Andrew Holness is NOT encouraging vote buy ” in the real sense”

Vote buying is illegal in Jamaica.

Vote buying is a corrupt act but what is vote buying.

Vote buying is the process of paying someone to either

  1. Change their original intention to vote and vote according to the wishes of the buyer
  2. Influence an uncommitted to vote according to the wishers of the buyer.

What did Andrew Holness say.

” When dem cum and offer you money tek de money becuz a fi unno money in d first place. Mi seh unno fi tek d money and vote dem out. Yes, tek d money and vote dem out”

When translated that is saying take the money from those offering you but do not allow that to influence the way you vote. So take the money and vote as you would have always done and not according to the wishes of the buyer.

Now, from a Technical stand point Andrew Holness is NOT encouraging vote buying and in fact is doing the exact opposite, but yet he has been admonished by none other than Trevor Munroe etal.

I keep saying the public holds members of the JLP to a much higher standard than the JLP and as such whatever happens within the JLP is subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than that of the PNP, how ironic.

Had Trevor come out and said ” I do not think any politician should be offering people any kind of money in the upcoming election”, I would have applauded his position, but he choose to do otherwise.

What Jamaicans seem not to recognize and refuse to admit is, politicians will always offer people money, that has been a practise in the poltical system for a very long time. In addition people are desperate so if someone comes and offer them money, they will take it, who would not.

If I don’t take it someone else will and I willl be a few thousand dollars poorer.

We have been telling politicians not to pay people for donkey years but has than made any change, hell no it has not for the reason above.

If we however tell people NOT to be influenced by the offer and acceptance of cash, but they should vote according to their wishes, then sooner or later, the one offering cash will stop because it will be clear to him that the money being offered has had zero impact on the outcome of the elections and he would have been wasting his money.

So Andrew Holness charge of taking the money and vote them out is probably the best way to stop the illegal practise of vote buying .

I therefore posit that the statement by Mr Holness is not vote buying ” in the real sense”.

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10 Responses

  1. Once a person takes money, then it is impossible to tell if he has not been bought. i.e. if one takes money from party X and then votes for party X, he could always say that he was going to vote for party X in the first place, so no vote buying took place.

    Andrew should encourage the persons to report the people to the police / ombudsman etc

    • People hungry, you think if you offer a hungry man $10,000 he is going to report you to the police, let’s be realistic here.

      I say take the money and vote as you would, sooner or later they will stop paying as they are not seeing the benefits of such payments.

      There are many ways to stop something and at times the most direct method is not the most effective.

  2. Are you going to start a topic on Devon Wint or Bobby Monataque.. why does there seem to be a cover up on this matter

    • Let me hear your view on Fenton and the dead babies scandal.

      Did you even condemn the actions of the Minister and the MOH ?

  3. LoL. Verbal gymnastics! I love it! Poor you don’t get the point so let me reiterate; as a leader you do not encourage law breaking even though it’s a common event and practiced by both political parties. That’s why you don’t sell out your country for Dudus nor do you actually “use” signed resignation letters that are unconstitutional. You guys ethical compass is always pointing south….that’s why you persist in moral equivocation and pushing buttons.

    • I sure know how to pull you guys out. We lose 19 babies ie mothers babies died and the GOJ tries to hide the information. I guess there is no moral issue here right, because they were not ” babies in the real sense”. Ok I got it sir.

      The public and media was barred from hearing what the COP was planning to do about crime in particular murders by the PNP, but I guess that is not a problem because those being murdered ” are not innocent in the real sense”.

      Oh how about the most destructive thing damaging Jamaica right now ie lotto scamming. CNN a world renowned news entity has said that former PNP EXECUTIVE ” Bebe” was the father of lotto scamming.

      An executive of the PNP was the father of this most destructive and vile scheme which has resulted in the doubling or murders in the west and the ruining of lives in the USA.

      Wow, what did you say about the moral compass pointing South ?

      • My moral compass works which is why, as a sane person with ethics I don’t support Bebe, nor do I support the conditions that led to the preemies death. i don’t support liars either which is precisely what you are doing when you accuse the GOJ of covering up the death of these children. I would ask you to prove it but I already know you have none and you are merely trying to save what little shred of dignity you have left after stooping to pigsty level to defend Handrews actions. I have warned you repeatedly, don’t sell your soul for a mess of pottage as politicians in general are not worth it and Handrew in particular is not! But I digress, at issue here which you cannot seem to fathom is that as a leader, former prime minister Handrew should not support notorious gangsters to the detriment of citizens lives, should not be caught dead on stage with convicted child molesters, should not advocate citizens to break the law, should not support breaking the law himself nor that of his fellow laborites, etc, etc! I hope I am getting through to you as you are not a moron or else I would not respond as I don’t suffer fools, you are simply too invested in whether the JLP wins or loses and as such have lost your moral compass! I believe the PNP, despite its many faults is presently the right party to run the country, because they have a larger cadre of capable people versus the JLP; but neither of them have enough capable people in there which is why we are where we are. But if they lose the next election I will support the GOJ and hope and pray the JLP does well. Can you say the same? Find you ethics and moral compass kid!

        • PNP is the best party to ruin the country. I always find when COMRADES have no good response they turn to name calling, which is what you are doing .

          The PNP only released the report on hospital and cover up on dead babies when NNN released info and the private sector decided to not fund the PNP.

          I guess you are not aware of all this right.
          So despite Bebe being an executive of the PNP and supported by the upper echelon of the PNP, you fully support them, I get it, moral compass only applicable to people who are not PNP.

          You are one of these who believe in capability vs delivery, that is typical comrade thinking, so you are in the correct camp.

          PNP best party to ruin Jamaica

        • Ok Schooler here is your assignment. Go research and report on the following
          1. Who ordered the hit
          2. How much was paid
          3. Who were the people who would have been implicated by his testimony had he been extradited.

          Go off now and report back on your project in 48 hrs.

        • No one could have known how those skills would result in today’s flourishing scam business.

          Kenrick Stephenson, known simply as Bebe, is credited with being the country’s first lottery scammer. His hub sprang out of Granville, one of Montego Bay’s poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods. Bebe trained, recruited and cultivated young scammers.

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