Mike Henry was Fired !!

We are receiving word that Mike Henry did not voluntarily resign, instead he was called to a meeting last night at 10pm and asked to hand in his resignation by the Prime Minister because his position was untenable!

Now he will have to resign as chairman of the party and will be succeeded by Robert” Bobby” Montague.

There you have it.


Flashback ! Scandals sends Billions down the drain.

Its seems no matter which party we put into to power the scandals continue unabated. One thing I have observed is that each administration has a panache for spending tax payers money like its their own and all seems to like furniture, lets take you back to some of the previous scandals and the cost to the Jamaican public.


Shell Waiver (1991) $29.5 million

Zinc (1989) $500 million

Furniture (1991) $10.6 million

Public Sector

Salary (1998 $60 million

NetServ (2001) $220 million

Operation Pride/NHDC

(1997-present) $5.5 billion projected

TOTAL $6.320 billion

Credit : Jamaica Gleaner


The JLP has had three minister resigned in less than four (4) yrs due to gross mismanagement on their part. Never in the history of our country (that I can recall) have we seen so many ministers having to resign from one administration.

This can be viewed in a number of ways

  1.  There is a wind of change in Jamaica and ministers are now being held accountable by the people of Jamaica and are willing to go, when they have lost the confidence of the people.
  2. The JLP is serious about getting rid of those who have lost confidence of the people due to corrupt or perceived corrupt activities.
  3.  This is the new dispensation and we expect that going forward, should any minister including the PM be seen as corrupt or engaging in gross mismanagement must resign.

Mike Henry Resigns !

Check the Gleaner and Observer for more details.


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