Jamaica needs a strong and decisive leader, Portia can’t cut it, end the experiment now

Portia Simpson Miller has shown time and time again that she is a very weak leader, who only seems to have strength for Andrew Holness and her critics.

The Prime Minister has failed the country every time she has been given a decision to make. She had a chance with Richard Azan and what did she do?

Dr Fenton Ferguson screwed up and instead of being decisive, the PM “dilly dallyed” until she was forced to make a decision. Now having been forced to action, she choose the easy way out and reassigned Fenton  to screw up another ministry.

In another clear sign of lack of indecisiveness, she seems not to know what she wants in terms of early elections. Now folks, elections are really due next year, but the PNP weeks ago told the country to get ready, It’s been nearly 6 weeks since then and the PM still does not seem to know what she needs because according to her ” we are a democratic party, I listen to the people and we include the people. we are not calling the elections (until the people tell me its time to do so)”.

There are times in leadership when you do not govern by consensus, you make a decision and live by that decision.

We need to end this experiment with Portia Simpson Miller as Prime Minister as clearly it is not working.

We need a leader ” in the real sense”.


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