Chicken back fat now on sale , as poverty bites Jamaicans.

As poverty continues to gallop under the austerity brought on by the PNP after over 22 years of leadership, the Jamaican population have to keep finding creative ways to survive.

Just two weeks ago, Andrew Holness noted that a significant number of people in Jamaica had to seek the now infamous    ” fishback” as a source of protein, given their inability to purchase fish.

While Chicken back has been a source of protein for a very long time, the product has now been striped down further and the cost lowered as poverty and cost of living has driven Jamaicans to new lows.

You can now purchase “chicken back fat ”  at some shops in and around Kingston for $20 per pound. The chicken back fat is placed in a frying pan, after it has been heated for a few minutes. You continuously turn the chicken back fat until it is crispy. You then recover the oil produced, which is bottled and put aside for future use, while the now crispy fat is added to callaloo , cabbage or you add seasoning to it and have it a source of protein with ground provision.

There are so many Jamaicans who have no idea how the poor survive and live in Jamaica. The Jamaican poor continues to have faith in a party and a leader who has done very little to remove them from poverty.

I guess one could say the poor get what they deserve.

chicken back fat


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