Book smart, but street idiot – Andrew Holness

This is how Andrew Holness is being described, when compared to sitting Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller. The latter has been described as not too “book bright”, but street smart and has been able to sucessfully destroy the credibility of Andrew Holness time and time again.

Andrew Holness for all his education is being misled by elders of the party and is heading down the very rd Edward Seaga travelled. This road allowed the incompetent PNP to ruin this country for 18.5 long years and destroyed everything , including the moral fabric of the country.

Andrew Holness has lost it and MUST resign if he has any intention of becoming Prime Minister of Jamaica again.

I call upon Mr Holness to not let today end without him handing in his resignation, failing which we will be moving to have him forcibly removed from the position. The man has become an embarrassment to the party !

Today when Andrew speaks the truth he is not believed, but when Portia makes a stupid and idiotic statement it is believed and takes on a life of its own.

Look at the following statement

” Jennifer did not set the dump on fire”

“Andrew Holness is mocking the poor with his basket of grocery”.

When a leader can say the above and becomes more credible than the opposition leader, not only do you realize that so many idiots live in Jamaica, but you must also realize that the opposition leader is absolutely worthless and must be removed from that position.


One Response

  1. Justice etal, why are you not coming to the defense of Andrew Holness or it if that you folks only defend comrades ? If that is the case ,it means you all stand on shaky ground when you try to criticize me.
    Comrades don’t believe that wrong is wrong and should be called out.

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