Dr. Alwin Hales underfire, is he now on the chopping block?

It would appear tonight that Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport Dr Alwin Hales could be the next fall guy in this increasing stench that is being developed regarding the JDIP.

I think however the main culprit behind this is Mike Henry who we gather was aware of everything that was going on regarding the entire project. It appears that the person who needs to be fired is Mike Henry but it appears that Dr Alwin Hales will be taking the fall.

This is getting real dirty !


5 Responses

  1. JDIP was designed as a massive feeding trough from day one – the entire JLP Cabinet must go; they all knew about it, including Baby Bruce (aka Andrew Holness).

    Let’s see how Baby Bruce handles this.

  2. Baby Bruce or the Baby Dinosaur can’t handle this one, or will he? With the help of the “spin doctors”……………………………………………
    maybe he will??????…..Wonder if there will be an election any time soon? They, the JLP has really exposed themselves since scraping through the 2007 election, “The higher the monkey climb the more him expose”… they have climbed to the top to show up their dirty deeds…oh how sad and disappointed their “spin doctors” should be at this time. They make the PNP look like little angels. Wow! wow! wow!

  3. I do not think it matters now if Mike Henry back his bags and flee or he stays and be embarrassed more….. even more so than how the security Minister was embarrassed at the Mannat enquiries.

  4. Can’t recall. Which one of them is NOT corrupt?

  5. The PNP had several scandals over its 18 years, but the JLP in 4 years mek dem look like when pickney a play school!!!!!!

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