Was the Minister of National Security held up and robbed last night?

Reports making the rounds was that Minister of National Security , Peter Bunting was held up and robbed by men brandishing knives, while he was in the company of a female companion at a Villa in Port Antonio on Saturday night ( 3/30)

Cell Phones and at least one laptop was reported to have been stolen .

But in a release the Minister is reporting that while he was not held up, the security of the place where he was staying was compromised and a few items were stolen and some have already been recovered by the local police.

We just received a report that some items were also returned in exchange for cash, if this is indeed true, then would this not fall under the category of extortion.

Peter Bunting has been so embarassed by this incident that he has sought to down play it as being a “minor” incident. If the Minister of National Security can downplay this as being minor, it leave me as an ordinary citizen, without “security detail” worried.

The tongues are wagging asking ” where was the security  detail” ?


Portia Simpson Miller on track to become Jamaica’s worst ever Prime Minister.

There is little doubt in my mind and the minds of many that the current Prime Minister of Jamaica is anything but a leader and behooves the question, “how on earth did she become Prime Minister of Jamaica“?  Maybe its high time this country start a serious look at how one becomes Prime Minister as certainly she was not elected Prime Minister, instead by virtue of being party leader, she automatically becomes the Prime Minister if the party she “leads” wins at the poll.

In December of 2011 , leading up to the elections, I wrote that PSM was not fit to become Prime Minister of Jamaica and nothing so far in her tenure has proven me to be wrong , at least not yet.

The current holder of that position constantly hides from the media, will not take questions in parliament unless given two weeks notice, refuses to speak to the Jamaican public on national issues and is insistent on hiding behind her large whatnot.

The holder of the Prime Minister position has had 5 “Whatnot” retreats in 15 months and not once has she lead the charge coming out of those session, where  a cohesive economic plan and or direction has been enunciated.

Her leadership ( for want of a better word) is so bad that less than 24hrs after a national broadcast, the public was heard demanding another  national broadcast as nothing was forthcoming from the one, where she attempted to speak to the Jamaican public.  Portia Simpson Miller when asked why she is not speaking to he people of Jamaica noted ” When you don’t hear from me , I am working , working, working”. The problem in this statement is no one can see the efforts of her work, ops I am lying,  her failure is there for all to see.

Faced with harsh criticism, the holder of the office of Prime Minister went on the offensive telling us ” I don’t listen to negative criticism I only listen to the positives ones. My husband filters the news for me and tell me what news cast I need to listen to and what to avoid. Further more those persons who are critics are nothing but failures themselves“.

Now if one was to dissect the last part of that statement  in bold and italic and ask the following questions.

  1. Who was Bruce Golding harshest critic and worse nightmare –  Portia Simpson Miller
  2. Who was Andrew Holness harshest critic – Portia Simpson Miller
  3. Who was the JLP harshest critic – Portia Simpson Miller
  4. Who criticized every single policy developed by the JLP government – Portia Simpson Miller
  5. Who said the JLP was wicked and uncaring – Portia Simpson Miller.

Now given that Portia thinks those who are critics are indeed failures, what does 1-5 say about Portia Simpson Miller . If you says she is a failure  you would have provided the right answer.

According to the opposition spokesman on Finance (Mr Loud Mouth) Audley Shaw, price of basic food items like sardines and corn-beef have moved up in excess of 30% since the PNP came to power. These food items are the staple of the very people that Portia Simpson Miller is claiming to protect, what irony.

Portia Simpson Miller is without doubt, on track (barring as miracle) to becoming the worst Jamaican Prime Minister ever !

Click image to view full size editorial cartoon

Courtesy: Jamaica Observer

Peter deny’s three times !

As in the biblical days and around this  time of the year ( over 2000 yrs ago), there is a story in the Bible of a man called Peter that denied knowing Jesus three times.

  1. Peter  when ask ” Are there any prior actions demanded by the IMF, the answer was no.
  2. Peter met with sector leaders and denied any tax increases, then imposed $16b worth of taxes on Jamaicans.
  3. Peter when asked, will there be another Debt Exchange he said no.


  1. Peter when asked about an IMF agreement he said end of the year (2012), then end of March, then soonest possible date.
  2. Peter when asked about  JDX#2, said no, no, then we heard of JDX #2 and JDX #3
  3. Peter when asked if there will be another round of tax increases, he said use the power of deduction, but  there will be no Major tax increases


  1. Peter when asked about raid on our private back account balance denied 3 times, but a day later asked for ALL surplus of state agencies(warning).


Peter Phillips is a man that cannot be trusted and is not someone who you can negotiate with in good faith.

I guess Portia Simpson Miller knew this and  that maybe one of the reasons why she choose him to become Finance Minister, she needed someone who could look you right in the eyes and tell he he was not even sitting there looking at you.

The trust deficit that exist  in the current leadership of the PNP is one of the worst I can recall seeing in modern day Jamaica and the Prime Minister believes if she does not speak on the issue, it can be said she was not a party to what was/is going on and so cannot be held responsible.

No sister P we are a lot smarter than that, you fought for power and now you have it you are absolutely clueless what do with it and unless you can get a miracle. history will record you as the worst  Jamaican Prime Minister yet .

The media is being made a  FOOL of by the PNP and reporters are like chickens being feed bits and piece of corn, which the hungrily gooble up at what has become a farce called weekly press conference, its nothing but that. Those sessions have become the epicenter of obfuscation and misdirection  lead by the Minister of Mis-information.

PNP has been a complete disaster since taking office in Dec 2011 and the worst is yet to come !

The PNP government is failing badly and now Jamaicans are left asking ” what do we do now”. We rejected the labourites because we did not like their economic plan and where it was taking Jamaica.

We elected the PNP who appears to have had no plan and are confused and at sea since taking leadership.  Portia promised to be our nightmare between 2007 and 2011 and she was, but not many expect she would continue to be our “worst nightmare” have attained the position she fought so hard for.

The country us being ruined by the policies ( I think that should be none action) of the PNP and you know its VERY BAD, when legitimate businessmen and women have to be turning to illegitimate sources to keep their business afloat. Can you imagine US $ being sold for $145 :1

As one comrade said to me Saturday night ” Jay me neva dream Portia would have been such a poor leader and the PNP performance would have been so dismal. Dem did seh dem ago tun up d ting, but is like d man dem a bun up d ting. Mi vex how d country a run, mi nah tell u nuh lie my bex iyah”.

Dr Phillips is one person in the party that I had trusted and was on record saying he should be the leader of the PNP and ultimately PM, but as time went by I have seen where Dr Phillips has lost his credibility and now can no longer be trusted. In the last two weeks Dr Peter Phillips has mentioned on no less that 3 occasions that our monies in the bank is safe and the GOJ has no intention of following in the footsteps of Cyprus.

Given Dr Phillps propensity for saying one thing and doing the opposite, I am now more worried than ever, that he could make a move on the fruits of my hard labour and ask for 10-15% of those balances above $600k.

I went online today to check my land taxes and thanks to the PNP,  I have been asked to pay an increase of 135.56% above last years number. Thank you Portia and the PNP, you guys are surely planning to take Jamaica back to the 1970’s.

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Courtesy : Jamaica Observer

What will be Portia Simpson Miller’s Legacy, when she retires ?

Portia Simpson Miller is so obsessed with the preservation of her legacy, that she refuses to speak on any controversial issue, that could become a “sound bite” in the future. She is so concerned with her role as “protector” of the poor, that she will not be part of any announcement  where tough measures that will impact the poor are to be introduced, leaving the face of Dr Peter Phillips to be seen as the one who is making our lives a living nightmare.

The biggest crises outside of the economic one ie the lotto scam has been making the rounds internationally  for the last two weeks, but our Prime Minister has not seen it fit to utter a single word to the Jamaican public on this matter.

The Prime Minister huddled with her cabinet ministers for a 3 day retreat and at the end, the Prime Minister as not seen it fit to issue a statement to the Jamaican public on the deliberations  that took place and decisions made that could impact the people of this country. The  Prime Minister appears to have bought into the concept that ” silence can only be misinterpreted but not misquoted” and continues to RETREAT from her leadership role.

Portia Simpson Miller will not have much of a legacy at the end of her 40 odd years of public life. She has always been an important part of  PNP and while only having served a short period as PM,(she)by virtue of the collectively responsibility, which forms the heart of the Westminster system, is just as culpable as those who would have been in charge of the government.

  1. Portia Simpson Miller was part of the destruction of the Jamaican economy that occurred in the 1970’S
  2. Portia Simpson Miller was a part of the destruction of the financial and manufacturing sector in the 1990’s and was an integral part of the government, which contributed to over $120B  of the country’s wealth simply evaporating.
  3. She was a part of the government that served for 4 consecutive terms, which resulted in the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich that this country has ever seen.
  4. She was part of that same government, which took the Jamaican dollar from approx $5.50 in 1989 to over $70.00 when they lost power in 2007.
  5. She is back as leader of the party and Prime Minister and would have overseen the movement of the Jamaican dollar from $86 to over $100 : 1
  6. She would have been leader of the country, when the NIR  slipped to the lowest level seen in modern era Jamaica
  7. She would have been leader of the country, when the largest  cumulative tax package in the history of the country was imposed on hapless Jamaicans.
  8. With only one year into her new term as Prime Minister, the incompetence of the Prime Minister is there for all to see and it will take nothing short of a miracle for her performance to change before the retires from active politics.

When the history books would have been written, it would have shown that contrary to the popular held belief that Porta  is a champion for the poor, Portia Simpson Miller would have been the only living politician who would have contributed to the destruction of the  Jamaican economy  and the “pauperization” of the Jamaican people. ( May be the only one ever ie living or dead)

She would have been the first and only Jamaican politician to have become Prime Minister and who was a part of some of the most destructive economic policies that would have contributed greatly to the poor performance of Jamaica for 40 of its 54 years of independence.

So what’s the legacy of Portia Simpson Miller?

In summary,it would be the only politician who promised so much and delivered so little . The politician who  transcended 3 different periods of PNP leadership, which would have been characterized by, high crime rates, massive levels of  corruption , high levels of waste,  massive devaluation, hyper inflation, high interest rates, massive tax increases, food shortages, destruction of the agricultural, manufacturing and financial sector over these periods.

A person who as part of these successive government was unable to craft economic policies that would contributed to growth in the Jamaican economy and in turn wealth for  the people of Jamaica.

Portia Simpson Miller would have been Jamaica’s biggest failure as a politician and one who made Jamaica as poor as it is today.

Backto aka majesty gardens

New construction in “backto” aka Majesty Gardens , part of PSM legacy

Energy Security in Jamaica?

The security of the Jamaican Energy System may be at risk and we the public may  not even be aware of such risk. The Trinidad Express today reported on a total shutdown of the power supply system in the twin island Republic of  Trinidad and Tobago.  The paper reported that the failure was the result of the termination of LNG supply to the point Lisas Power Plant, which forced that plant to go offline. It appears that as a result of this failure, there may have been a decision take to take the other plant off-line to prevent damage to the other generating facility from overload of the power supply system.

This therefore begs the question, what contingencies are in place to prevent a similar situation from happening in Jamaica. We have had two major island-wide shutdown in the last few years, but I am unaware of the measures that may have been put in place to prevent such an occurrence.

It would be nice for the JPS to speak to this issue.

On another point the runaway dollar is pushing Jamaica’s oil bill to record levels, which will mean increased electricity prices are coming and this will lead to a new round of rolling price increases on the backs of the Jamaican public.

Jamaicans are in for a torrid time under the PNP administration.


How the IMF Props Up the Bankrupt Dollar System

I thought I would create a thread on its own for this .

One of the crucial pillars of support for today’s Dollar System is Washington’s control of the International Monetary Fund, the IMF. The way this actually works is carefully disguised, behind a facade of technocrats and economic theory of free market ideology. In reality, the IMF is a modern era collection agency for the Dollar Empire. It collects its tribute, through major international banks, who use the dollars to further extend the power of American financial and corporate hegemony, in effect the driving motor of what is globalization.



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