Portia Simpson Miller on track to become Jamaica’s worst ever Prime Minister.

There is little doubt in my mind and the minds of many that the current Prime Minister of Jamaica is anything but a leader and behooves the question, “how on earth did she become Prime Minister of Jamaica“?  Maybe its high time this country start a serious look at how one becomes Prime Minister as certainly she was not elected Prime Minister, instead by virtue of being party leader, she automatically becomes the Prime Minister if the party she “leads” wins at the poll.

In December of 2011 , leading up to the elections, I wrote that PSM was not fit to become Prime Minister of Jamaica and nothing so far in her tenure has proven me to be wrong , at least not yet.

The current holder of that position constantly hides from the media, will not take questions in parliament unless given two weeks notice, refuses to speak to the Jamaican public on national issues and is insistent on hiding behind her large whatnot.

The holder of the Prime Minister position has had 5 “Whatnot” retreats in 15 months and not once has she lead the charge coming out of those session, where  a cohesive economic plan and or direction has been enunciated.

Her leadership ( for want of a better word) is so bad that less than 24hrs after a national broadcast, the public was heard demanding another  national broadcast as nothing was forthcoming from the one, where she attempted to speak to the Jamaican public.  Portia Simpson Miller when asked why she is not speaking to he people of Jamaica noted ” When you don’t hear from me , I am working , working, working”. The problem in this statement is no one can see the efforts of her work, ops I am lying,  her failure is there for all to see.

Faced with harsh criticism, the holder of the office of Prime Minister went on the offensive telling us ” I don’t listen to negative criticism I only listen to the positives ones. My husband filters the news for me and tell me what news cast I need to listen to and what to avoid. Further more those persons who are critics are nothing but failures themselves“.

Now if one was to dissect the last part of that statement  in bold and italic and ask the following questions.

  1. Who was Bruce Golding harshest critic and worse nightmare –  Portia Simpson Miller
  2. Who was Andrew Holness harshest critic – Portia Simpson Miller
  3. Who was the JLP harshest critic – Portia Simpson Miller
  4. Who criticized every single policy developed by the JLP government – Portia Simpson Miller
  5. Who said the JLP was wicked and uncaring – Portia Simpson Miller.

Now given that Portia thinks those who are critics are indeed failures, what does 1-5 say about Portia Simpson Miller . If you says she is a failure  you would have provided the right answer.

According to the opposition spokesman on Finance (Mr Loud Mouth) Audley Shaw, price of basic food items like sardines and corn-beef have moved up in excess of 30% since the PNP came to power. These food items are the staple of the very people that Portia Simpson Miller is claiming to protect, what irony.

Portia Simpson Miller is without doubt, on track (barring as miracle) to becoming the worst Jamaican Prime Minister ever !

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Courtesy: Jamaica Observer


23 Responses

  1. Jay, please do not quote Audley Shaw. His previous pronouncement was a fiction of his imagination as i called around and checked. He is at it again? Guys like Shaw are the reason why the inept prime minister and the current govt are having a “free ride”. They only have credibility with “rock-stone Labourites”.

    • Mr. Sam Sharpe politics is politics. When the jlp was in power, the simpletons were listening to Portia, although it is a fact that she has no credibility. After all her constituency is like a hog’s pen. Even if Mr. Audley Shaw has no credibility he has the right to speak; because noone told No brain Portia to shut up. The woman was not even able to read speeches without Bruce correcting her at times

      • My Brother Tit for Tat is not in the best interest of Jamaica and this circus has been used to distract our people from the real challenges that we face as a Country. We can both agree that Portia Lucretia is out of her league, but to think that it gives Shaw the right to spout nonsense is troubling?? The same “Simpletons” you mentioned are the ones listening to Shaw, McKenzie and others of their ilk. Just observe how Golding and Tufton respond to issues?

    • The speech he gave was public so I can quote the numbers he gave at that time.

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      • We are a “soundbite” nation. I did my own research which i have been doing for a while because of the nature of our politics. If we continue to accept “bullshit” as politics as usual then what should be expect when they attain power? Humility??

        • Mr Sam Sharpe, Jamaicans are not interested in development. The average Jamaica prefers a man who will tell him to grow the economy, than the man who will actually tell him how to grow it. I have a number of suggestions to spur growth but these worthless politicians are only interested in listening to their no brain friends

  2. She was the one who siad coted ‘ I love poor people , I love poverty’. If a person loves fast car u are lightly to see him in a fast car. What I seeing she will not stop untill everyone is poor and poverty.

    • You could really benefit from an English Language remedial course. What is the hell is:

      siad = said?
      Cote = quote?
      lightly = likely?
      What I seeing = What I am seeing?
      untill = until?
      everyone is poor and poverty = everyone is poor and in poverty or poverty stricken?

      You fit the profile of a labourite to a tee. If I were you, I would go take the remedial course and come back with a different nick. Your writing skills are atrocious, to say the least. I’m embarrassed for you.

      • So instead of focusing and responding to the main issue you attack the writer. What if I said, this bloggers write like how the PM speaks !

      • What’s the problem, if you know what he/she is saying why are you making it into a big deal.

        • Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s always been my opinion that Portia Simpson Miller hasn’t got the intellectual ability to be a Prime Minister.

      • Nonsense you should know by now that most people used their phone to write a comment and is after posting it they see that words was not correctly spell so I would say you are pointless and at the same time defending your pm

  3. PSM will be the most silent and worse Prime Minister in the Western Hemisphere by the end of her term of 2016.

  4. How unfortunate that you all fail to hang on to reality. They are more leaders lining up along side her that ever in a long time/. She has been bringing back the Jamaica Brand so destroyed by our Former PM’S and that is literally what all these detractors are about.

  5. When all is said and done, the PNP, outside of the Manley era has done more harm than good for the people of Jamaica. The PNP assumes that they have a devine right to governance and hence they have become the scandal plague government. I am not a party loyalist to anyone. I support any party that has the interest of the people and country at heart. The PNP has disappointed its founders; not to mention Michael Manley, whom I believed is the best Prime Minister Jamaica has had.

    The JLP on the other hand , despite having their sh@^t to deal with, has done more for the people of Jamaica at the elm of governance. They will never to able to match the PNP in the wanton waste of tax payers money. Edward Seaga, maybe not the best visionary, but certainly the best at balancing the books. When all is said and done the PNP, post Manley are responsible for any hurdle Jamaica is yet to clear.

  6. Never in mind have I seen a peoples blasted women like in Jamaica, the author of this correspondence is nothing but a shovannistic male dominated person who may not wanting to have a female relationships why he spoken in that manner about the ex PM.. Give credit where credit is dew , I am in the social media daily and there are good things said about her and as a matter why did you vote her in if she was so rachet? Why never vote her out long time? Who is to be blamed???

    • Talk about grammar. Nothing is clear

      • I am a female who is Jamaican by nationality and Portia Simpson is by far the worst thing that ever happened to our little country..

        • We the People of Jamaica need a commissioner review board set up to to investigate the 3 previous Primister and their cabinets. The reason is to find out; How and Where they spend our Tax payer Money. We have no good infrastructure for the past 25 years, There are no Growth.

          The only Growth we see is their net worth.
          PJ Patterson net worth is US$ 33 million.
          While Portia Simpson Miller Net worth is a wapping US $ 20.5 million.

          Don’t know mush about Bruce Golding.

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