Its over for Vbyz Kartel !

We have credible information which suggest that cops have such damning evidence on Kartel’s criminal behaviour , that’s it virtually impossible for him to escape a very long prison sentence.

No one from the ‘EMPIRE” is willing to do a long stretch for Kartel and so they are all singing like they are at SUMFEST. Word is its not only the beating to death of the guy in Havendale is on tape, but they also recorded the brutal beating of Lisa Hype .

The police has these tapes along with eyewitness account from those who have decided not to take the fall for Kartel. He is looking at a long stretch in the slammer, thanks to the meticulous work done by the cops,  in what can be said to be a “model” case and one which young detectives can learn a thing or two.

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