Why is the construction sector up in arms with the CHEC and others?

The Jamaican population for decades have been suffering at hands of local contractors, who have been awarded government contracts, which they have then  subcontracted to others, who then subcontract to others. At the end of all these serial subcontracts, you end up with projects that are late and subjects to millions of dollars in cost overrun which have to be paid for by you and I ie the tax payers.

We now have a situation where the Chinese players have entered into major contracts with the GOJ, which are being done in record time, as these folks work day and night to meet their contractual obligations. In addition to this, many of these projects are funded by the Chinese entities, which removes the burden from the tax payers of this country, given the generous terms that have been negotiated .

In the last few years, I have not heard of a major project that has had a cost overrun or have been late, which is supposed to be good for the country.

All the above in most countries would be good signs, not so in Jamaica, a country which has been used to making a “killing” off poorly supervised government contracts. The fact that we have all positives mentioned above, is not good for many in this country and one is therefore left to ask, why?

The answer is not what you have been given about unfair competition, because of concession given to the Chinese contractors( not that this is not the case). I posit that the real reason is the loss of access to billions of dollars in earnings from poorly executed projects, which have resulted in cost overrun, that is the meat of the matter.

Nothing prevents the major companies in Jamaica from forming joint ventures and scaling up, they have the equipment and expertise to do so, so why this is not happening. The answer is simple, no one is willing to share in the spoils of the pork barrel, so its all or nothing.

For the first time in decades we see major infrastructural work being done and we don’t hear any word on “cost over runs”, which means the Jamaican public is finally getting value for money.

I say to the GOJ, stay the course, its time for tax payers of this country to get a break and stop being taken for a ride by those who seek to place their interest ahead of that of the country .



Where is the bad gas report ?

When will the minister release the bad gas report . Here is my report

Origin of Bad Gas : Montego Bay Freeport

Source of Bad Gas : Sea water in Storage Tank

How did it get into the trade: Truckers were contracted to empty the storage tank and dispose of the gas

What happened :: Gas was not disposed of, instead it was sold to the trade and attempts made  to blend it

Result ; Bad Gas Saga

Coming next : Bad LPG

Source ; Montego Bay Freeport

Been in the trade since July last year.


NHT Board remains unchanged , but media is quiet !

The contract of the NHT board expired at least 3 weeks ago, but a new board has not yet been appointed. One can therefore assume that the board that the Prime Minister promised would have been changed, continues to remain in place today, just as it was at the height of the Outameni Scandal

I continue to say, as a people not only are our memories short, but even when jogged nothing happens.

One would been led to believe that after the big media hype about Outameni and the acceptance of the PSOJ and other civil society groups of the Prime Ministers promise that a new board would have been appointed three weeks ago, they would have called out the Prime Minister for misleading the nation once again. Alas not a peep out of the people who were so vocal in November 2014 !

Will the real media stand up and demand word from the Prime Minister on the status of the NHT board.

How quickly we forget and move on.

PNP MP issues contract to phantom company

PNP MP Jolyan Silvera is today facing serious questions about is conduct in a cased related to the issuing of a consultancy contract to work $1.5m to a company that did not exist at the time when the said contract was written and approved.

The contract was related to funds being used from the Constituency Development Fund CDF and was said to have been approved and dated before the firm came into existence.

Mr Silvera was on NNN defending his integrity and of course like a good old comrade, insisting that he did nothing wrong in this matter.

We understand that the said contract was later withdrawn, rewritten and resubmitted with a date after the consultancy firm was formed.

Now I will once again go on record as saying members of the ruing party continues to act with impunity and outside the rules and regulations to meet their narrow political interest, while throwing morals and ethics out the door.

I am sure Mr Silvera will suggest he did not stand to benefit from this contract, which now appears to be the favourite defence strategy employed my members of the ruling party, when they are caught doing wrong.

Given, that this is Jamaica, nothing will come out of this case, which reeks of CORRUPTION , because we Jamaicans have refused to stand our ground on the issue of corruption, especially when we are the beneficiary of such corrupt acts.

Run wid it me seh !

Why is Peter Bunting the best man to lead the anti-corruption fight ?

The answer is Peter Bunting has made his money prior to his entering politics.

Yesterday I was in a discussion with some folks, as we spoke about factors holding back Jamaica’s progress and corruption surfaced as one of those major issues.

The question was then asked ” Why have we failed in a serious way  to address corruption in high places and why don’t we have systems in place to investigate and convict corrupt public officials and wealthy businessmen”.

One question was put to me ” Jay, why would you have career politician who would be willing to fight tooth and nail to become elected, when the salary they receive is far less than even some middle managers in some companies in Jamaica”?

It cannot be that they are fighting for those low salaries, it cannot be they simply want to be an elected official, so there must be something else that drives these folks to seek an elected position and that cannot be they are patriotic and want to develop Jamaica. So if it’s not the above, what else would drive a man who has had a solid education and can get a job paying twice as much in the private sector, to seek a lifelong job in politics?

Corruption is pervasive throughout the Jamaican society, it is a cancer that appears to be close to  stage 4 and getting rid of it will require massive surgery, which means good investigation,  precise and foolproof case building with all evidence required to secure conviction, swift execution of the case before the courts and long jail term on conviction.

It is felt that given Peter Buntings financial position, he has no real need to engage in unsavoury and corruption activities like kickback from contracts etc and maybe in the best position to put together a proper team that can conduct the type of legwork required, as well as new legislation that will ensure corruption is dealt with in the most severe way possible.

This will not be easy but I and many of my colleagues stand ready and willing to be part of any task force that is being put together to assist in creating the modus operandi of such a team, that can bring about the results that Jamaica must achieve. Yes I am willing to work with Peter Bunting in this regard.

MOCA in my mind will not achieve this and this has absolutely nothing to do with who is leading the team, it however has everything to do with the design of the team and its constituents.

When one looks at where MOCA draws its main support from, one can see that these organizations are the ones perpetrating most of the corruption in Jamaica. You cannot therefore create an anti-corruption organization and then draw its members from those bodies that facilitates the very corruption that you are trying to investigate and this what makes MOCA in it current form  nothing close to what I had envisioned for this agency.

I will however Peter’s further submissions and the FBI style agency that he says is in the making.







Has democracy failed Jamaica ?

In a democratic system, it’s the people of the country who gets to decide who leads the country for the time period as stipulated by the constitution of that country. Democracy speaks to freedom of choice , but the choices we make given this freedom can either make of break this country and so it has.

If one should ask on what basis or proven performance criteria can one use to justify why the PNP has lead this country for close to  21 of the last 25 years, what would be our answer.

If one should ask on what basis was the PNP rejected in 2007 and the JLP elected, what would have been our answer.

The process starts with the selection of the candidates for representational politics, on what basis are these folks screen and selected to represent the people and what criteria is used by the people to decide who ultimately leads them.

Is it on the basis of who ” leggo d most money, or the most bollo work”, what are the things that make someone worthy of representing the people. If democracy is a about the party selecting a candidate, installing that person in the community and then telling the people he is your new representative and you must support, then I think we are in trouble ( and we are certainly in trouble).

If one should look at where  our process has taken us, its shameful and speaks to our own failure as a people to hold our elected leaders accountable, but if the process for determining who leads us is fundamentally flawed, how on earth can we expect anything but what we are getting now.

If we should take a close look at some of the major indicators and where they are today, you can get a picture of how our process has failed us.


  1. Human Development Index – Failing
  2. Improved Transparency – Falling
  3. More Corruption – Passing
  4. Economic development – Failing
  5. Education System – Failing
  6. Healthcare System – Failing
  7. Quality of political leadership – Failing
  8. Management of our water resources – Failing
  9. Management of solid waste – Failing
  10. Management of road network – Failing
  11. Management of Fire Service – Failing
  12. Protecting the human rights of the people – Failing
  13. Crime Management – Failing
  14. Management of Energy Security and prices – Failing
  15. Productivity Levels – Failing
  16. Sports Management – Passing
  17. Management of the Exchange rate – Failing
  18. Management of poverty – Failing
  19. Job Creation – Failing
  20. Tax Collection and Equity – Failing


This is the system that democracy in Jamaica has produced, then we wonder why as a nation we have failed to make the level of progress that a country like Singapore has made over the same period of time.


How do we change this reality.

  1.  Honesty, integrity and high ethical conduct must me part of the way we operate.
  2. Accountability, we must first begin by holding ourselves accountable.
  3. Demand a change in the way our representative are selected and elected.
  4. Reject mediocrity in every sphere of our operations, people must deliver or be prepared to be rejected by the people of this country.
  5. An end to pork barrel politics
  6. An economic development plan by the people for the people. This plan should incorporate ideas from all spheres of the society from the “country ” poor to the urban elite. No more do we want a plan created by a Think Tank of University Professors, instead it must be all inclusive and all groups should be represented.
  7. The people must tell the properly selected candidates that this  Economic Plan by the people, will become our “bible” for the next 20 yrs and they must be committed towards the implementation of the plan. Any deviation from the plan must be approved by representative of the people, or those who have chosen to make such changes will feel the wrath of the population.
  8. Portfolio Ministers MUST have prior experience in the ministries to which they are to be placed. A finance Minister for example MUST have a degree in Finance and MUST have held a  senior post in Finance with no less than 10 years experience . In addition this person must have a full understanding of International Financial Markets. A Minister of Works and Housing should be a Certified or Chartered Civil Engineer, with no less than 5 years experience in the construction industry etc.  Skills, competence and experience MUST match the persons responsibilities , enough of the bullsh#t.
  9. The slightest hint of corruption must be met with brute force if the person involved fails to voluntarily resign, regardless if any criminal proceeding comes as a result of these matters. No Prime Minister can re-instate a person who has conducted any act of corruption irrespective if the individual is found not guilty by the courts.
  10. Failure to perform and meet performance targets should see the withdrawal of the portfolio minister, who can either be re-assigned or fired for failure to perform, if he choses not to resign or take his re-assignment.


Looking around Jamaica there is a free for all mentality, that must be stamped out, we cannot continue accept things the way they are, or we all risk dying on the sinking ship.

If Jamaica is to be recused we must take immediate action to stop the rot currently taking place and if that means the removal of some of what we call our rights then so be it, what we cannot allow however is for our politicians to determine what “rights” must be suspended to give this nation a chance to breathe.




Jamaica plummets on Human Development Index

While are the various Key Performance Indicators are suggesting that this country is not moving forward, there are many folks who continue to attempt to live in denial and so are not inclined to do anything to change this dismal reality.

It’s not that I am negative, instead its a recognition of the reality and having recognized that, you then get the people to beginning making changes.

Jamaica continues to fail because too many of us are in love with our leaders, who cannot do anything wrong in our eyes. This failure on our path has allowed to act with impunity, do as they please, with no fear of backlash from the population.

We get what we deserve for our collective failure.


For those who continue to champion the cause of the PNP, I wish you all good luck, after the PNP has brought Jamaica to ruins !

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