NSWMA board may resign for its failure appoint PNP loyalist but NHT board remains after wasting $200m

Jamaica is a rather interesting country, where accountability never appears to be good word especially when it comes unto governance issues.

Last year the NHT board was allowed to remain intact after wasting over $200m to by the loss making property known as Outameni Attractions.

Today we hear the NSWMA board is likely to be asked to resign over their failure to hand PNP loyalist Jennifer Edwards a new three year contract, after her existing contract expired on March 26, 2015 !

What a sad state of affairs in Jamaica and what a docile set of people, who do not seem to give a rats ass about good governance . Our continued ambivalence to these matters is allowing this country to sink faster than a rock .

I continue to weep for my country , which  continues to move fast down the road to sure failed state.


One Response

  1. Well folks here you have it. NSWMA board gone, but NHT board maintained and strengthen.


    What a country.

    Not that I beleved the NSWMA board should not go, but NOT over the NHT issue.

    The board was derilict in their duty in not ensuring that the nearly $1B that was spent by an agency was properly accounted, but that was not enough to get them fired.

    Not giving Jennifer Edwards a new contract however was good reason.

    Wow, wow, wow.

    That is accountability PNP style.

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