NSWMA board may resign for its failure appoint PNP loyalist but NHT board remains after wasting $200m

Jamaica is a rather interesting country, where accountability never appears to be good word especially when it comes unto governance issues.

Last year the NHT board was allowed to remain intact after wasting over $200m to by the loss making property known as Outameni Attractions.

Today we hear the NSWMA board is likely to be asked to resign over their failure to hand PNP loyalist Jennifer Edwards a new three year contract, after her existing contract expired on March 26, 2015 !

What a sad state of affairs in Jamaica and what a docile set of people, who do not seem to give a rats ass about good governance . Our continued ambivalence to these matters is allowing this country to sink faster than a rock .

I continue to weep for my country , which  continues to move fast down the road to sure failed state.


NHT board contracts expires this Thursday, April 2, 1015, will the PM now act ?

Madame Prime Minister, commonsenseja is holding to your commitment made last year in the height of the Outameni controversy that a new board will be appointed, when the contract of the existing board members expires later this week.

Will the Prime Minister act or is she hoping that we have all forgotten, given out tendency to never hold these politicians accountable no matter how badly they screw up.

I have not forgotten !

Jamaicans speak about ” Fish back” with Cliff !

IMPACT: “Rainforrest wi buy it, not even dawg want it fi eat ..but wa wi fi do? Wi cyaa dead” – Vendor Downtown speaking to

Woman tells : “Di fish back, not even jancro waah dat fi eat. Dat nuh good. But haffi eat it”

This is what Jamaica has descended to and its only by the grace of the father why this country has  not imploded as yet.

I hope it never happens but with the hardship being faced by Jamaicans, unless the PNP pulls of a miracle something will have to give soon.

Get Swedish experts to run the NSWMA and Riverton ; dump the existing board !

Commonsenseja is calling on the government to get serious about Riverton and bring in experts to change the game as it relates to the dump.

Sweden has proven they can do it, with 99% of ALL the waste in that country being recycled and just 1%  ending up at the land fill. What more can one ask for.

Dump the existing board, dump all who are clamouring to eat a food off the dump and get a set of “real” experts to deal with this dump once and for all.


Chicken back fat now on sale , as poverty bites Jamaicans.

As poverty continues to gallop under the austerity brought on by the PNP after over 22 years of leadership, the Jamaican population have to keep finding creative ways to survive.

Just two weeks ago, Andrew Holness noted that a significant number of people in Jamaica had to seek the now infamous    ” fishback” as a source of protein, given their inability to purchase fish.

While Chicken back has been a source of protein for a very long time, the product has now been striped down further and the cost lowered as poverty and cost of living has driven Jamaicans to new lows.

You can now purchase “chicken back fat ”  at some shops in and around Kingston for $20 per pound. The chicken back fat is placed in a frying pan, after it has been heated for a few minutes. You continuously turn the chicken back fat until it is crispy. You then recover the oil produced, which is bottled and put aside for future use, while the now crispy fat is added to callaloo , cabbage or you add seasoning to it and have it a source of protein with ground provision.

There are so many Jamaicans who have no idea how the poor survive and live in Jamaica. The Jamaican poor continues to have faith in a party and a leader who has done very little to remove them from poverty.

I guess one could say the poor get what they deserve.

chicken back fat

Cops seize Rocket Launcher, ahead of President Obama’s visit

It has just been reported that cops seized  a number of high powered weapons, among them a rocket launcher.

More on this later.


Sweden runs out of garbage; Lessons for NSWMA

Something incredible has been taking place in Sweden over the past several years, somewhat of a “recycling revolution,” if you will. Currently less than one percent of the garbage produced in Swedish homes ends up in the landfill today, with the other ninety-nine percent being recycled or composted.

Sweden has been known for years now for the amazing and resourceful waste management system that they have had in place for some time. They have 32 waste-to-energy (WTE) plants and this burned waste powers 20 percent of Sweden’s district heating as well as electricity for about 250,000 Swedish homes.

In fact, Sweden has become so good at recycling their waste; the country now has to import 800,000 tons of trash each year from the U.K., Italy, Ireland and Norway to keep their WTE plants up and running.


Those idiots pushing to have Jennifer Edwards back as head of the NSWMA, should read this and get themselves educated.


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