is unwilling to “lend” us money, speaks to the lack of credibility of the government, which is a serious problem and one , which AJ Nicholson was charged with fixing, but as usual appears to have fallen asleep at the wheels.

If we cannot convince Jamaicans to “lend” money to the government of Jamaica via bonds, can you imagine the difficulty we must be experiencing trying to convince the IMF.

If as a government, they were not so unwilling tendency to avoid taking the tough decision that could end up costing them at the polls, we would have been a much better financial position today.

As one person said to me today ” Jay we corner dark, it nuh look good”.

Chris ” Burns” the Prime Minister

As chief communicator, chief servant, chief comforter, chief motivator and chief mobiliser, the incumbent prime minister is found wanting because she is disengaged and too selective in her pronouncements. It seems to me that she has become more of a ceremonial prime minister – one who cuts ribbons and delivers speeches, but less of the transformational, motivational, effective and proactive leader she could become. But she may just be “working behind the scenes” on this one. Who knows?

Now we all know Chris is/was a advocate of the now Prime Minister and for him to use the very language that I have often use to describe the current Prime Minister, means he too has become frustrated by her in-actions.
There are many who read and post who believes I am too critical of the Prime Minister in fact one persons who says he speaks the ” Truth” says I should stop Testing” the PM.
I have been saying since last year, that our current PM cannot handle the job and I am not sure, what else persons are waiting on to confirm that my assessment of PSM is spot on.
Our collective failure to make critical analysis has not only cost this country billions, it has also set us back at least 4 decades. Only fools continue down a path that has constantly produced failure.

Jamaican Pleads Guilty In Fraud And Money Laundering Scheme

Sylvester Howard Williams, 32, formerly from Jamaica, pleaded guilty to two counts before Senior United States District Judge Maurice B. Cohill.

In connection with the guilty plea, the court was advised that Jeffery Bernard, Junior Powell, Michaelee Jamieson, Sylvester Williams, and Christopher Brown were involved in laundering the proceeds of an advanced fee scheme whereby persons are deceived into believing that they have won the lottery.


Why we cannot seem to get any convictions here in Jamaica?

Cartoon For: Monday, August 20, 2012

Credit: Jamaica Observer

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