Is Jennifer Edwards an idiot or what ?

I believe I fall into the 20% of the Jamaican population who thinks very different and that can be a good thing as well as a bad thing in the eyes of some people.

Jennifer Edwards was given a 3 year contract in 2012, which expired in February of this year. This contract was extended by the board and ended yesterday, March 26, 2015. The board has indicated that her contract would not be extended and it was after that all hell broke loose.

Some people are suggesting that Jennifer was not treated fairly and must be given back her job as she did not set the fire, which is the dumbest statement I have heard to date.

Yesterday she filed a lawsuit to try and force the board not to fire her, but to me this lawsuit makes no sense as the legal document ie the contract had expired and is no longer in effect.

Today I read of a former NSWMA head arguing that Jennifer was given a basket to carry water

FORMER executive director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Christopher Powell, says the current agency head Jennifer Edwards was set up to fail.

“I’m not privy to all [that’s going on] but on the face of it she’s been given a basket to carry water, and I’m speaking from experience. From my time and before Alston Stewart’s time, every executive director will tell you we have countless [discussions on ways] to put in trucks, for infrastucture development of the landfill, not only at Riverton but Retirement, Haddon, Martin’s Hill, everywhere, and it takes money. I don’t know the internal runnings of what’s going on now, but she doesn’t have enough resources — I never did, either — to run the place,” Powell said.

Now look at Jennifer Edwards statement on the same matter

In her defense, Edwards said the agency has been severely hobbled over the years by a critical lack of the resources required to upgrade and transform the facility to meet developed country standards.

Now, if you and other believe you were setup, starved of resources, given a basket to carry, why on earth would you be fighting to keep a position where failure is imminent , based on your own statement and assessment .

So this is what I am hearing from  Jennifer Edwards :

” Even though I know I am going to fail, even though I know there is no resources to get the job done even though I know I will never be able to do a good job, I demand I be given a new contract to continue to do what I have been doing over the last 3 years.”

Performance is not that important if I can find a reason or excuses for my failure to perform, what matters is that I be given the task to continue as my failure is really not mine because I was not given what I needed to perform to the required standard.

Now can someone smarter than me tell me why would someone would go far as to court to stay in a job that failure will be the only outcome?

This would be clear proof that Mrs Edwards can be consider to be a complete idiot or really does not care if she fails to do what the country expect as long as she remain in the position  because she is a good comrade.

May the lord help Jamaica.


4 Responses

  1. Well, I’m definitely NOT smarter than you, but I will offer an analogy. Have you ever tried to end a relationship with a Jamaican woman? In most cases, they will tell you point blank that it is not the man’s decision and if anybody is ending the relationship, it must be “her”. Yuh can’t leave mi, it must be me who ends this-a relationship. So, to avoid any form of confrontation, which could potentially end with her stabbing you, the man, it is best to end the relationship by making it appear that she, the woman, is the one that dump you, the man. That is just how the Jamaican woman think and behave. They ALWAYS must win or have the last word or think they have the upper hand.

    Same thing with these Jamaican female executives. They check in, but won’t check out. Just look at the number of these female executives with current cases before the Jamaican Courts. Ms. Edwards is pissed because the words incompetent is being linked to her tenure at NSWMA and that is a big no-no. She must leave with her dignity intact. Again, you don’t want to end a relationship with a Jamaican woman by telling her that the reason for the breakup was that she was just a “bad lay”….”boring in bed”….and of course, the mother of all insults, that a certain body cavity of hers have seen better days and has exceeded its elastic limits…permanently!

    • Lol, I like that one. You will agree however that she has no entitlement to a new contract after the expiration of this existing contract

      Her case is weak

  2. i always thought that a contract has a start and end date and there is no entitlement for a renewal .Well thats what my contract states.,, some lawyers really need to advise their clients properly, but WTH lawyers get paid WIN LOSE OR DRAW

    • Those were was my thoughts too,but it seems to be very different in Jamaica.
      What amazes me is those who believe she is entitled to a new contract

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