Dr Omar Davis destructuive ways continues…

Dr Omar Davis presided over the worst economic disaster to have ever hit Jamaica. At the end of the destruction which occurred under the PNP, over 10,000 business were closed, over 40,000 jobs were lost. Many lost their entire savings and were so indebted, the committed suicide. The toll on the economy was over $130B and counting.

Despite that poor stewardship not only did he keep his job, but he was reelected at least 3 times since then, which shows the bankrupt nature of the thinking of the electorate.

Fast forward to 2015 and Dr Omar “Destruction” Davis is at it once again, this time in the transport ministry.

Using his financial skills, the JUTC has seen an increase of 500% in losses above that which was projected, yes losses of 5 times of what was projected under Omar Davis.

He was not done yet and has done 3 times the damage he did with the financial sector with the housing portion of his portfolio.

ENROCC is said to be in debt to the tune of over $300 billion ( $300,000,000,000) under Dr Omar Davis Stewardship. As if that was not bad enough, we now understand the the HAJ which is chaired by the former Governor of the Bank of Jamaica and who reports to Dr Davis a[pears to have spent over $9b ( $9,000,000,000) for which they did not get value for money.

I am not sure what more proof Jamaicans need to show that the PNP is the best party to ruin Jamaica with poor governance, lack of accountability and transparency .

This party more than any other has the propensity to waste billions of dollars, while hospitals are without basic sanitation supplies resulting in the deaths on newborns.

It is high time people like Dr Davis are show the door because they have only served to make this country poor and poorer the longer they remain in office.

What more do we need to ensure the PNP is out of office for at least 15 years to give the country a chance to move forward, because these novices are completely clueless.

At end of his career Dr Omar Davis will only be remembered for FINSAC !

FINSAC-  Financial Ineptitude Never(Before) Seen Addlebrain N Clumsy


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