Mike Henry was Fired !!

We are receiving word that Mike Henry did not voluntarily resign, instead he was called to a meeting last night at 10pm and asked to hand in his resignation by the Prime Minister because his position was untenable!

Now he will have to resign as chairman of the party and will be succeeded by Robert” Bobby” Montague.

There you have it.


Flashback ! Scandals sends Billions down the drain.

Its seems no matter which party we put into to power the scandals continue unabated. One thing I have observed is that each administration has a panache for spending tax payers money like its their own and all seems to like furniture, lets take you back to some of the previous scandals and the cost to the Jamaican public.


Shell Waiver (1991) $29.5 million

Zinc (1989) $500 million

Furniture (1991) $10.6 million

Public Sector

Salary (1998 $60 million

NetServ (2001) $220 million

Operation Pride/NHDC

(1997-present) $5.5 billion projected

TOTAL $6.320 billion

Credit : Jamaica Gleaner


The JLP has had three minister resigned in less than four (4) yrs due to gross mismanagement on their part. Never in the history of our country (that I can recall) have we seen so many ministers having to resign from one administration.

This can be viewed in a number of ways

  1.  There is a wind of change in Jamaica and ministers are now being held accountable by the people of Jamaica and are willing to go, when they have lost the confidence of the people.
  2. The JLP is serious about getting rid of those who have lost confidence of the people due to corrupt or perceived corrupt activities.
  3.  This is the new dispensation and we expect that going forward, should any minister including the PM be seen as corrupt or engaging in gross mismanagement must resign.

Mike Henry Resigns !

Check the Gleaner and Observer for more details.


Dr. Alwin Hales underfire, is he now on the chopping block?

It would appear tonight that Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport Dr Alwin Hales could be the next fall guy in this increasing stench that is being developed regarding the JDIP.

I think however the main culprit behind this is Mike Henry who we gather was aware of everything that was going on regarding the entire project. It appears that the person who needs to be fired is Mike Henry but it appears that Dr Alwin Hales will be taking the fall.

This is getting real dirty !

OCG launches probe in $62m NWA Furniture

The OCG has launched a probe into the acquisition of $62m worth of office furniture by the NWA using the palisades shoreline project funds, read the OCG document here.

NWA $62M Office Furniture

IMF trying to influence the outcome of the next election?

This is the question on the lips of many as they question the many pronouncements being made  by the IMF chief in Jamaica which is uncharacteristic of that body. The comments follow on two responses as followup to promises made by the opposition PNP on things  it would change or introduce should they be elected.

PNP Comment

  1. We will introduce JEEP – A short term employment program to get Jamaicans working once again.

IMF Response

  1. We will not support JEEP, which was a slap in the face of the party which would have to deal with the IMF should they be elected.

PNP Comment

  1. We will renegotiate the current IMF standby agreement to get a more favourable deal.

IMF Response

  1. The current deal cannot be renegotiated, a new deal can be struck as this is one is almost over and so renegotiation is not on the drawing board

The international community and more importantly the USA has expressed concerns about a number of persons who are affiliated with the  PNP and the re-entry of one particular person, Paul Burke has raised eyebrows in Washington. They are also concerned about a populist being elected in Jamaica (Read Portia Simpson Miller) who they feel will make decisions that are popular vs being prudent. There are concerns too of the very close relationship between the PNP and the Venezuelan PM Hugo Chavez who is a fierce critic of the USA and its policies.

The IMF warning to Jamaica to put its house in order is not an empty one, as we understand that whichever party wins the next election and  any new deal  to be negotiated come April of next year will have less favourable terms that this one and it would be even more stringent should the PNP be elected. With a cash strapped country to lead, neither Andrew or Portia can go into the open market to source funding and as such we would have to swallow a bitter medicine come April 2012.

The USA has already achieved one of its objective and that was to get rid of Bruce and actually assisted the PNP to this end by surreptitiously  leaking information to their man in Jamaica (The MOU MAN) on the existence of the deal between Manatt and the Government of Jamaica.

So is the IMF now the USA weapon to keep Portia and the PNP in opposition and in so doing force the party to dump Portia after a second successive loss thus  paving the way for two time losing candidate Peter Phillips ascension to party president?

Interesting times are ahead indeed.

IMF says its deal with Jamaica cannot be re-negotiated !!

This effectively means that should the PNP win the next election it will have no choice but to continue with the current standby deal the JLP signed with the IMF.

But with the deal which comes to end in the next 3 months, there is really nothing to re- negotiate.

At the same time IMF say the GOJ says the must put its house in order if it must continue to get more money from the IMF and other multilateral organizations.

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