GOJ can collect data for NIDS at a fraction of any projected cost.

I believe the GOJ can collect the bio metric data of nearly all the current population without incurring much cost. In fact the GOJ could actually get Jamaicans to pay the government to collect said data.

If the GOJ was to have a memorandum of agreement with USA (Homeland Security), the could have the USA update their visa application form to collect most of pertinent biometric data at the application /interview process.

The USA could charge another $2000 for their visa application, with that amount being used to collect, process and hand over this information to the GOJ . Jamaicans would have NO PROBLEMS handing over this information of they believe it can actually help them secure that coveted visa and their would be NO public backlash.

So essentially the people of Jamaica, would end up paying the GOJ for providing them their bio -metric data, without a fuss.

I think its an absolutely workable  and brilliant idea , that would get the job done, silence the critics and would cost the GOJ next to nothing.



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