PNP Women’s movement expresses its disgust at outburst made by…

No not at Fenton Ferguson characterization of premature babes as ” not babies in the real sense”.


According to Ms. Edwards, “Those who watched the Party Leader’s presentation on Sunday must have realized that she was presenting her Job Creation Initiative with the passion it deserves as the JLP has not fulfilled its Jobs… Jobs…  Jobs promise to the electorate”.  The Women’s Movement President outlined.

“Now; even if Mr. Shaw is demoralized by his failings as Finance Minister which has led to a worsening of the standard of living for most Jamaican women; that is no excuse for him to further denigrate our women.  Additionally, it is an affront to the women of Jamaica in general.   The PNP Women’s’ Movement regards this as totally unacceptable.

Where are they now …..

Pure and unadulterated political bias by these women.


Statement expected from the PNP women’s movement on “dead babies scandal”.

This is what I expect from the PNP women’s movement before the end of this week.

“The PNP women’s movement welcomes the statement of clarification and the apology by the Minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson in relation to the characterization  dead babies  as ‘not babies in the real sense’.

The Statement that was attributed to the Minister of Health in parliament was rather unfortunate and is not characteristics of Dr Fenton Ferguson that we have come to know. We are hearten  by the fact that he has taken full responsibility for that unfortunate statement and has done the statesmanlike thing and tendered a public apology.

We would like at this stage to ask the nation, the opposition and the government to all work together to correct the problems in the health sector and resist the temptation to play political football with something as serious as healthcare.

We hope that collectively the nation can work together to ensure that there is no repeat of this series of unfortunate cases.

As women and in keeping with with the Prime Minister has already stated, we too would like to send our condolences to those grieving parents. We too are mothers and we understand their pain and grief and we will do everything in our power to ensure there is no repeat of this situation.

We would like all well thinking Jamaicans to join us in that regard”.

That above is the statement that I expect from the PNP women’s movement very shortly.

Dr Fenton Ferguson demands the truth on matters in the health sector

November 16, 2010

The Opposition People’s National Party has accused the Government of being deliberately misleading about the total number of redundancies to result from the merger of the Health Corporation Limited and the National Health Fund.

“The Opposition is therefore calling on the minister to bring clarity to the matter and inform the nation of the truth of this redundancy exercise, rather than putting a spin on it,” Dr Ferguson said. He also raised questions about the internal control systems of the National Health Fund and how the liabilities of the Health Corporation Limited will be treated in the merger and the impact on its ability to deliver quality health care.–truth–about-NHF-staff-cuts_8153340

Nov 9, 2009

Opposition laments lack of equipment at Kingston Public

The reported critical shortage of equipment and personnel at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) is causing concern for the Opposition People’s National Party.

Dr Fenton Ferguson, the opposition spokesman on health, says the matter has reached crisis proportions and needs the urgent attention of Minister of Health Rudyard Spencer.

According to Ferguson, the health minister needs to probe the situation at the KPH and take the necessary steps to address the problem.

Let’s stop playing politcal football when the PNP is in power !

  1. Let’s not play political football with HEALTH. Translated = don’t be critical of the minister and the sector because we are playing will people’s life, just allow all the sh## to take place and say nothing.
  2. Let’s not play political football with NATIONAL SECURITY. Translated = don’t be critical of the minister  because we are playing will people’s life, just allow all the sh## to take place and say nothing
  3. Let’s not play political football with EDUCATION. Translated = don’t be critical of the minister and the sector because we are playing will kid’s life, just allow all the sh## to take place and say nothing.
  4. Don’t be critical of the children affairs . Translated don’t be critical of the Youth minister because we are playing will kid’s life, just allow all the sh## to take place and say nothing.
  5. Don’t be critical of FINANCE and the economic reform program . This is not only irresponsible and this can chase away investors and derail the program.  BTW = we passed all nine IMF test, while the JLP derailed to former IMF program.

You get the message, any criticism of the PNP failed or failing policies is playing political football and that cannot be allowed.

What a set of people who are full of so much sh@#

Dr Fenton Ferguson adds more layers to an already “over-layered” system.

In classic PNP way of dealing with issues, Dr Fenton Ferguson does what every other PNP cabinet minister as well  the Prime Minister would have done, which is to add another layer of oversight to a system that already has too many oversight “bodies”.

Fenton, it’s not a lack of supervision per se that is the problem, instead it the unavailability of the correct resources required to get the job done that is the problem.

To set up a special unit to deal with “infection control” shows a clear lack of understanding of the problems facing the health sector and can lead to no useful remedy of the problem. This has created one more layer of people to which reports have to be now made before it gets to Fenton. In this way, he can continue to say he was not aware because his technical team did not appraise him of the matter on hand.

Classic PNP chess move ie give the impression you are doing something while doing nothing to fix problem but further insulating yourself from such problems in the future.

Next time he will blame his ” special unit” for any problems because they “failed” to advise him

Every hospital already have infection control teams  and systems to address these, but without the requisite resources they simply cannot get the job done.

Dr Ferguson already has in his hand an audit of the health system, which paints a damning picture of the system that he has built over the last 4 years and no more reports are required at this point in time. What is required are very specific steps to put more resources  into the system to help solve the problem.

  • We know the problem
  • We know the solution to the problem
  • We do not need another team of PNP sympathizers to add another layer to the system.
  • We simply need to do what needs to be done to address the problem and provide all the resources  required to get it done.

It may not be as simple as I make it sound but in the final analysis that is what it boils down to.

The PNP solution to failure is to set up committees chaired by those who have failed to determine why they failed and to report back those who are failures, why they failed. Once done the report goes no where and its business as usual.

Case in point Fenton audit of the health sector.

Fenton ordered a audit of the failing health sector, which he incidentally leads, to look into the failures of the system and to furnish him with such report.

Once the report gets back to Fenton indicating where he has been failing, what happens?

Well the report become state secret  never to see  the light of day.

Its business as usual once again. Nothing resolved !

Who is helping us to solve our “death” crises.

The IMF forcing us to solve our debt crises.

Who is going to help us to solve our “death” crises ?

The Prime Minister spent 73 seconds on 18 dead babies, but 15 Minutes of JLP offer of free Tuition

Today, after 11 days the Prime Minister dedicated just 73 seconds to speak about the 18 dead babies and to the grieving mothers.

In contrast within one day of Andrew Holness making a statement about “free tuition” the Prime Minister responded and took him to task and spend about 15 minutes doing so.

Which is/was  more important to the Prime Minister ?

You do the maths.

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